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Beyond the Sun #(2021)

Beyond the Sun

Beyond the Sun

  • Title: Beyond the Sun
  • Author: Matt Jones
  • ISBN: 9780426205111
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
Beyond the Sun By Matt Jones,

[PDF] Read ☆ Beyond the Sun : by Matt Jones - Beyond the Sun, Beyond the Sun Bernice Summerfield s no good ex husband claims to be in deadly danger Unfortunately Benny does not believe him until he is kidnapped Feeling guilty she sets off to rescue him Her only clue is a dust

Recent Comments "Beyond the Sun"

Completely surprised by how much I enjoyed the novel of Beyond the Sun as well as the audio It was so easy to dive into and the Sunless are absolutely terrifying, certainly, one of my favourite villains in the world of Bernice Summerfield and Matthew Jones knows how to write a gripping, dystopian science fiction world.Absolutely brilliant and completely blown away by it.

en.mpedia wiki Beyon I listened to an audio version of this, it was not very good, but good enough I liked the story,though it was simplistic A space faring archaeologist has come across some interesting finds where she is Then he husband came for a visit He had something for her care for, an artifact from some other world But by morning he was gone, kidnapped she assumed Then the police came, arrested her on some charge, then let her go, as it was really nothing to them She proceeds to some wor [...]

This was not a good book Far too many plots that didn t connect, too many characters with too many assumptions and too many missing details The main character is interesting, but so much else is not.The basic idea for the plot is good, but very poorly realized.

Two very different archaelogy students are sent to study under the famous Bernice Summerfield and end up digging up fossiled faeces on a deserted planet of mud Enter Bernice s ex husband, with a mysterious artefact and a story of woe He is promptly kidnapped and the unlikely trio head off to find him, crashing on the forbidden planet of Ursu Here, the Sunless have enslaved the once happy natives and have stolen The Blooms, ancient cloning machines through which the Ursuan s reproduce Not only ha [...]

I did enjoy this book, although I feel it did Ursula Le Guin a bit of a disservice The anarchistic society on Ursu was clearly modelled after Le Guin s book The Dispossessed even using the name Ursulan , but didn t really go into any of the qualities that make The Dispossessed such a good book It was used simply as an exotic backdrop for the story, which is a bit of a shame really The story wasn t bad although Emile and Tomeka have to be two of the most annoying characters I have ever encountere [...]

nwhytevejournal 1346818ml return return I only realised after reading this that I had already heard the excellent audio adaptation which includes Sophie Aldred and Anneke Wills The original book is very good too, and I think would be reasonably penetrable for someone who hadn t previously followed the Bernice Summerfield stories Nicely observed emotional politics between and among Benny and her students, and the various aliens with whom Benny s ex gets them involved To a certain extent I felt it [...]

A very strong adventure in the Bernice Summerfield catalog I found the relationship between Benny and her two students very entertaining and enjoyable, and felt that their characters developed significantly over the course of the novel The overall plot was a bit pedestrian, but one can overlook that when considering the wonderful philosophical and social viewpoints that are regularly discussed or argued by the main characters Overall a good, solid read.

An absolutely amazing book One of the best Benny books there is frankly its a fight between this and Walking to Babylon as too which is the best of the series

An enjoyable read with a strong story, but slightly let down by a few too many coincidences Nevertheless I love Benny so it was great to see her again.

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Beyond the Sun : by Matt Jones
    409 Matt Jones
Beyond the Sun