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A Terrible Love of War #(2021)

A Terrible Love of War

A Terrible Love of War

  • Title: A Terrible Love of War
  • Author: James Hillman
  • ISBN: 9780143034926
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
A Terrible Love of War By James Hillman,

↠ A Terrible Love of War ☆ James Hillman - A Terrible Love of War, A Terrible Love of War War is a timeless force in the human imagination and indeed in daily life Engaged in the activity of destruction its soldiers and its victims discover a paradoxical yet profound sense of existing

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I have read quite a few books about war, especially about Vietnam, wanting to reinforce my belief that war is a really bad idea regardless of how regularly it happens So I picked this book at least partially enticed by the title, A Terrible Love of War As I often do, I looked at a few GR reviews before I started reading I find that it helps me to prime the pump Especially with a book that looks like it will require some brain work I mean it s listed as psychology and philosophy and war Sounds li [...]

I recently re read the Iliad and suspected that Hillman s book which I d bought a few years ago but never read would deepen my appreciation of Homer as indeed it did Hillman is always a pleasure to read As he s aged, he s become transparent, mellow in his meditations If A Terrible Love of War lacks the cerebral pyrotechnics of Re Visioning Psychology or Myth of Analysis, it still evokes reflections of grief, and lends clarity to a topic it s impossible to treat dispassionately.

Not as depressing as it sounds, if you claim to strive for peace As the author says, War is first of all a psychological task e first principle of psychological method holds that any phenomenon to be understood must be sympathetically imagined.

excellentd interesting indictment of philosophers and theologians whom hillman thinks have dropped the ball on analyzing war.

The author tries to come to grips with our seeming obsession with war Excellent read.

A non traditional approach to what makes conflicts so endemic.

La guerra come stato maniacale collettivo e individuale Molto colto, abbastanza interessante.Bibliografia ottima.

Frustrated with the Author Such excellent ideas and thesis, but his delivery lacked an over arching coherence to tie all his various excellent points beautifully together One of Carl Jung s protege s, I had high expectations for him as he tried to tackle such an incredibly challenging topic He takes on the challenge of Humans and War and why it seems to be such an inescapable part of the human experience as well as why it shatters the men and women involved in it He argues that peace is only kno [...]

This is my second time reading this book, and I m hitting the same difficulty that I had the first time around I find Hillman s ideas fascinating and challenging, even when I don t agree with them, but his writing style is too dry for my tastes So I hesitate to recommend this book to others, even though I liked it well enough to reread it Hillman looks at war via mythology and archetypes For the most part, he sticks to wars in Europe and North America and describes war through the Greco Roman go [...]

I imagine James Hillman was masturbating furiously as he wrote this Oh, yeah he said out loud If it is a primordial component of being, then war fathers the very structure of our existence and our thinking about it our ideas of the universe, of religion, of ethics war determines the thought patterns of Aristotle s logic of opposites, Kant s antinomies, Darwin s natural selection, Marx s struggle of classes, and even Freud s repression of the id by the ego and superego Mmm condensing entire scien [...]

One of the author s main qualities is a sensitive and insightful feeling To a innocent, clean, white or black type of feeling his approach may be disquieting, but it is a truthful, no whitewash and highly differentiated read into the nature of war.There have been reviews criticizing the book for being all over the place , imprecise and not driving the issue home I must vehemently oppose them His style suits the author s views on the psyche and purpose for this book It is rhetorical Highly cultu [...]

I am actually reading this book for debate It is surprisingly a good read, despite it s slightly macabre title It is about the psychological effects war has on us, as humans It also talks about how ever since the dawn of time, humans have always have been at war, and if not, trying to prevent war Hillman suggests the best way to comabt the normalization of war is to embrace it There are also surprising sources to back Hillman up, like Donald Rumsfield, Albert Einstein, Churchhill among many othe [...]

A discussion of the psychological and mythic bases of war that it is a force with its own life and drives War Ares is a god, and will have Its way Although beautifully written and simple, lucid prose, it is nonetheless a difficult book to grasp gleaning essential truths about war and violence throughout history, religion and psychology And to those who have faith that war can be replaced by peace, Hillman offers no comfort the acts of war may be directed, even transmuted, but war is, he establis [...]

This book has an original and insightful approach to the idea of war, how we can understand it better and cope with it as a ubiquitous force in our world that effects every single one of us It really shines a helpful light in a very dark corner of the mind I couldn t put it down for the first 3 4s The last chapter got a little less laser beam as the first few, much axe grindy Hillman admits as much but this does not attract from the overall experience imo.

Sort of all over the place What confused me was that I thought I was reading a book about war, when it turned into a book about warring Christianity We begin by talking about the love of war then, the subject is monotheistic religion how a literally interpreted monotheistic religion gives rise to war A return to a focus on aesthetics instead of the current focus on rashness could go a long way to disarming the god of war was that the conclusion Quite interesting.

While the book itself is an easy read, the author seems to return to the same quote and the same descriptions too many times That, coupled with a lack of true direction in the book and you re left feeling like you have a lot of unfinished strands What I liked in this book were the factoids given about various wars, but if you re looking for a cohesive tale of why we fight, this isn t it.

A terrible real conclusion.

I enjoyed Hillman s project remythologizing war and suggesting the frailty of an empirical account of human action in battle , but his prose grew lazy and imprecise at times.

I really liked this book and have to say it spurred new thinking on my part, but don t bother with my review Check out Larry s Then give the book a try.

Hillman s least interesting book to date the book felt contrived and appeared to have been produced in haste Very disappointing read on a topic which is so interesting

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A Terrible Love of War by James Hillman

First Hillman book I read interesting given our current political climate.

This book sums it up An intricate exploration of the reason why we are prone to war and not just international wars but wars within the mind, society, family, etc.

Interesting review of the human passion for war His conclusions are somewhat vague, but I guess he is a psychologist after all

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    103 James Hillman
A Terrible Love of War