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Vermilion Drift #(2021)

Vermilion Drift

Vermilion Drift

  • Title: Vermilion Drift
  • Author: William Kent Krueger
  • ISBN: 9781439153871
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
Vermilion Drift By William Kent Krueger,

Free Read Vermilion Drift - by William Kent Krueger - Vermilion Drift, Vermilion Drift Some nights Corcoran O Connor dreams his father s death William Kent Krueger s gripping tale of suspense begins with a recurring nightmare a gun and a wound in the earth so deep and horrific that i

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Number 10 in the series and I am giving it five stars.Vermilion Drift is a nice blend of cold cases and a recent murder linked by the fact that the same gun was used in both As usual Cork does his own investigating cooperation is not in his vocabulary Nevertheless he is a smart man and he solves the case with hard work and some intuition.This is a new stage in Cork s life, one without the presence of a wife or children His sole companion is Trixie the dog, but I think I detected the beginning of [...]

Cork O Connor has entered a new phase of his life as his children are now away from home living their adult lives and Jo is gone He and dog Trixie are living a solitary existence and his role as a security consultant private investigator keeps him pretty busy His current assignment is as a consultant for the Vermilion One mine, which is being considered as a nuclear waste site and predictably that s not going over well with members of the community He s also hired to find the sister of Max Cavan [...]

I am glad that my Goodread friends led me to this author s series on detective Cork O Connor as it satisfies my craving for books that evoke the struggles and rewards of life in particular rural places, in this case the iron mining region of northern Minnesota A detective story with a good hearted hero who grew up there opens a great window on the perspectives of characters with divergent roles in the multicultural community, from hardscrabble miners and low income residents of the town and near [...]

Rather than go on again about how much I love Krueger s writing, setting, and most of all his characters, I m going to instead offer some excerpts which I believe demonstrate the spiritual vitality and wonderful imagery that are unfailingly contained within the pages of his books In Cork s experience there was nothing to compare with sunrise in the North Country Across any lake on a calm morning, the crawl of the sun played out twice first in the vault of heaven and again on the surface of the w [...]

Rating 4 STARS Review Not on Blog Listened to on audioI am still reeling from the last book, but this is a perfect book to help you get past it This book blends current murders with cold cases and Cork s past We get to see what his parents were like when Cork was a preteen I enjoyed this one and found myself just racing through it.

In the continuing story of Cork O Connor s life, this book finds him stopped at a crossroads He is at a loss and has to decide which direction he must take Before that can happen, Cork s past catches up He learns things about his childhood and his family that must be understood before he can move on This was an excellent addition to the series, and I m anxious to see what happens next.

This is a great series, and this particular book was especially good I enjoyed finding out about Cork s early life and his relationship with his father Moving on to 11

I wasn t sure how easy this book would be to read after events in the previous book I shouldn t have been concerned The mystery was just as compelling as the previous books.

Extremely enjoyable read one of those that is surprisingly quick because the author s style is very narrative and approachable the kind of book you read out of pure pleasure for a story well told, with just enough twists to keep you interested Although Krueger mentions in the author s notes that he took some liberties with geography, I feel like I learned a bit about a part of the country, and a way of life that I scarcely knew existed The hero s balancing act between the world of the modern Nat [...]

Authors of crime fiction, like authors working in any other genre, often use their talents to work through personal issues, sometimes intensely private issues Although it is not entirely clear, the writer may be working through some family issues with this novel Does that matter Perhaps That depends on the result In this case, the author, possessed of well honed, significant writing talent, has produced a novel of finely wrought proportions, multi layered with considerable depth By that I mean t [...]

Vermilion Drift by William Kent Krueger is the tenth book in the Cork O Connor series Cork is still recovering after his wife Jo s murder and is feeling a bit lost as all of his three children are far from home No longer sheriff of Tamarack County, Minnesota, he s now a private investigator, hired to look into threats against an old iron mine that the government is considering as storage for nuclear waste The local Ojibwa consider him to be betraying his own blood by working on a case that will [...]

Former sheriff Cork O Connor is hired to look for Lauren Cavanaugh by her brother, Max Cork is reluctant to take the case because he is still numb after his wife s murder However, he eventually accepts the case.Max owns the Great North Mining Company and tells Cork that his sister his been missing for a week.One of the deepest mines in the company is Vermilion One It is being considered as a dumping site for nuclear waste and is causing heated protests among the locals.After meeting with mine of [...]

Cork O Connor is now a P.I and hired to locate Lauren Cavanaugh, the sister of Max Cavanaugh who owns the Vermillion mine The Department of Energy is scoping out the mine as a possible storage place for nuclear waste which has the Natives protesting When six bodies are found in a closed section of the mine, it is discovered that one is a current death and could be Lauren What complicates matters is that both Lauren and one victim who died in 1964, were killed by the same gun, Cork s gun, one tha [...]

I am a big fan of William Kent Krueger and his Cork O Conner series This is the 10th installment to that series and Krueger continues to spin fascinating tales.This one starts out kind of slow Maybe it was the description of the mining of iron ore in northern Minnesota that drug for me The first 100 pages were not up to Krueger s normal fare He certainly makes up for it in the final 100 pages though Krueger hits on the actions of a diabolical killer and abuser from Cork s past Cork has to go whe [...]

