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Cable & Deadpool, Volume 3: The Human Race #(2022)

Cable & Deadpool, Volume 3: The Human Race

Cable & Deadpool, Volume 3: The Human Race

  • Title: Cable & Deadpool, Volume 3: The Human Race
  • Author: Fabian Nicieza Patrick Zircher
  • ISBN: 9780785117636
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
Cable & Deadpool, Volume 3: The Human Race By Fabian Nicieza Patrick Zircher,

Free Read Cable & Deadpool, Volume 3: The Human Race - by Fabian Nicieza Patrick Zircher - Cable & Deadpool, Volume 3: The Human Race, Cable Deadpool Volume The Human Race With Cable recuperating on his island haven of Providence who else can investigate when there is A Murder in Paradise You know who Say it Go ahead Picture it Deadpool as a detective interrogating t

Recent Comments "Cable & Deadpool, Volume 3: The Human Race"

Well this was bizarre But I really enjoyed it Cable and Deadpool are some very complex characters.There were some sexual comments and language than the last one But it wasn t too bad.

This series is so weird But maybe every Deadpool story is weird I can t say that I like it, but then again I can t stop reading it, because I m so curious to know what crazy thing might happen next.

Continuing the great x read of 2017I just continue to be surprised in a fabulous way by this series It is so comic booky but manages to always interject some interesting philosophical discussions between the punching and the punchlines Can t wait to dive into the next volume It is these type of books that keep me slogging through this x book catch up.

I think this is a concept which would have been good as a limited series, but it begins to wear thin in these issues.

Now that Cable is non lobotomized once , he and Deadpool return to Providence There is a murder, however, and Deadpool attempts to solve it The problem He s the one who did it he just can t remember the murder itself or why he did it A fracture develops in their friendship, and Cable kicks Deadpool off Providence because he can t be trusted Deadpool hunts down Black Box, because he wants to find a way that he can be killed While receiving treatment from Black Box, Deadpool is implanted with the [...]

The third volume of the Cable Deadpool saga begins with Cable recooperating from the partial lobotomy, loss of most of his powers, and his resurrection Providence continues to thrive and the world s governments have backed off, giving Cable a chance now that he poses less of a threat Everything appears to be going to plan until Providence encounters it s first murder that of world reknowned terrorist Haji Bin Barat Life for our main characters only gets worse from there.This volume containing is [...]

Cable sets off to find Skornn and in turn Deadpool, accompanied by Siryn and Cannonball, set out to find Cable Through their adventure, they encounter the likes of Apocalypse, the Four Horsemen, the Black Box and Sinister They eventually find Cable, but not how they expected.This was my first foray into the world of graphic novels and I quite enjoyed it I have always loved watching the cartoons and am a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it was about time I picked up a comic book.Ross [...]

The heart of this book starts to show through in this arc, and I couldn t be happier As much as I love super wacky Deadpool, I adore when writers really explore Wade as a person, and this arc of CD which encompasses a 2 parter and 4 parter showcases Wade s deadlier instincts and his less deadly need to be loved on at least some level He s vulnerable in this run, confused and trying to deal with who he is It s a great balance between Deadpool as the wacky guy and Wade the human.Cable s part in th [...]

This was an enjoyable romp that managed to navigate the House of M storyline while still making sense and establishing a new beginning for the two main characters that didn t invalidate what came before It was done rather well, all things considered, and I rather enjoyed it The future of the stories is pretty much wide open, and there were plenty of laughs along the way without going too far over the top This is just about where I would like most Deadpool comics to be, but with just a bit Deadp [...]

Of the first three volumes of Cable Deadpool , Volume 3, The Human Race, is clearly the best It s a perfect culmination of everything Fabian Nicieza had been building toward in his first two volumes of work After 18 issues, the relationship between the titular characters has grown in both complexity and in depth, which adds emotional weight to each of the stories It s a fantastic collection of issues and it than makes up for any misgivings I had with Volume 2.

The characters are nice, which is why I am still reading this, but I am afraid the story arcs are all tried and tested well before And with as much books as I have been reading the past two years, they do feel a tad overused The alternative reality thing with different Cable s for example well executed, but nothing new.Maybe I am expecting too much from comics They are fun and easy read and obviously targeted to teenagers, so I shouldn t complain much.

I m going to go ahead and make this one a five star rating.Why Because the art and writing were honestly a step up from the previous volumes and they were 4s for me.Also Because this story was pivotal to the relationship between these two characters I can t imagine a fan of Deadpool not reading this line.

Wacky stuff It cracks me up that Deadpool travels to the House of M universe, but since he s traveling through a whole bunch of universes any way, it s no big deal for him Also, I love the art It s great, colorful and expressive Sure, this book reads like a Deadpool solo series with guest star Cable, but it s good stuff.

An amusing plot with Deadpool alternate reality hopping and meeting different versions of Cable and ultimately bringing back a baby child version who is aging rapidly It was a cute gimmick but it did lack a little bit of heart compared to the earlier storylines Still better than many titles but I m looking forward to an adult Cable and Deadpool and direct interaction.

This book had some awesome Deadpool moments especially him as a detective and the sequence where he was fighting clowns.I think I prefer the Cable and Deadpool series to the Deadpool comics that are out currently, because although Deadpool is still wacky, he has his thoughtful times which make him a rounded character.

I enjoyed Deadpool s search for Cable across many different worlds A little bit enthralling than the last volume, my favorite part was Deadpool s interaction with baby Cable Very good read Lot of classic Deadpool here and some Cable as well.

The mystery story portion of this book was good, but the second half was bizarre and silly very 90s type X men stuff Did Cable really need confusion added onto his story He s already easily one of the most confusing characters in existence why muddle it up further

ABSOLUTE RATING 2.5 5 stars Rounded Down STANDARDIZED RATING 2 5 stars

I don t really get this story line , but I absolutely love this duo Cable and Deadpool compliment each other and I absolutely love the way they work together.

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I liked this one better than previous volumes, but some of the humor is still a little off and I can t get into it.

Can t read it help me please

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  • Free Read Cable & Deadpool, Volume 3: The Human Race - by Fabian Nicieza Patrick Zircher
    117 Fabian Nicieza Patrick Zircher
Cable & Deadpool, Volume 3: The Human Race