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La polvere dei sogni #(2021)

La polvere dei sogni

La polvere dei sogni

  • Title: La polvere dei sogni
  • Author: André Brink Raul Montanari
  • ISBN: 9788807815003
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
La polvere dei sogni By André Brink Raul Montanari,

☆ La polvere dei sogni ↠ André Brink Raul Montanari - La polvere dei sogni, La polvere dei sogni Outeniqua una citt immaginaria nel Sudafrica di pochi mesi prima delle elezioni che porteranno Nelson Mandela al potere Kristien dopo molti anni di esilio a Londra torna nella citt dove ha tras

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I admit, I had trouble with it at the beginning Firstly it is an intensely feminine story written by a man, and at the start I was annoyed by how masculine the main character, Kristien M ller, seemed to be By masculine I mean lacking in emotional intimacy and unconcerned about the feelings of others Sue me As the story goes on it becomes clear that these qualities are important facets of Kristien, who returns to South Africa after a self imposed exile to attend to her dying grandmother, the one [...]

I am the biggest Brink Fan on the planet He is my favourite author so I am biased with all of his work Don t expect a balanced review from me As with all Brinks work the backdrop is apartheid South Africa and the stuggles of white and black alike.

Non riesco a entrare in questo romanzo La parte di Ouma Kristina anche affascinante, ma tutta la storia personale della protagonista, i suoi amori, il difficile rapporto con la sorella, esposta in un modo a mio parere anche un po piatto e prevedibile, non riesco a digerirla Sono arrivata a met e mi fermo qui.

So Andr Brink has died I arranged a workshop with him in Stavanger in the nineites, and I dared to compare his landscape wirting to Wilbur Smith s I shouldn t have done that For most people Brink s most important book was Dry White Season, but for me none of them beat Imaginings of Sand I consider it one of the five best books I ve ever read RIP, Andr.

contains spoiler An admirable effort However Brink is not always successful in capturing a woman s voice or experience Only men are quite so contemptuous of older women s bodies, here alternately described as faded, saggy, bulbous, elephantine While I liked that he tried to avoid creating stereotypical mothers as madonnas, he swings the other way by describing generation after generation of horrible mothers, albeit mothers whose own sufferings led them to their behaviour Finally, while women do [...]

Premesso che l unica conoscenza che ho della storia del Sudafrica che zio Paperone incontra Cuoredipietra Famedoro ai tempi della Grande Marcia, questo libro colma molte lacune, in maniera romanzata, e sono grata di questo.Inizialmente difficile stare dietro al romanzo, il narratore femminile scritto da mano maschile si abbandona a clich , ma poi i personaggi si evolvono e anche la voce che racconta, diventa pi femminile Sono subentrati i consigli della moglie di Brink, che nella nota iniziale l [...]

I found myself skipping over paragraphs almost from the beginning which is never a good sign I thought the author made far too much out of the fact that the protagonist is good looking first the two men groping her on the airplane, then her brother in law hitting on her, then her own sister admiring her in the bath 80 pages into the book, I m still finding it difficult to relate to or enjoy the characters who have been introduced Finally, while I thought it was ambitious to tackle themes of raci [...]

Good Naturally as it is a Brink.But somehow I did not like this as much as many other novels by him Perhaps the anti apartheid content in his stories spoke to me better The theme was present here also but not that strongly as in his powerful books I really need to read some other recent book to verify this Anyway A good novel worth reading.

Here Brink tries to be a female narrator with the bizarre idea of a woman who keeps her sanitary towels in a room after use It comes down to a woman looking back over her life from herself to her grandmother and her mother and back again.

Hierdie was een van die beste boeke wat ek nog in my leeftyd gelees het indien nie die beste nie Die storie spook werklik in my hart soos n onheilspellende, manjifieke gedierte, wat net nie sy kloue uit my hart wil trek nie Ek sal altyd hierdie boek in my hart se kluis koester.

Paras kirja lempikirjailijaltani Andr Brinkilt Sopivasti maagisuutta ja luontoyhteytt erilaisia suhteita yhteiskunnallista kuvausta ja sujuvaa kerrontaa.

Alltid nyttig att p minnas om vad vi m nniskor kan stadkomma Boken i sig rel l tt l st men inte en favorit bok.

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Powerful storytelling which tackles a lot of difficult themes without being heavy on the reader Highly recommended

At first, this was hard to get into but I was rewarded with a profound story This was than the story of one woman it was all of our stories Kristien was changed was I

  • ☆ La polvere dei sogni ↠ André Brink Raul Montanari
    114 André Brink Raul Montanari
La polvere dei sogni