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Storm's Heart #(2022)

Storm's Heart

Storm's Heart

  • Title: Storm's Heart
  • Author: Thea Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780425242667
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Storm's Heart By Thea Harrison,

Free Download Storm's Heart - by Thea Harrison - Storm's Heart, Storm s Heart He s a Wyr warrior a god of storms She s the heir to the Dark Fae throne But desire will bring both to their knees in this all new Novel of the Elder Races During the rule of her murderous Dark Fae u

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I picked up the vibes between Niniane and Tiago in book one and was happy to see it catch Tiago is a warlord full of thunder and lightning Niniane finds herself in line to be queen and with nobody she trusts After several attempts on her life she goes missing That just won t do for Tiago He finds her and decides to protect her In order to accept help she has to open up herself to I loved their connection and the build up of the relationship Tiago was super sexy Their lovemaking was hot The plot [...]

DNF 55%Why 1 The story moved very slowly 2 The heroine annoyed me to no end 3 I normally enjoy OTT heroes, but in this case, this OTT hero just rubbed me the wrong way.I ve had enough of this I m sorry, but it seriously wasn t for me.

Dragon Bound was an extremely hard act to follow, but I think Thea Harrison did a good job with her second book in the Elder Races series I wondered how she could top Dragos, because he is so VERY I am glad she didn t try to do that She gave us a distinct hero with Tiago, and I like his differences, although he had the crazy dangerous possessive jealous fierce vibe of Dragos Honestly, I would have missed that parta lot Tiago held his own as a hero, but not quite as compelling as Dragos Having sa [...]

Tiago is a very hot, ancient, immortal thunderbird In his human form, he looks like this You re welcome In his shifter form, he looks like this Tiago was awesome and so very sexy The female lead I remembered from the first book She was called Tricks, I believe A two hundred plus year old fairy who is now heir to the Dark Fae throne In this one MEH It s not the character exactly, but the part she s written into is very weak People are trying to kill her, she is unsure of her new role, her confide [...]

robot n.1 A machine or device that sometimes resembles a human and operates automatically or by remote control.2 A person who works mechanically without original thought, especially one who responds automatically to the commands of others See also Tiagoivolousadj.1 not serious or sensible in content, attitude, or behaviour silly2 unworthy of serious or sensible treatment unimportantSee also Ninianeich n.1 An expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused to the point of [...]

Meh It was okay The main characters were bearable, but the side characters were definitely intriguing There is a harpy that I want to go to Vegas with.When said harpy, Aryal, meets a cute vampire dude Ninianne Duncan is a very nice guy Would you let him go, please Aryal But I m not done sexually harassing him When she is given some bad magic stuff that needs to be destroyed She swears she ll find a way to destroy them She s saying my Precious a lot and talking about dropping them into a volcano [...]

5 stars Paranormal RomanceOh my I loooved gruff, growly, possessive, sexy, fiercely protective, and surprisingly funny alpha thunderbird Tiago Black Eagle soooo much Thea Harrison is going strong with this amazing series, and she s two for two for me in terms of 5 star winners, especially when it comes to her powerful, dominating, mega yummy heroes Although I didn t enjoy the overall story as much as Dragon Bound, Tiago and Niniane were fantastic characters and really great together Their romanc [...]

3.44 This second installment of the series Elder Races did not have a Dragon, which is a tragedy to begin with However, it did have a snarky Elven Princess who is about to reclaim the throne of the Dark Fae after her ruler parents were murdered 200 years ago by her evil uncle She has been hiding in plain sight while working for the big bad Dragon from the first book Now the evil uncle has met with a misfortunate accident, and by accident read has been torn to pieces by flying lizards, and Triksy [...]

4.5 flamesIn Dragon Bound we saw Dragos kill Urien, the Dark Fae king But as we all know, he murdered the royal family so he could sit on that throne Tricks who is really the princess of the Dark Fae ran to the Wyr for protection, and Tricks became like family to them during her almost 200 years with the Wyr, she often sees Tiago, whose Wyr form is that of the Thunderbird What I like is that even though they ve known each other and even interacted together before, neither really had much interes [...]

Tiago and TricksHer eyes opened and she looked His hard edged features were raw, but his eyes had cleared, and they were Steady Adamant Bedrock You will never lose me, faerie, he said point blank into her upturned face I love you too much Then he pushed his pelvis against her one last time in a slow, hard, voluptuous grind, and the explosion of pleasure was so intense it seared her soul as he destroyed her again God, she adored him He was such a walking, talking holocaust of a man.Tiago and Tric [...]

