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Triune #(2021)



  • Title: Triune
  • Author: Willow Polson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Triune By Willow Polson,

Á Triune ✓ Willow Polson - Triune, Triune The Mason brothers had always been close but until the day ex Navyofficer Mike discovered he was actually an angel they had no idea justhow close This paranormal urban fantasy novel brings readers a

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Triune is an interesting tale about three brothers who don t know that they are angels Once they do discover what they really are, they begin to use their powers to help people in need This feel good story moves along as an even pace, leaving readers longing to turn into an angel themselves The story mostly focuses on the Mason brothers and their struggle with becoming angels and all of the responsibilities that go along with having superhuman powers As for the writing, the story constantly flip [...]

A celebration for a brother coming home from war, an incident on a plane with surprising consequences, an unfurling of identity and knowledge, and the Mason brothers discover a new dimension to their joint existence As a team, they are unstoppable a powerful force Separated, they are simply not whole Unfortunately, these changes don t come with an instruction manual, and the brothers must band together to explore the purpose and meaning behind this major event In Triune, Willow Polson has taken [...]

Barrett, Michael, and Brian are the Mason brothers Their parents passed away when they where young and each other is who they had in their adventures through different foster homes But, now they are grown and doing nicely for themselves Although they don t see each other as much any with the work and Michael being in Military service, they still seem to have the coincidental connection between them then one day, starting with the middle child Michael, something amazing happens and the angel with [...]

from Murphy s Library murphyslibrary The brothers Barrett, Michael and Brian Mason are ordinary men, with ordinary problems Barrett is the CEO of an import company, Mike is an ex Navy officer who s finally coming home, and Brian is a glass artist That s until Mike falls from the sky literaly into Brian s studio and finds out he s an angel They have no idea how could that be possible, and Mike has no idea what that means Barrett and Brian help Mike to cope with his new reality but he s not the on [...]

I had to give up on this book, and that makes me sad I liked the characters I thought it had a lot of potential The descriptions were nice too, but there was no plot or villain I needed a conflict of some sort If one of the brothers had been a jerk about their situation, that would have been enough But they were so quick to accept their destinieseven the suit was OK with it.

I don t think I ve ever read anything quite like this I found the story to be riveting and a little uncomfortable, but the plot is good and the setting really seems to make sense I liked it even if it took me outside of my comfort zone.

  • Á Triune ✓ Willow Polson
    488 Willow Polson