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This Isn't What It Looks Like #(2022)

This Isn't What It Looks Like

This Isn't What It Looks Like

  • Title: This Isn't What It Looks Like
  • Author: Pseudonymous Bosch Gilbert Ford
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition
This Isn't What It Looks Like By Pseudonymous Bosch Gilbert Ford,

[PDF] This Isn't What It Looks Like | by ß Pseudonymous Bosch Gilbert Ford - This Isn't What It Looks Like, This Isn t What It Looks Like Cass may be in grave danger She s eaten the dreaded Time Travel Chocolate and you know what that means I won t even begin to tell you what trouble this delicacy has caused in the past If only Cass cou

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technically, I ve already read this and will briefly add the cover on this it s on my blog and I think xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx x x x xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx x x xxxx xx x x Pseudonymous Bosch

The book that I just finished is called This Isn t What it Looks Like by Pseudonymous Bosch It s about a girl name Cassandra, but everyone calls her Cass Cass goes on wild mission to find the secret from the Jester She uses a Time Chocolate to make her go back in time to know the secret This makes her go into a coma, which makes Max Ernest go and visit her in the PICU section While Cass is in the coma, Max Ernest finds some solution to help Cass come back to life This adventure is an experience [...]

It sure isn t what it looks like.

Bruh Im so sorryI ve been saying RTC forEVER now But I PROMISE you Once I find time, I WILL write them all So I say hesitantly RTC

Esto no es lo que parece es el cuarto libro de la Colecci n Secreta de Pseudonymous Bosh La serie sigue las aventuras de tres j venes miembros de la Sociedad de los Tercios, una organizaci n cuyo trabajo es mantener el Secreto a salvo y que no caiga en las terribles garras de El Sol de Medianoche En este volumen, Cas corre un grave peligro Se ha zampado el potente chocolate del se or Hugo, el cual le permite viajar en el tiempo y visitar a sus ancestros pasados en busca del Secreto El problema e [...]

I recently finished, This Isn t What It Looks Like by Pseudonymous Bosch, the 4th book in the secret series This book is told from two points of view, the survivalist girl, Cass and her trustworthy partner, Mas Ernest Cass ate a piece of Time Travel Chocolate and now she s been taken back to the medieval times of the Jester, her only known ancestor Cass must find The Secret, it s her mission Meanwhile, Max Ernest is trying to get Cass out of her coma, before it s too late.This book is full of su [...]

I can t believe I have one book left of this series This book was even better than the last one Cass is just about to find out the secret Ugh This series is unbelievably amazing If anybody is looking for books to read I suggest these ones I also cap t wait to find out the secret Yay

You can read my review on my blog here below elementaread 20THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE PREVIOUS BOOKS IN THIS SERIES This Isn t What it Looks Like is the fourth book in the middle grade Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch These books follow the adventures of three young members of the Terces Society, a secret organisation whose job it is to keep the Secret to immortality from getting into the wrong hands On three previous occasions these children, Cassandra, Max Ernest and Yo Yogi, ha [...]

The fourth book in the series that began with The Name of This Book is Secret picks up where the third volume left off In the early chapters, narrator Bosch splits attention between two stories one is about a girl who wakes up in what appears to be a medieval European village unable to remember who she is, where she is, how she got there, or why she happens to be invisible the other is about Max Ernest, who is desperately trying to awaken his friend Cass, who has been in a strange sort of coma s [...]

I read the book This Isn t What it Looks Like This book is really great This book is the fourth book in the Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch The genre is fiction This is a really great book if you like mystery This book takes place in modern time but also during medieval times I think the author of this book is really great b c in the book he talks to you I think a lot of people will like this book it has a lot of action and for me it was a page turner Throughout the book your on a journey wi [...]

Summary In this fourth installment of the Secret Series, Cass is stuck in the Medieval Ages on a mission to find the Secret having learned she was the Secret Keeper while Max Ernest is on a desperate mission to bring her back Complications arise when Max Ernest s parents begin acting strangely, and an old classmate comes back, suspiciously different Can Max Ernest save Cass Or will Cass forever be stuck in the Middle Ages My thoughts Note This review is for the whole series I LOVE THE SECRET SER [...]

AMAZING I love this book,it s one of my favourites,but I didn t see as much from Yo Yoji as I might have wanted,but I ll try to be forgiving this on time.I particually enjoyed the footnotes of this volume,and also the story of how PB got rid of THE PEA ,and almost drowned in mayonnaise I m sorry, I haven t got a idea on how to spell that word 0.Followers of the series will enjoy this fresh read I assume because I am did ,and will surely love the wonderfull humor of Pseudonymous Bosch,wich someti [...]

I m getting closer Yayyyyy

This was sadly not one of the better additions to the story but never the less, it was quite enjoyable

A nice addition to this great middle grade series.

What the heck was that This book totally reminded me of The Twilight Zone, where at first the viewer is asking him or herself, Seriously, what is going on here , and in its last minutes it all makes sense That is pretty much all I want to say about what the book is like without spoiling anything else With the exception that Pseudonymous Bosch strikes again What can I say except he knows how to write a good story Or rather, a novel novel And to think, this is only the penultimate installment in w [...]

Wie auch die Vorg nger eine lustige, kindgerechte Lekt re, sogar etwas kurzweiliger als der dritte Band Die Reihe geht zwar noch weiter, aber dies ist der letzte Band, der in meinem Besitz ist Die restlichen B nde w rde ich nur gebraucht g nstig kaufen, weil es zwar f r Zwischendurch nett zu lesen und auch der Schmunzelfaktor gegeben war Dennoch ist es mir zurzeit nicht immens wichtig, die Reihe zu beenden.

