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Rein Me In #(2021)

Rein Me In

Rein Me In

  • Title: Rein Me In
  • Author: Larissa Lyons Alyssa Brooks
  • ISBN: 9781419928802
  • Page: 147
  • Format: ebook
Rein Me In By Larissa Lyons Alyssa Brooks,

[PDF] Rein Me In | by ↠ Larissa Lyons Alyssa Brooks - Rein Me In, Rein Me In Bottoms Up Book Two Suzy likes her men tough and her sex rough and for two weeks a year she indulges in both On the agenda this vacation Untamed cowboy straight from the source a hoppin bar in rura

Recent Comments "Rein Me In"

Okay, I need to be clear this is erotica and very steamy erotica with a full side dish of kink, but and it is a very big BUT this story was also one of the most wonderful and heart felt romances that I have read in many months Yes, there is a lot of sex Yes, there is a lot of spanking not my thing or apparently Jonah s thing And, yes, there is a lot of deep feeling, tension, love and flourishing trust That was the clincher for me To watch both these characters with such great personalities jump [...]

Rein Me In is an interesting read definitely not for the faint hearted Once a year straight laced Susannah takes a vacation and turns into Suzy Enjoying the wildlife and lots of sex to hold her over until the next year On a whim she makes her way to a sleepy town where a she comes across Jonah a blast from her past The two never had a chance to find the love that they could have had and unbeknownst to Jonah, not knowing the circumstances for his disappearance Susannah blames him.Suzy not only wa [...]

Wendy s Review Rein Me In was intriguing and a book that held tension between two people that over the years came back together after tragedy Suzy wanted sex hard and fast and messy She had learned over the years that normal wasn t her and the rougher the sex the better she liked it One night sex wasn t on the cowboy she had chose, it was rape Being saved with a cowboy in a white truck wasn t like being saved with a cowboy on a white horse, but hey this was the 20th century story Her two week se [...]

What is fun that reading about an uneasy and frightfully complicated romantic affair between a political professional with a very dark side, some old wounds and major trust issues with men, and a 6 4 Texas cowboy who seems to have abandoned her during a short stint in college and then years later shows up and rescues her from a potential rape Already sounds like a soap opera, but this story is filled with unique and stand alone characters, many of whom are in a Texas ranching family ruled with [...]

Maybe not a brazin as Brandin brother, But boy was this book still SMOKING belt wielding HOT

  • [PDF] Rein Me In | by ↠ Larissa Lyons Alyssa Brooks
    147 Larissa Lyons Alyssa Brooks
Rein Me In