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Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog? #(2022)

Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?

Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?

  • Title: Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?
  • Author: Dr. Seuss Theo LeSieg Roy McKie
  • ISBN: 9780394831282
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog? By Dr. Seuss Theo LeSieg Roy McKie,

✓ Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog? ✓ Dr. Seuss Theo LeSieg Roy McKie - Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?, Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog Would you rather be a clarinet a trombone or a drum How would you like to have someone going boom boom on your tum Beginning readers are asked to ponder these and a host of other odd choices in this c

Recent Comments "Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?"

A favorite in our house.

Each time we read this book, if I chose a different one last time, I ll make the other choice this time, so things ll be fresh.

This is a classic Dr Seuss book full of rhymes and silly words This book is about whether the reader would like to be something good compared to another thing that is bad, or even good compared to silly It s a funny book that starts out asking would you rather be a dogOr a cat It continues on about many different options This is a great book for a child but the ending may have them puzzled about why it is called Would you rather be a Bullfrog

Read to K s and 1st graders Gave silly choices but made the kids think Would they like to be a bird or a bee, a cat or dog I let the kids vote or explain their reason at times and it made the book entertaining Silly rhyming from Dr Seuss.

Too postmodern absurdist for me.

A definite classic Perfect read for bedtime reading with the children Loved talking about our decisions on what we would rather be

Dr Seuss never fails with children s literate.

Kids can answer the questions and explain why.


This is a good book to get the kids thinking what they want to be After the book they would then just start asking what they would rather be on everything.

Perfect for a silly read along with a preschooler My daughter and I giggled our whole way through this book.

The kids liked this book It makes them think about the rewards and consequences of each decision They voted by pointing to the left or to the right Sometimes we talked about why we chose a certain answer This book was funny.

Mama read this to me the other night.

This book is all about figuring out what who you are and what you want to be This book seems like it is meant to help children realize that there are so many things they can be and that they have time to figure out who they are and what they want to be I really like how at the end of the book Dr Seuss says, It s hard to make up your mind about important things like that This quote explicitly tells the children that it is ok that they might be having a hard time discovering who they are This book [...]

Oh, wow, do I LIKE this book Stories that ask children questions are always a hit, and this one may seem to ask silly questions, but it gets to the heart of who someone is Would you rather is an interesting game to play, and a wonderful one to explore with children, especially in such a safe environment like the one provided with this book However, I couldn t help but think of what the answers might reveal Would I rather be a door or window And why Do I want to be able to see what s coming or wa [...]

An interesting Dr Seuss book Each two page spread presents a choice for the reader of a preference Would you rather be a clarinet or a trumpet, for instance.Unlike most Dr Seuss books, however, this one seems to have an edge Sprinkled throughout are lines such as Come on Tell me Tell me please and Come on, now Tell me why It comes off to me a bit aggressive for an early reader Mind you, I am not trying to pansy foot everything, it s just a bit from the Seussman than I am used to.I am not certai [...]

I really liked this book I can see how it can be interpreted in so many different ways according to what age of child is reading it Like, from a young adult s standpoint, I really found deep meaning in some of these one or the other questions But I m sure a child would actually consider being these things The illustrations are very simple drawn by Roy McKie , and they fit in to the structure of the pages very well It makes it seem like they were completed together I would like to have this book [...]

This book is great for preschool because it asks them if they want to be different things and it will get their imagination going It is not a typical Dr Seuss book because Theo LeSieg wrote it with the help of Dr Seuss The pictures by Roy Mckie are great and funny realistic animals than a Seuss book I enjoyed reading this and it made me smile.

A series of questions asks readers if they d rather be this or that Questions are inventive and if really explored answered would make for some interesting conversation as the choices could pinpoint some associations readers make with each of the creatures and objects included in the book.A fun read aloud with bright, colorful pictures.

This book is fun to read with someone else You can compare your answers as you dicuss whether you d want to be this or that With every page you are given a choice I chose to have a bushy tail, little horns, and purple hair If you put those all together you d have a wild thing, I m sure In the end I guess I d choose being a cat over a dog meow

My friend Kevin is reading a list of best children s books I am following suite in order to discuss the books with him By default, I give the books four stars because they re good at what they re intended to do, which is to keep the attention of children and introduce them to literature.Everyone has hits and misses, this one came off as a miss.

I started writing this review thinking that I d given this book away YEARS ago and feeling a little rueful about that fact only to have my mother inform me that she still had it in with HER books WAY too excited about that This was one of my favourites as a kid Kind of silly, really, but I loved deciding which I d choose out of all the scenarios.

Would you rather be a bullfrog or a butterfly A cat or a dog I like Eli I had fun with this one than the kids Micah was insistent that he didn t want to be any of them, just Micah LOL

I just love this bookI was so excited to see it in the pediatrician s office today I read it twice to my kids while we waited It was so fun to watch their little faces think about the questions it reminded me of how much I enjoyed this book when I was a child.

Another childhood fav I use when working with kids Great message that some choices define you, but really don t matter all that much It s okay to have an opinion and be yourself It makes you unique It s okay to like this thing, that thing OR the thing inbetween

It s hard to make your mind up about important things like that I can t even make MY mind up about that Dog and Cat Yet it wasn t hard to make up my mind about how cute and fun this pre Would You Rather question book is.

A third of the time The Iza said, A princess There was never a princess A third of the time she said, No I not like that And a third of the time she actually responded to what the book was asking She was particularly excited when the mermaid came up.

This one surprised me with how much we liked it It was silly and my 5 year old understood the premise of the book enough to have a fun dialogue about what we would rather be after reading it I enjoyed it and would look forward to reading it again.

This is a great book We borrowed it from the library and are glad we did Anika thought carefully about which thing she would rather be after each question She practically memorized it during the time we had it.

This book made me think of that game Would You Rather I wonder if that game was inspired by this book I bet this would be a fun book to partner read aloudW, my answer would be a cat.

  • ✓ Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog? ✓ Dr. Seuss Theo LeSieg Roy McKie
    176 Dr. Seuss Theo LeSieg Roy McKie
Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?