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Boys without Names #(2022)

Boys without Names

Boys without Names

  • Title: Boys without Names
  • Author: Kashmira Sheth
  • ISBN: 9780061857621
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
Boys without Names By Kashmira Sheth,

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[PDF] Boys without Names | by ↠ Kashmira Sheth - Boys without Names, Boys without Names Trapped For eleven year old Gopal and his family life in their rural Indian village is over We stay we starve his baba has warned They flee to the big city of Mumbai in hopes of finding work and a

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I got this book a few years ago and didn t pick it up until now and wish I read it earlier to be honest once i started I figured out what the ending would be like even without reading part of it It was a fairly decent book and I want to read another book like it.

My sole difficulty with this book was the fact that it may have caused me to grind me teeth into tiny nubs Gopal has moved with his family from rural India to an unsanitary and rather packed area of Mumbai with a relative Having lost his father along the way, Gopal is determined to set out and earn money for the family himself Unfortunately his intrepid nature sets him up to be a perfect kidnapping object Next thing he knows he s in a small attic with five other boys, forced to put beads on fram [...]

As a part of summer reading, this is one of the two books I read over summer This is an A MA ZING book that I highly recommend reading This book s protagonist, 11 year old Gopal, really reminded me that even though you are in a bad position, there is always a way to persevere I mean this boy was kidnapped for over 3 months, yet he somehow managed to escape which is amazing Read this book people Seriously it ll teach you so many things.

A simple fast read with a whole lot of heart The premise is about a poor 13 year old Indian boy who gets kidnapped and sold into child labor making picture frames in India The story is grim and heavy, but reads very quickly The writing is vivid and tugs on the heart strings I finished this novel in two sittings very engaging You can t help but to root for the protagonist to get out his dire situation I would recommend this book if you enjoy books such as Room by Emma Donoghue I ll give this 3 st [...]

My 11yo son I read this book as part of his 6th grade reading challenge list We both liked it very much Dealing with the very real issue of child labor in countries like India, but in a way that is age appropriate, this book is well written and enjoyable as middle grade literature Slight spoiler on the ending it ends in a happy ending as much as the subject matter can, and while as an adult it s not quite satisfying and seems a bit canned, for 6th graders it seems age appropriate, like justice h [...]

Living in the United States we often forget about the atrocities that go on around the world, such as child labor Gopal and his family must sneak off in the middle of the night from their tiny village and go to Mumbai The family has borrowed money and the interest is keeping them in debt Gopal s uncle has left them traveling money On the way the family realizes they don t have enough money The father leaves them on the street alone while he tries to reach his brother s house He gets lost Gopal t [...]

The subject matter of this novel had great potential It tells the story of Gopal s family who are forced to flee their village and try to find work in Mumbai, to avoid usurious moneylenders Whilst the protagonist is likeable, plot action is slow the first eighty pages, for example, comprises only their trip to the city Soon after their arrival Gopal is tricked into working in a sweatshop, which highlights the horrendous conditions experienced by children in this situation At the end, a number of [...]

Author Jacqueline Woodson described this book as not a heartbreaking story, even if there are moments that break the heart This is absolutely true and one of the reasons I would consider this as a read aloud selection in 3rd or 4th grade.It tells the story of an 11yr old boy in India whose family has lost their farm and travels to Mumbai looking for jobs that will help sustain them as well as provide education for their children.Gopal, thinking he has found a job to earn money for his family is [...]

Sometimes I buy books specifically to fit a curricular need There s a local assignment that requires 5th or 6th grade students to read about contemporary children growing up in a foreign culture When this ARC arrived in the mail, I pegged it as one to recommend for that assignment.Fortunately, the book also happens to make compelling reading I had to know what happened to Gopal, an optimistic, storyteller of a boy whose family is forced by a debt collector from their Indian farming village into [...]

At first the story was something where I wasn t sure how all of a sudden he was going to end up as a slave in a factory, when he was with his family for a majority of the book But it took a turn about half way in and I believe that it was one of the best books that I have ever read.

This haunting and relevant tale sheds light on children of poverty in the third world The characters come so alive that when their story is resolved albeit a a bit too quickly , I find myself still thinking about the boys and wondering about their future.

SPOILER ALERT Have you ever thought what tomorrow could be like Gopal didn t think his life would change completely in just one day The genre of this book is Realistic Fiction because the events that happens in the book might actually be happening around the world I thought the novel Boys Without Names was a great book it tells you information about what might be happening to someone around the world, while its making the reader actually stop and think about what tomorrow will be like I was in s [...]