Cork O Connor, former city cop local sheriff, and now PI, is hired by Max Cavanaugh, the owner of the iron mines in the area, tofind his missing sister At the same time, protests are going on to prevent Max and the government from using an old mine us as storage for nuclear waste The majority of the protesters are Native Americans from the reservation right next to the mines.Written threats begin to turn up, and when Cork discovers an old hidden and closed up tunnel with several bodies in it, th [...]

Cork O Connor is contacted by the owner of a huge iron ore mining site to help locating his sister Shortly after starting his investigation Cork is made aware of some writings on one of the mines shafts so he arranges with one of the managers to check it out During the trip through a mine tunnel he finds a portion of wall that has been made impassable, they clear the blockage and find a group of bodies It is discovered these bodies went back many years to a series of women who just disappeared, [...]

Fantastic Okay, I m officially a Krueger fan This was my first Krueger book that I picked up after some great reviews I read and I must admit, I was fascinated from page 1 The writing is superb fast paced, suspenseful, the perfect recipe for some good ol mystery reading Read it in 2 days What I m finding I love from a good mystery writer is that the story isn t dumbed down like so many mysteries are today The writing here is witty, filled with clever puns and well hidden or not irony It made me [...]

WARNING SOME SPOILERS FOR PREVIOUS BOOKS IN THIS SERIES Another great entry in the series This one covers a serial killer who was active over 40 years ago when Cork was a teenager The disappearances of his victims were known as The Vanishings Now Cork has discovered where the bodies are, and there is a new victim.This book was really different in that Cork was living alone, which hasn t been the case since Iron Mountain , the first book in the series I liked the fact that he was reevaluating his [...]

In mining a vertical tunnel is called a sink and a horizontal tunnel is a drift This is an iron ore min in Minnesota that is being considered for nuclear waste storage The Ojibwe tribe is up in arms When graffiti is discovered inside the mine, PI Cork is asked to look for a second entrance During this trip he finds 4 ancient corpses and 1 fresh one His investigation takes him back to the time when his father was sheriff there Could his father have known something about this During Corck s childh [...]

May be the best Cork O Connor mystery yet An artful blend of a current murder tale in Tamarack County blended with family history and memory of horrific events from 40 years ago.Picked up a signed copy at the Plainview Public Library where William Kent Krueger was speaking as part of SELCO s fall author tour of Minnesota Book Award MNBA winners Vermillion Drift had just made the New York Times best seller list and I hope this will put in in the running for another MNBA award.

William Kent Krueger is the best storyteller ever All of his books are so engaging and full of surprises This book has a touch of the supernatural which makes the story even intriguing The characters are well developed and you can feel their emotions It was another definite page turner and the ending did not disappoint but left me wanting I will be reading the next in the series very soon.

A very good and well written novel, the author does a good job of developing the series following the previous novel The plot provides very interesting background to Cork s parents and as always fascinating insight into current and prevous customs traditions of Native American Ojibwe group Well recommended.

Another awesome book from William Kent Krueger.

Another great mystery with a twist I did not see coming.

Another great book in the Corcoran O Connor mystery thriller series by William Kent Krueger All of his books are great but this story really had my attention I highly recommend the entire series.

William Kent Krueger s Cork O OConnor series comprise a series of stories set in Aurora Minnesota, an area of the country of which I m blatantly ignorant Frankly, in reading the reviews of this setting I managed to barely stifle a yawn Small town mysteries set in a frozen wasteland With boring backgrounds that involve Indian supernatural folklore I don t stomach mysteries that resort to such subterfuge, avoid beyond this world explanations when the genre is detective mystery, decry irrational ex [...]

It was good to sink into a comfortable read with familiar people and places that I have come to enjoy Cork O Connor is no longer sheriff but his skills as an investigator are always needed, especially when it comes to working amongst his people, the Ojibway on the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota This story involves the recent death of a wealthy woman whose body is found in a boarded up mine shaft, along with the remains of five other women who went missing in 1964 when Cork s father was sheriff [...]

Fortunately, our local library always seems to have the next book in this series it may be I am the only one reading them right now But they move quickly and always leave me eager to jump into the next book Cork O Connor is the former sheriff of Aurora, MN and is now a private investigator, something he does to fill his empty nest hours with his three offspring off at different stages of their lives.His latest challenge brings together two cases one to find the missing sister of a prominent citi [...]

If you have not read this series and like well written mysteries, grab the first book Iron Lake Krueger s hero, Cork O Connor is a former sheriff and current part time PI His family life is a big part of the series so reading them in order is best The action in this book centers around a current murder of a wealthy art benefactor and the discovery of multiple corpses from 40 years ago in the Vermillion Drift Are they connected and if so, how As usual, the crime is complex, the descriptions of na [...]

Recently found William Kent Krueger and his Cork O Connor series while looking at books similar to CJ Box I picked the first book, Copper River, because it was set in MIchigan where my parents were born but realized that Cork was only visiting He actually lived in Minnesota I enjoy being transported to Great Lakes geography, life, history, customs and communities.This is the second book I have read in the series In addition to the main mystery story, in both books, I appreciated characters from [...]

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