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Oh No It Isn't! #(2021)

Oh No It Isn't!

Oh No It Isn't!

  • Title: Oh No It Isn't!
  • Author: Paul Cornell Jacqueline Rayner
  • ISBN: 9781903654309
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Audio CD
Oh No It Isn't! By Paul Cornell Jacqueline Rayner,

✓ Oh No It Isn't! ☆ Paul Cornell Jacqueline Rayner - Oh No It Isn't!, Oh No It Isn t The King s balls get bigger every year What could possibly go wrong on Professor Bernice Summerfield s investigation into the lost civilisation of Perfecton Nothing it seems until they leave the plan

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nhwvejournal 976612ml return return very brave to start with a story that starts as a standard archaeological dig and then converts the cast into pantomime characters but it works really well And Nicholas Courtney as the cat is lovely too.

For their first Bernice Summerfield audio drama Big Finish chose the peculiar, but perhaps somewhat obvious choice of Oh No It Isn t, competently adapted from Bernice s creator and Who scribe Paul Cornell himself Like its counterpart, the first of Bernice s independent books, the first audio drama draws most of its inspiration from the shamefully neglected art of pantomime.It s a comedy, a farce and a deeply meaningful drama all at the same time That s to be expected, and well explained in a plo [...]

After finishing the book today, a relisten on the very much loved audio.A massive chunk of the book was missing but properly due to the time limit but still much as good fun with Wolsey and Benny and the pantoland I completely forgot Mark Gatiss was in this too as he s later in the Unbound Benny boxset so that was a nice rediscovery Still much loved audio that never fails to make me laugh

Crack But very well done crack, in which all the characters find themselves as characters in panto with a reasonable explanation why Really Thoroughly enjoyable and haven t laughed so much in ages.

Interesting adventure She is no Indiana Jones but she isn t Lara Croft either I loved it Bernice Summerfield is my new favorite archaeologist.

3.5 bookcrossing journal 6

Enjoyed every minute of this, Nicholas Courtney was a delight.

  • ✓ Oh No It Isn't! ☆ Paul Cornell Jacqueline Rayner
    197 Paul Cornell Jacqueline Rayner
Oh No It Isn't!