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Hope for the Flowers #(2022)

Hope for the Flowers

Hope for the Flowers

  • Title: Hope for the Flowers
  • Author: Trina Paulus
  • ISBN: 9780809182497
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
Hope for the Flowers By Trina Paulus,

Hope for the Flowers Best Read || [Trina Paulus] - Hope for the Flowers , Hope for the Flowers This classic story is celebrating its th anniversary beginning in September of Hope for the Flowers is an inspiring allegory about the realization of one s true destiny as told through the live

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A girlfriend gave me this book once At the time, I was living on an island of about two hundred people, teaching English A foolish, miserable task the kind of good for you intervention bound up in so many good intentions that the inevitable crass exploitation and inadequate resourcing and nonexistent long term vision and full on horseshit stupidity seem, in hindsight, a necessary cosmic counter balancing Ostensibly, I was teaching English and helping the other English teachers improve curriculum [...]

I was really curious on this children s book because I ve read several good reviews before about this I was able to purchase a copy of this from our local bookstore online and I read it right away It s a short story so I was able to read it within 10 minutes or less.The story reminds me of Aesop s fables I ve read when I was still young It could be children s book but the lessons are like a reminder for adults I highly recommend this to everyone especially to those who are young professionals o [...]

Someone s comment just reminded me of this oneI read this when I was a kid significantly under 10 at the public library.An allegorical hippie story encouraging people or caterpillars to get out of the rat race I got the allegory, even as a kid It s pretty impossible to miss Even then, while I didn t disagree with the go your own way part of the message, I thought the delivery was a Bit Much.It features a HORRIFYING scene where the ambitious caterpillars are literally forming pillars, climbing ov [...]

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this book is written like a childrens book, but for adults Very reminicent of Esops fables.I first read it back in high school, a friend saw me looking it over, and then went back and bought it for me Its very touching.Its about one catapillar who, unlike the others, isnt happy just eating leaves and climbing the catapillar pillar He stops to wonder why he questions everything around him Its a little about love, and growing into your own skin, its about doing what has to be done, but knowing and [...]

Hope for the Flowers presents a wonderful, charming tale of two caterpillars Stripe and Yellow trying to get to the top.Beguiled at first by a misguided attempt to climb on the heads of their fellow caterpillars who have commingled into an enormous caterpillar pillar that ascends into the sky , Yellow and Stripe eventually abandon the pillar for the simple lives of eating and rolling around on the ground But Stripe can t contain his curiosity about the pillar, and abandons Yellow to try the clim [...]

It s a story about love and ambition.Stripe does not truly know what he wants All he knows is that he s done with the very monotonous days of seemingly perpetual crawling and leaf eating When he sees a lot of caterpillars climbing towards the clouds, he decides to climb with them, even if he did not know where he was going All he knew was that everyone else was going that way, trying to attain whatever it is at the top, and since everyone seemed to want it, he became convinced that he wanted it, [...]

A different sort of book for everyone,Except for thosewho have given up completely And even they might secretly enjoy it .

Simple but grand Sweet but really touching Makes you smile, laugh, and cry I would recommend every adult I know to read this book Just read it and you ll understand why I love this book so much I actually re drew all pictures in the book and turned them into various big posters for a story telling at one Summer School for teenagers in my neighborhood, back in Bandung, Indonesia You wouldn t believe me, but as I were telling the story, that such simple story, almost all kids were burst in tears, [...]

I have loved this book ever since high school when a very special friend shared it with me It s been a long time since I read it, but it never fails to charm.Recently I went on a hunt for it in this jungle house of books, but without success I know I have a ratty old paperback copy somewhere but I can t find it So I checked it out from the library and read it again with profound enjoyment and peace.It s that kind of book a peaceful book It s a book which reminds us that we are all so much than [...]

This allegory is totally amazing Good thing there s a free blog containing this short story For those who wanted a free read, you may refer to this link.Review and Reflections I was spending my idle time in my office desk Thinking of something short yet worthwhile to read I ve read some articles about CJ on Trial Drama, Lady Gaga Concert, and Jessica Sanchez s potential to win this season s AI When I went to this site and a friend rated this five stars, I searched for the free text of this book [...]

This allegory coudln t be unsubtle Unless at the end the author was like and like, the caterpillars, are actually like, PEOPLE And the strive to the top is like, our struggle in life And like, being a butterfly is etc The illustrations were cutesie pie though This is such a hippie book I don t even know what else to say It s hard to hate on such cheesy idealism I felt like I should be impressed by the cute, universal message, than I was Maybe it d help if I was less cynical Though I did like t [...]


I received this book as a gift, which I was grateful for, but I just couldn t get on board with it So here s the thing this book has been around for 45 years It s kind of a children s book, sort of a self help book, is supposed to provide inspiration and touches on psychology And that s exactly my problem with it Paulus has tried to be so all encompassing that the book just falls flat There are too many messages and her agenda is just too long.Hope For The Flowers is little bit about love, a lit [...]

