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Mousekin's Golden House #(2022)

Mousekin's Golden House

Mousekin's Golden House

  • Title: Mousekin's Golden House
  • Author: Edna Miller
  • ISBN: 9780136044390
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
Mousekin's Golden House By Edna Miller,

Free Download Mousekin's Golden House - by Edna Miller - Mousekin's Golden House, Mousekin s Golden House The story of a mouse and the jack o lantern he uses as a winter home

Recent Comments "Mousekin's Golden House"

Out of print, but this is a prime candidate for reissuing by a new publisher The many associations with concepts of nature and science are justification enough, but the real reason is superior quality of every aspect of this book well paced story, lyrical language, lively characterization, subtle but detailed illustrations, and a satisfying ending that works on every level Find it somewhere and share it.

Lovely illustrations that would equally honor a natural history book The story is cute, too, but it s the illustrations that really stand out.

I love the pictures in this book It s really about a relationship between a mouse and it s house which happens to be a Jack O Lantern This was one of the books that was at my grandparents house growing up It s funny to me that I remember which books stayed there and which ones we had at home Anyway, the story is beyond mundane but the pictures are so sweet that I can t bear to part with it.

This book is older but I think it is still a valuable read for a classroom It has short easy sentences, but it larger like a miniature chapter book and beautiful illustrations The story is fiction, but there are a lot of nonfiction items that could be used for learning Decay, food chains, seasons, and hibernation are all contained in this short story.

A very cute book with decent illustrations the images are in line with what an adult would appreciate, not a child there s actually a psychology behind the different styles of children s illustrations, did you know that I still love this book, though.

This book is out of print, and I d like to find a used copy somewhere to keep Beautiful pictures and a great story about how an abandoned jack o lantern left out in the snow becomes a warm winter home for Mousekin.

This is such a sweet and heart warming book The illustrations are classic and the book teaches children all about the creatures and critters in the forest When I read this book, I had a comforting smile across my face It was sweet, simple and perfect

The copy we took out of the library has an ugly cover that doesn t do the illustrations inside justice The story is simple A mouse uses a discarded jack o lantern as a hiding place and then home The illustrations are beautiful The details show the animals very realistically.

Very beautifully told and educational Edna Miller s sensitive pictures of Mousekin seeking a place of his own to live in at autumn are precious He finds a pumpkin and hollows it out I love the Mousekin series Kathy in Las Vegas


Love this book Really hope it gets reprinted.

Super cute, great illustrations

The illustrations are beautifully realistic A cute and clever story for young readers

Edna Miller books are the best.

Since reading this book years ago I never carve a pumpkin without picturing how it might collapse and rot Mice are cutist outside camping in pumpkins.

Mousekin finds a new house to keep him warm in the winter Very cute book for after Halloween.

One of my favorite books growing up

  • Free Download Mousekin's Golden House - by Edna Miller
    431 Edna Miller
Mousekin's Golden House