Thea Harrison has a gift for writing Alpha heroes First, she gave us Dragos And now we have Tiago sigh We first met the Thunderbird during the last story and honestly, I was a little disappointed that he would be the next Wyr to get his own book We didn t really get to know him in Dragon Bound, except as a hulking, intimidating sentinel, who was fighting with Tricks But sometimes an author knows what we want better than we do This is one of those times.As the story begins, Tricks has left the Wy [...]

HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT It may be that I probably had colossal expectations for this book and that I had been ardently and vigorously waiting for it since I finished book one when it just came out Book one IMO was just AMAZING, so I was so sure this one would be just as good, well I m so sorry it wasn t.Things just never clicked for me I never completely got to like the romance, the plot or the characters.The main romance The heroine, Niniane Tricks , started out all right, very promising Next on th [...]

Trough sheer stubbornness, I ve managed to finish this book Trick was a cute and interesting character in the first book Author took her, changed her named to something that reads like Ninny and turned her into a whining brat with a touch of brain death.I wanted to hit her on the mouth with a blunt object so much Then there is the hero He can t decide whether to be rude or formal He is burning with anger or wants to fuck or fighting That s the whole depth to him.And of course, the plot Nothing h [...]

By the end of Dragon Bound, Dragos had killed the crooked Dark Fae King, Urien, setting up Tricks, whose real name is Niniane to be the new Queen Niniane s father the previous king before Urien and family were slaughtered by Urien, but she escaped and for the past 200 years has taken refuge with the Wyr demesne During this time, she became family to them they accepted her, loved her and trained her.But now she has a duty she must fulfill It was decided that to show her strength, and for politica [...]

No dragons in this book I initially thought this entire series was about dragons, but it s about various creatures This time it s about Tiago, a thunderbird and Tricks, a Dark Fae Tiago is a thunderbird, which means he transforms into a bird the size of an SUV and he makes storms and thunder occur He brings the boom Hahaha Anyway, he s a grouchy asshole and he likes to get his violence on, which I appreciate He s completely ready to kill anyone not a friend Nianane I hate this convoluted name , [...]

Storm s Heart is the second book in Thea Harrison s Elder Races series I m beginning to think that Ms Harrison excels in writing about ultra protective, fierce, sexy and uber alpha males Uh huh I m gonna be Queen, you know, she said You gotta stop calling me Tricks It makes me sound like a circus clown And I don t think I ll be a highness for now, so you should practice calling me your majesty She hiccupped and waved a hand in the air You may begin We first get introduced to Thistle Tricks Periw [...]

I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the first in this series There was a lot of political world building that I believe will come in handy down the road in this series, but I wadded my way through it I kept waxing and waning on Tiago, too sometimes he was perfect, and then a poop, and then perfect again Pretty volatile but then, I get it he s stormy right I ll definitely be reading the next by this newly discovered favorite author.

3.75 Thunderbird starsThings I liked about this book 1 Tiago a Wyr thunderbird, also known as a god in Ancient Egypt He could easily slip into the dominant manipulative category I think it s his sharp intellect that keeps him from that or something like I don t know locking your lover in a house hints at Sarah J Maas s idiotic Tamlin He always asks Niniane for explanations when he doesn t understand her actions or when he feels something is troubling her Figure that An alpha male who actually li [...]

3,5 starsStorm s Heart is the 2nd book in Thea Harrison s Elder Races paranormal romance series.This story revolves around Thistle Tricks Periwinkle, a.k.a Princess Niniane of the Dark Fae and PR whizzkid for the Wyr , who has been under the protection of Dragos, after her family had been murdered by her uncle We were introduced to her in the 1st book Dragon Bound and I found her to be such a fun character.Tiago Black Eagle, a Wyr warrior and leader of the Wyr warriors has been assigned to trave [...]

Because of the circumstances at the end of the first book of Thea Harrison s Elder Races series, the faery known as Tricks is frightened to leave the safety of the shifters under Wyr Lord Dragos s authority But leave she must, because The Dark Fae King her power hungry uncle is now dead thanks to Dragos and its time for her to become the next heir to the Dark Fae Throne Only someone doesn t want that to happen After two attempts on her life in 36 hours, Dragos and his Army commander, Tiago, deci [...]