Such great fun Such a great series An exciting story, refreshingly creative, with interesting and well developed characters, and all delightfully written Yet, each book is wonderfully distinct Lovin it

As Clear as a Crystal The Author, Pseudonymous Bosch, of This isn t What it Looks Like has a writing style of comedy, but mixed with an aurora of mysteriousness Pseudonymous Bosch keeps a shroud of mystery between his identity, along with many fourth wall breaks when he inserts his own dialogue, sort of like a commentary throughout the books He talks to the readers, giving off a maniac vibe in my opinion, yet maintaining sanity The writing of Bosch is clear as he manages to stay on track with th [...]

Originally posted Book WhalesWe are on the penultimate book of the Secret Series DTo tell you honestly I finished this books 3 weeks ago and I just forgot to make a review out of it But finally here it is DOut of the 4 books I read the problem I have with this books is that maybe I got used to the writing style of the author and the magic is lost for me The plot itself for this books is very important to the story since it explains a lot about the history of the Jester and Lord Pharaoh with the [...]

I read this directly after reading the third one, which is not something I usually do When I read a series I like to read two or books in between so that I don t feel the books get too same y But this time I really wanted to keep reading this mystery series seeing as the previous book ended on such a cliffhanger Our familiar trio of Cassandra, Max Ernest and Yo Yoji return in this book with some new characters in tow, like Daniel Not Danielle, the Glob, the Jester and Anastasia as well Cassandr [...]

I really enjoyed this one The previous novels in the series were good, but not real page turners for me But this one really hit the sweet spot in terms of pacing and plotting I loved the setup with the negative chapters eventually hitting chapter zero All the plot elements tied together very nicely view spoiler Loved the idea of Max Ernest being Pseudonymous Bosch It would certainly explain why Pseudonymous Bosch can t help himself from adding in delightful but useless factoids in footnotes ever [...]

In this fourth installment of the secret series, Cass and Max Earnest are separated by time and place in a way Cass is stuck in the past searching for The Secret, but she s also in a coma in the present, and it s Max Earnest s job to save her For whatever reason, though, he can t.I read the first three books of this series, The Name of the Book is Secret, If You re Reading This, It s Too Late, and This Book Is Not Good For You, in middle school, and I thrilled when I saw this at the store I pick [...]

Hmmwell, let me just suggest something If you really want to read this book, go and buy the paperback, DO NOT GET IT ON KINDLE NOOK That was my mistake There were some things that you would need to go to the back of the book, or to the beginning, and it was annoying to have to find what you were looking for i.e Yo Yoji s email to Max Ernest tons of times and not to mention, it s can be quite slow when if you just got the paperback, you could flip to the back of the book And also, when there were [...]

Every next chapter Better storyCass wanted to find out about her past so what better way than with the chocolate Senor Hugo gave her Whatever was in the chocolate, it took her somewhere to find about the past better than anyone who ever did because she went to the past herself She met her ancestors, Lord Pharaoh and the Humonculus again and helped her again The problem was, while she was travelling unsconsciously, consciously she was in a coma Was she ever going to get back to her own time Will [...]

In this fourth installment of The Secret Series, Cass is in a coma in a hospital and Max Ernest is alone since Yo Yoji is in Japan Max Ernest knows that Cass ate the time travel chocolate, but he doesn t know how to get her back in to the present Meanwhile, Cass is in a medieval time, with no memory of anything from before she appeared in this new place, searching for her ancestor, The Jester She is invisible and is armed with an odd double monocle from a Seer named Cassandra who goes by Clara A [...]

If you like adventurous and mysterious books than this is the book for you The author of this book is Pseudonymous Bosh The name of this book is This isn t What it Looks Like.The setting is in the modern day time and the past It takes place in London England, Cassandra s home, Max Ernest s home, the school where they live, the forest, and a castle In the book Cassandra is considered a survivalist A survivalist is someone who likes to be prepared for natural disasters and likes to escape from thi [...]

This book might ve been one of the best Next to the first one of course SPOILER view spoiler I love how we got to see the REAL story behind Mr Cabbage Face s imprisonment, and of The Jester s life One of my disappointments though, is that we never really found out who are or were Cassandra s real parents, even though it was fun to know her great great x3 grandparents Jester, and Anastasia.And finding that treasure that made its way to her door in perfect timing after so many years Boy Cass is pr [...]

Review This Isn t What It Looks Like by Pseudonymous BoschThis book is the fourth in the secret series The thing is that I read it before I read the other books in the series, so it is such a spoiler for me But despite that, I did my best to catch up, so I enjoyed it It is very mysterious and intriguing as you turn its pages But if I were you, read book 1 first I like the way the author writes his stories It s very unique But I can t give you the other parts of the story, because the author migh [...]

In the fourth adventure of Cass and Max Ernest, Cass is after the SECRET She has travelled back in time with the help of Senor Hugo s Time Travelling Chocolate into her ancestral past to find out the SECRET Meanwhile at home she is in coma Max Ernest tries his best to wake her up with the help of the tuning fork If Cass dies, the SECRET will also die along with her Will Cass ever return Losing the SECRET forever is worse than not knowing it Read on to find out .

  • [PDF] This Isn't What It Looks Like | by ß Pseudonymous Bosch Gilbert Ford
    383 Pseudonymous Bosch Gilbert Ford
This Isn't What It Looks Like