Oh, did I want Scar to be punished than any other character I ve ever read about Gopal s family needs to leave their town without paying their debt, so they flee to Mumbai While there, they get separated from his father, and so Gopal tries to find work He gets stolen, instead, and becomes Scar s slave, with five other young boys who won t say a word to each other

This book features a boy named Gopal in India as his family suffers the hardships of moving to the city for a better life Gopal tries to help his family as best as he can through this difficult time and ends up in a even worse situation for himself This book has so much emotion in it as you read of this poor boy going through so much, it really makes your value what an easy life we have here I am aware of India s poverty situations and their child labor This is a book everyone should read Not o [...]

Something I like about Kashmira Sheth is that she can convey a different culture and a complex topic in a way that is understandable for children and enjoyable for older readers She uses the words that children in her country, India, use Aai for mother , Baba for father , kahani for story , and even though there is a list at the end of the book, you don t really need it, because the narrating child, Gopal, manages to tell us the meaning of words without lecturing.Gopal also shows us his culture [...]

Realistic and captivating Some scenes feel unneeded, such as the long intro, but other than that will have you thinking the entire time Where Gopal lacks depth in character, the other boys make up for it entirely Overall, a great read whilst being entertaining informing.

Gopal and his family move from his village to the city of Mumbai to avoid the neverending cycle of debt his father has been drawn into However, once in Mumbai, his father disappears while trying to find the way to his brother s house, leaving the rest of the family alone with very little money After waiting a few days, they make it to Uncle Jama s house, but their father isn t there Worried about money, Gopal decides to look for a job What he finds is a world of child labor in an unhealthy, hot, [...]

Unfortunately for eleven year old Gopal and his family, his life in their poor Indian village is over Gobal s family includes his Aai, Baba, and his twin brother and sister Naren and Sitta They flee to the great city of Mumbai because of their poverty and great debt They will stay with Gopal s uncle Jama But on the way, they are faced with many problems These include losing their beloved Baba and not enough money to travel all the way to Mumbai Gopal, eager to find work to help Jama pay for the [...]

I have just finished reading this book and I truly loved it I liked the plot because it had many twists to it, and made everything seem easy while it really wasn t, characters were a little bit shady, which was great because that made me wonder and think a lot about those people really were, whether Gopal should trust them or avoid them, where they came from, how did they possibly ended up working on the factory with Gopal and etc The ending was simply awesome, when the police arrived and saved [...]

I have found value in reading books that deal with the customs and culture of otber countries As Americans, I think we generally fal to realize how luxurious our lives are compared to most other countries This book is a great introduction for a late elementary reader of the harsh realities of child labor in India There are some serious subjects for discussion, including extreme poverty, kidnapping, and physical abuse, but I believe this could be a good introductory book for 9 year olds to learn [...]

The story of a young boy who goes to Mumbai with his family to seek a better life but gets kidnapped into slavery instead Through his story he is able to make a connection with the other boys, but how can they ever get free I found this book to be so powerful and beautiful You explore the new sights and sounds as Gopal is introduced to Mumbai and you feel his excitement at being able to help his family When he realizes he has been kidnapped your heart breaks with him and you continue to feel a p [...]

It was a good book with a good concept The story was brilliant and it was very emotional and heart gripping at times The writing style was also very good The only thing I disliked about it was the lack of time presence as the author kept hopping back from the present to the past future I didn t expect the ending and it was something that I found was really interesting of how a small thing was used for such an important cause the flashlight

I think that boys without names is an excellent book and even though it is slightly Long, the pace never slows down and it keeps on getting and mysterious and interesting The middle is probably my favourite part because it shows us true friendship between these 6 children, despite the circumstances Even though the ending is kind of predictable, on the whole it s a really good book.

This is a really really great book The author really make the story flow very smoothly and you never get tired of reading it The theme and the action is so interesting that I think I would join Blue Dragon GC

This was a super depressing book about Indian boys enslaved as child laborers They tell each other stories to keep their spirits up and there s a lot of neat information about India, but it was hard to keep reading.

Powerful and poignant book that sheds light on child labor in an accessible narrative.

Loved this book I would recommend it to anyone whom likes a nice book were you can really feel the characters emotions.

Good multi cultural choice, although some in the middle grade audience may find the kidnapping and violence unsettling.

This book was simply phenomenal.

About boys kidnapped and forced into child labour Intense and puts you deep into thought Recommend it

  • [PDF] Boys without Names | by ↠ Kashmira Sheth
    416 Kashmira Sheth
Boys without Names