I ve first read this book when I was like ten It s been how many years now, and I still think that it s fantastic.This books is about the journey of two caterpillars, Stripe and Yellow, and the obstacles and problems that they faced before they both became butterflies.The story is simple, but beautiful and realistic It s about learning to give up and let go How each ending offers a new beginning It s about taking risks And the desire to see something .The illustrations are really wonderful This [...]

Yes.This is one of those books that you bring yourself to You will read it through the filter of your experiences, background, and core beliefs What your core beliefs actually ARE may surprise you your reaction to books like this may make ideas you didn t know you cherished leap out at you and say BOO This is a Marmite book you will love it or hate it.It can be taken a myriad of ways, and will But the fault if any lies not within our stars, but in ourselves.If it makes you happy, cherish that.If [...]

This book is really nice My prof assigned me this in english lessonI don t know how to report this bcoz I want the whole class to love and appreciate it the way I read and understand but didn t find the words to say It s just one of the inspiring book iv e read Lessons I learned is that to be able to achieve your goals and to be happy you just have to be yourself and not to step on someoneuse true happiness is that to be kind to everyone It s always happening nowadays especiaaly in work is that [...]


Oh this book was just wonderful DThank you, Jerrel for letting me know about this book This was terrific This was such a unique yet inspirational book This relates to life and shows the journey we all travel The question, There has to be to life Is what is focused on We try to find joy in being at the top yet we never truly see that God has placed true importance in us and in Jesus we can become new Now this book is not considered Christian yet this is a book that should be I loved this One of [...]

This book is deceptively simple It s for anyone in a relationship, anyone who wonders is there to life , anyone who is trying to personally grow and to find themselves Does that leave anyone out It s sort of like a therapy fable It took about 30 minutes to read, and it s the kind of book that you keep in your bedstand to pull out whenever you need to remind yourself that growth hurts and change can be very scary.

This is a children s book that is clearly from the time of hippies It is new agey and goofy, but I still love it I found it at the house of a girl I take care of, and was surprised by it when I read it to her It touched me and hit me in a place that I didn t realize existed I enjoyed it and I think others would, too just don t take it too seriously, it is what it is I also would like to say that I absolutely love the name of this book.

This was a required reading in my Religion 101 class in college in the early 80 s I remember the plot a caterpillar who went on top of other caterpillar trying to reach a certain height I think it is a story of becoming somebody among the many who do not have dreams It is very much the same message as Jonathan Livingston Seagull The only difference is that these are caterpillars metamorphosing into nice butterflies while Jonathan is a seagull who learned how to be different by flying.

My father actually gave me this book so it has special connotations for me through sentimentality The simple story is spectacular and sweet touching on concepts such as isolation, peer pressure, independence, fear of change, prejudice and many s this little book really does all that I ve read it at least four times to my daughter and every time she can apply its simple storyline to what ever happens to be going on in her ever changing, ever growing life

Wow I had almost forgotten about this book I was trying to find room in my seriously overcrowded bookshelves for a book I had just finished reading and ran into this one tucked away waiting patiently to be rediscovered.The book itself is a beautifully written and delightfully illustrated allegory of a caterpillar named Spike and his companion Yellow It tells of Spike s struggle to find well happiness Or perhaps accurately as I m learning , to choose happiness Since the book is only 144 pages lo [...]

My boyfriend gave me an old copy of this book that he was about to throw out I kept it, but didn t read it It was obvious from the pictures and the title that it was a Flower Child book, and I figured I d read it eventually Now I have read it The timing on reading this book is so strange because at this moment in my life I am EXACTLY like Stripe , one of the caterpillers in this story I know something in my life needs to change, and I m making my way down the huge caterpiller pile to find someth [...]

One part Jonathan Livingston Seagull and another part The Little Prince, this is a short, sweet fable with an important message It doesn t preach and you are free to read it like a children s story or to draw meaning from it.The story is about two caterpillars Stripe and Yellow, who are trying to climb up the caterpillar pillar , which is well as the name suggests, a pillar of caterpillars All the caterpillars are trying to crawl over each other and get to the top.So, do our protagonists join th [...]

where did this book come from One day I sat down for a hearty bowel movement and flipped through Sports Illustrated, and the next dayThis little yellow bit of sunshine Two culprits my ex roomate a substitute gradeschool teacher at the time, and arts and crafts guru my ex girlfriend comic artist savant and soon to be librarian Evidence mounted on both sides.At the end of the day it didn t matter, because sometimes I want to commit suicide Flat out End it all and go elsewhereplace This book is lik [...]

Oh, this is so early 70s It took me back I think I would have liked it better then, both as the younger me and in the era of 35 years ago vs now I guess it s a mildly sweet story about taking risks and being true to oneself and avoiding mindlessly following the crowd It was an incredibly fast read if it had been a novel or other long book, I think that I would have abandoned it but it was a somewhat enjoyable read.

Found it through a sympathy card subject death How does one become a butterfly she asked pensively You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar You mean to die asked Yellow, remebering the three who fell out of the sky Yes and No, he answered What looks like you will die but what s really you will still live Life is changed, not taken away Isn t that different from those who die without ever becoming butterflies

  • Hope for the Flowers Best Read || [Trina Paulus]
    160 Trina Paulus
Hope for the Flowers