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Grace Interrupted #(2022)

Grace Interrupted

Grace Interrupted

  • Title: Grace Interrupted
  • Author: Julie Hyzy
  • ISBN: 9780425241905
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
Grace Interrupted By Julie Hyzy,

Grace Interrupted Best Read || [Julie Hyzy] - Grace Interrupted, Grace Interrupted On the grounds of Marshfield Manor Civil War re enactors have set up camp And what a dedicated troupe One of them has really been killed

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Book number two in the Manor House Mysteries has Marshfield Manor grounds overrun by a group of Civil War re enactors They are just looking for a peaceful, quiet, authentic place to practice for the big Gettysburg gathering later in the year, but all hopes of being left alone are shattered when the apparent soon to be elected leader is found stabbed He seemed to make a lot of enemies, not the least of which was the Manor s chief landscape gardener, Jack Embers Now Grace has to investigate to cle [...]

I started reading this book a long time ago, and never got past chapter one So, when I found books three and four in this series at a thrift shop for a quarter a piece I knew I needed to read this book, and boy am I glad I did Julie Hyzy melds a wonderfully flawed cast of characters with a huge, historic setting to form a series that I m sure I will love I love the characters in this book They are relatable, but flawed In most cozy mysteries the main characters have their lives pretty much toget [...]

In Grace Interrupted by Julie Hyzy, Grace Wheaton, now curator of Marshfield Manor, has to deal with a pair of angry women determined to confront Zachary Kincaid, a Civil War reenactor with the group staging a living history program on the grounds of the manor The week before, Kincaid stood up their friend at the altar via a text message to the wedding party, and they want revenge As Grace is trying to get rid of the women, Kincaid comes up, and one of the pair pulls out a stun gun and gets tack [...]

In Grace Interrupted, a group of Civil War re enactors have set up on the grounds around Marshfield Manor When one of the them turns up dead, Grace s groundskeeper and love interest, Jack, is suspected of the murder Even though Grace is convinced he s not guilty, things don t look good when details of Jack s past are revealed Grace wants desperately to prove Jack s innocence and find the culprit all while keeping things running smoothly at the manor I really enjoyed reading this book Right from [...]

Where I got the book by winning an author giveaway Release date is June 7, 2011.Grace Interrupted is the second in Julie Hyzy s Manor House Mystery series, set in a large manor house which is one of the main attractions in a town that lives for tourism The heroine, Grace Wheaton, appears to have just about got her act together as the new manager of Marshfield Manor when the arrival of a large group of Civil War re enactors throws a spanner in the works The murder of one of their number implicate [...]

We were introduced to Marshfield Manor in Grace Under Pressure In Grace Interrupted a group of Civil War re enactors takes over the grounds of the Manor The group seems very genuine trying to keep the camp as true to the era as possible, except there are some farby than others.Unfortunately one of the re enactors, Zachary Kincade, left his bride basically at the altar and two of her friends show up at the Manor to inflict a little of their own pain on him, but Grace handles that skirmish nicely [...]

Grace Interrupted is a well written mystery It s the second in a series, but you can follow this one without having read the first novel, and this novel doesn t spoil the mystery in the first one though it does spoil other events.There were actually two murders to solve one that s thirteen years old and one that just happened I was able to correctly guess whodunit for both mysteries before the reveal, but whodunit wasn t obvious Many people hated the murdered men, and it seemed like they all had [...]

I m enjoying this series The writing style is easy to read, the characters are interesting, and the mystery is fun.

was slogging through not enjoying this book when the title expired azand POOF it disappeared from my phone taking it as a sign I happily downloaded another title.

Actual rating 3.5Although this is the second book in the series, it can stand on its own I assume that I missed a lot of character development in the previous book, because there were references to previous events to which I had no knowledge Often this can make me frustrated, but here it only made me intrigued, and it has me considering reading the first book.I liked Grace, and found her very sympathetic, if only a little stubborn I suspect that Bruce and Scott are a treat and a half, but their [...]

This is the second book in The Manor House Mystery series It takes place in a large manor house in Emberstowne, one of those quaint touristy towns The heroine, Grace Wheaton, is just beginning to find her bearings as the new curator of Marshfield Manor when the arrival of a large group of Civil War re enactors throws a spanner in the works The murder of one of their number implicates Grace s love interest Jack, and it s up to Grace with the help of her annoying, but very competent assistant, Fra [...]