I didn t really think I d enjoy this book as much as Dragon Bound, because how could a fairy princess and an eagle possibly be as appealing as a dragon and a don t read this if you haven t read the first book view spoiler unicorn hide spoiler Besides, so many great debuts turn out to be one hit wonders But that s not the case here Somehow Thea Harrison has pulled off another smart, sexy paranormal romance novel that s completely original and completely fun Tricks, who made a brief but memorable [...]

5 stars A fantastic read I actually enjoyed this one than the first Tiago is very yummy, and Niniane Tricks is adorable, girly, and very gutsy I love the way Thea Harrison is building this world of hers It s so much interesting than most other PNR series Though BDB and the Fever series are still my 1 favorites, this series is beginning to come in a close second It s very, very well written It s intelligent, sexy, funny, and adventurous I cannot wait for Rune s story, which is up next I love wh [...]

When former member of Dragos New York City cadre and lost heir the Dark Fae throne, Tricks, goes missing after an assassination attempt, Thunderbird shifter Tiago s anger and his protective instincts go into overdrive he s going to find her and neither Tricks protests, nor Elder Race politics are going to stop Tiago from seeing her safely to the the Fae Land of Ariyal to collect her crown, and with the dark scary shifter at her back, Tricks enemies better beware.I have to admit that when I disco [...]

Such mixed feelings Sigh I m still a fan of the series as I LOVE the world building, but I was a wee bit disappointed in the romance part of Storm s Heart 3.5 4 stars Short summary Niniane tricks inherited the Dark Fae throne and now someone is out to stop her from becoming the Queen When she goes missing, Wyr sentinel Tiago volunteers to find the spry little fae My Thoughts In truth this was better than I hoped and it started off great, but once the romance took off I found myself slowly not ca [...]

Ok, so this one was maybe of a 4 star read but I really loved Tiago so I bumped it to 5 stars I loved Niniane Tricks and Tiago Their characters were wonderful and their relationship was so well written that is felt very real Tiago is so freaking sweet, and you don t expect that all at the start of the book He is basically a soldier, that s all he has been for a very long time, so it was extra special that he was so tender, sweet and funny with Niniane I loved Niniane to, she had a great sense o [...]

Fun book I was looking for something fun and sexy and this fit the bill perfectly I loved the uniqueness of getting a Thunderbird hero and thought his constant urge to battle something was funny I liked the heroine, but she cried way too much and kind of grated on me I think the vampire councilor was the most intriguing character in the book and am looking forward to getting to see of her I m really ready to see what this author can do with a heroine as capable and strong as the hero.

The second book of Elder Races series5 stars Might be contain spoiler from the 1st book.Thistle Periwinkle or Tricks, is a well known and lovable Cuelebres Enterprises Public Relationship We first meet her at Dragon Bound , a lovely faerie with kick ass attitude After the last event in the same book when Dragos Cuelebre kill Urien, the Dark Fae King, because Urien harmed his mate, Pia Giovanni and their unborn child its revealed that Tricks s real identity are Niniane Lorelle The long lost daugh [...]

Ok so I officially LOVE Thea Harrison and The Elder Races has been added to my list of favourite and must read series.I ve been banging on about Dragonbound over at DDLF for a while now DDLF , seriously I think people thought I was some crazy nut job maybe they still do but the point is I got people to read it and they loved it.So myself and a number of other DDLFers have been counting down the days until Storm s Heart came out I must admit, I was a bit nervious I adored the first book and a sma [...]

Dislaimer if it seems ranty, please note that i was hungry and sleep deprived and possibly moody when i set out to write this review O 2.5 starsIn a nutshell Tricks has to leave the Wyr to go off and become the Dark Fae Queen Tiago is sent with her for her protection Things happen Tricks now known by her real name, Niniane and Tiago fall in love More stuff happens.Then comes their Happily ever after.The characters Tiago in one word brutish and rude and crabby and always running roughshod over th [...]

4.5 stars Although overall I liked Dragon Bound a little bit better than this, I actually liked Tiago than Dragos I just adored Tiago SO freaking much He may have been revered as a god of war over the centuries, but the way he was with Niniane made him pure romance hero perfection in my eyes He was a pillar of strength and confidence, and was endlessly supportive, caring, helpful and protective toward Niniane He helped her handle all that was being thrown at her every step of the way She would [...]

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