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Christmas Bodyguard #(2022)

Christmas Bodyguard

Christmas Bodyguard

  • Title: Christmas Bodyguard
  • Author: Margaret Daley
  • ISBN: 9780373444205
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
Christmas Bodyguard By Margaret Daley,

[PDF] Christmas Bodyguard | by ✓ Margaret Daley - Christmas Bodyguard, Christmas Bodyguard Someone s after wealthy Texan Slade Caulder s daughter Desperate to keep her safe while he determines the motive the widowed father hires a bodyguard for Abbey A female bodyguard with the training t

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The CEO of a large company finds his daughter being targeted, so he hires Elizabeth Walker from Guardians Inc to be her bodyguard Filled with suspense and action, this is good read that kept my attention from start to finish I liked the fact that Elizabeth could hold her own even though she was petite Suspense was the main focus with a light touch of romance and a good thread of faith I would recommend the Guardian Inc series.FAVORITE QUOTES I grew up believing there was a God Now I don t know H [...]

I really enjoyed this story I loved the action, suspense, and the romance between Slade, and Elizabeth Slade hires Elizabeth as a bodyguard to protect his teenage daughter Abby Threats are made against Abby s life The suspense of the story is really good Reading, I didn t know if the person was after Abby, or if they were really after Slade, but using Abby in some sick twisted game This is a faith based book The romance was sweet The story allowed a friendship to develop between Elizabeth, and S [...]

This was a decent holiday romantic suspense with some exciting action and interesting characters but I never connected emotionally with the hero or heroine They both had unfortunate pasts and I didn t sense them really healing and growing towards each other Elizabeth is assigned to be a body guard for Slade s daughter when her life is threatened and money is no object to beefing up security.

Christmas Bodyguard is a Love Inspired Suspense novel and the first of the Guardians, Inc series by Margaret I ve read several of Margaret s books, thoroughly enjoying each of them There was something about Christmas Bodyguard however, that really drew me in, kept my interest, and stayed with me long after the last page was read The message of trust, not only of others, but yourself God, is well woven into the plot The suspense was gripping and kept me guessing until the very end as to who the v [...]

Title Christmas Bodyguard Guardians Inc Author Margaret DaleyPages 224Year 2010Publisher Love Inspired SuspenseMy rating is 5 stars.I was quickly drawn into the story which starts with a father teaching his daughter to drive Then, fasten your seatbelt as the story takes off Slade is a man who started his own business and is raising his daughter alone after the death of his wife five years earlier Now, it seems there is someone with nefarious intent to bring real harm to Abby, Slade s daughter, o [...]

Elizabeth comes to protect Slade and his daughter at their Texas ranch but forgets to protect her heart.215 pages

Protecting others allows her to protect her own feelingsAn enjoyable romantic suspense novel Her struggles with her own past has led her to make a profession of protecting children But this time the reason s for the danger are very unclear and the person who is the target is unknown As problems escalate who is causing them gets muddled than usual Does the danger means romance can t thrive or that it must thrive I just wish the characters wouldn t act so foolishly and ignore what is in front of [...]

While this had a nice twist with the female bodyguard, I doubt 16 year old Abbey would be okay with her dad marrying her bodyguard so soon after meeting her She freaks out about everything else why not that

Good romance with a little csi vibe to it It was definitely different from your average romance, but in a good way It was really entertaining, well written I liked the plot, its pace and the characters.

Guardians, Inc.Book 1In this first book of Margaret Daley s six book series, we meet rich businessman, Slade Caulder who owns a ranch His sixteen year old motherless daughter and mother in law live with him on the ranch His daughter s life has been threatened a matter that is very personal Slade seeks the help of his friend, Kyra Morgan, who runs the Guardian s, Inc bodyguard agency ran by all women She places Elizabeth Walker to be the bodyguard for Slade s sixteen year old very reluctant daugh [...]

Margaret has the uncanny ability to make your heart grow fonder for the romance page by page With suspenseful action one doesn t expect from a traditional romance novel, to an awesome amount of romantic tension between the main male female characters, it s an exciting read There were personality traits in Elizabeth that I could relate to, which made the story come alive a bit than most She displays a delicate balance of being female , wrapped up with strength and toughness on her job is a joy t [...]

You want to read a great who done it, need to get Margaret Daley Christmas Bodyguard Guardian s Inc 1 In this Christmas Bodyguard, start out like a normal father Slade and daughter Abbey day Abbey driving with her father, when they hear loud noise, tire blowout The the car started to go out of control, hit a tree Later on, Slade get a photo of his daughter all cut up, and he heard that someone shot out the tire He went to see a old family friend Myra , that own Bodyguard service Slade met Elizab [...]

Slade Caulder owns his own company and is teaching his daughter Abbey to drive She has an accident because someone shoots out her tire He hires a bodyguard to protect his daughter and then he hires one to protect himself as well Elizabeth is the bodyguard to protect Abbey and of course Abbey is a rebellious teen who does nt want to be locked in her cell which is a mansion It is a good book, an easy read with suspense as well as romance.

Abbey is one tough cookie She managed to put so much pain behind her and find a way to move forward with her life now if only she can open her heart to new possibilities.It can be really difficult to find a guy who is willing to work to get past the walls that we sometimes put up to try protect ourselves from being hurt Slade seems to be just the guy to help tear down the walls that Abby has built around her heart.

LOVED IT couldn t put it down when I started reading it Here s some good advise from the text If my worrying about the future and what might happen will change it, then I should But if stewing over something I can t control won t change it, then I need to give my worries to God and let Him deal with them Do you think you can change this situation by worrying

This romance had a nice twist because it centered around a female bodyguard, hired to protect 16 year old Abbey However, I doubt Abbey would have been OK with her dad marrying her bodyguard so soon after meeting her She freaks out about everything else why not that

This book is all right Save it for when you cannot find a book that grabs your attention.

clean read It is full of drama, good characters, romance touches on forgiveness keeps you guessing on who the guilty party and why till the end good read.

Enjoyed this book Margaret is a gifted writer Captures our interest from the beginning and keeps us stirred up I would highly recommend this book to others, they would really enjoy it.

EbookLoved this story of a female bodyguard protecting a teenager whose dad is a target The dad and the body guard find love and Christmas.

Christmas Bodyguard reviewChristmas Bodyguard is the first romantic suspense book in the Guardians, Inc series written by author Margaret Daley It s a sweet story.

I ve always liked it when she finally trusted and opened her heart to Caulder Although I wonder how she likes growing up on a farm now.

Miniseries Guardians, Inc.

Miniseries Guardians, Inc.

This story caught my attention from the very beginning It was very well written and there is a never a moment that you lose interest

  • [PDF] Christmas Bodyguard | by ✓ Margaret Daley
    289 Margaret Daley
Christmas Bodyguard