All is finally starting to settle at Marshfield Manor after the murder of the curator But it s not long before drama hits the grounds It s Civil War re enactment weekend at the manor and there are hundreds there to take part.But one of the war actors brought a little drama of his own along with him He left his fiance at the altar and ends up dead The list of suspects is never ending, including the two women who tried to taze him on the manor grounds, everyone who is taking part in the re enactm [...]

Grace Wheaton is back in this second installment of Julie Hyzy s Manor of Murder Mysteries, and she s got her hands full with a Civil War reenactment taking place on the grounds at Marshfield What should be a historical event turns bizarre when two angry women show up gunning for one of the lead players in the re enactment, Zachary Kincaid Then, Zachary gets in a brawl with one of the manor s groundskeepers, Davey Embers, the brother Jack Embers, who Grace has been attracted to since Grace Under [...]

In the second Manor House mystery, we are reintroduced to Grace Wheaton, curator of the stately Marshfield Manor.Grace s predecessor, Abe, had arrranged months ago for a Civil War reenactment group to use the grounds of the Manor for their re enactment Grace expects that there will be some disruption of the day to day functioning of the Manor, but she never realized just how much.First, two women try to force their way onto the grounds to attack Zachary Kincade the aforementioned soldier attacks [...]

Grace Interuppted is the second book in the Manor House series by Julie Hyzy.The Manor House has agreed to rent some land at the edge of the estate so that a Civil War re enactment group could recreat some battle scenes The group has an understanding that they are to have compete privacy while setting up camp Grace arrives at work to find security with two women who have tried to get into the encampment The soldier has a run in with the Manor s gardener and his brother A short time later the sol [...]

Hyzy s characters make sense Making sense is what keeps a reader coming back for and doesn t frustrate as you greedily flip the pages to read one chapter, page, paragraph or line Hyzy shines in Grace Interrupted Grace Interrupted is the second installment in the Manor House Mystery Series, but is so skillfully written, you can read it as a stand alone without spoiling anything when you dive into Grace Under Pressure.Hyzy s characters are enticing, distinct and well written Grace is a vibrant p [...]

Not a terrible story, but felt like it was written with lots of cliches Average, don t need to read another in the series.

An interesting second book in the series.

On the grounds of Marshfield Manor, Civil War re enactors have set up camp And what a dedicated troupe One of them has really been killed

This is a good second entry in a series It really developed the characters in a realistic and satisfying way, and made me want to see how the relationships continue to evolve The mystery was very satisfying as well, with a lot of twists that were hard to predict but well thought out As tends to happen in these books, there was a complication thrown into the romance that is a little bit inflated in real life, I don t know that this would happen in quite this way, but it s not a deal breaker Looki [...]

3 1 2 starsI enjoyed this one As with the first book in this series, I felt it started out a bit slow, but picked up about halfway through The author does a good job of creating likable characters, though, so the story was entertaining It also had a good mystery which had me guessing a bit I do wish that the author had advanced the personal storylines of characters a bit , as I would have liked to have seen on the relationships between Bennett and Grace, and between Grace and Jack Hopefully the [...]

A wonderful read Tightly plotted with great characters Grace is a marvelous protagonist, smart, spunky and stubborn This is the second of the Manor House Mysteries, and even better than the first I would dearly love to visit Marshfield Manor

I ll admit I found the Civil War premise a bit boring, but I think the story served well for some important character development between several of the characters I look forward to continuing this series.

Really enjoyed this audio book Can t wait to listen to .

Thought this was a great book, especially the way she draws you in but at the same time makes you really think who actually did the crime.


Another Manor House mystery featuring a 13 year murder and the re enactors of the Civil War dealing with another murder.

A good mystery about Civil War reenactors at the Manor.

Grace s predecessor Abe was a huge fan of re enactment, and so he rented out a big part of the southern grounds to a Civil War re enactment group They haven t even set up yet, when trouble arrives at the manor Two ladies are determined to visit the grounds, although they have been told repeatedly that part of the park is off limits But they are bent on visiting Zachary Kincade and make him pay for standing up their friend at the altar, in a very nasty way While Grace and her security team are st [...]

sosaysthewhale.wordpress 2Civil war re enactors have set up camp on the grounds of Marshfield Manor The group is very believable, especially when the unrest spills out of the barracks and inside the sumptuous mansion Grace manages to settle a minor squabble, but loses the war when actor Zachary Kincade is found stabbed to death.Jack Embers, the groundskeeper, falls under suspicion when he s linked to the death of Zachary s brother years ago But there were others out for Zachary, actors who can b [...]

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Grace Interrupted