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Looking Closely in the Rain Forest #(2021)

Looking Closely in the Rain Forest

Looking Closely in the Rain Forest

  • Title: Looking Closely in the Rain Forest
  • Author: Frank Serafini
  • ISBN: 9781553375432
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
Looking Closely in the Rain Forest By Frank Serafini,

Free Read Looking Closely in the Rain Forest - by Frank Serafini - Looking Closely in the Rain Forest, Looking Closely in the Rain Forest Look closely Look very closely Is it chestnuts Sea coral Just turn the page and lo and behold it s a zebra tarantula Colorful wonders await in the rain forest including a red eyed tree frog a moth

Recent Comments "Looking Closely in the Rain Forest"

Looking Closely in the Rain Forest by Serafini is an informational book that teaches about the creatures and life in the rain forest It asks the audience to look closely at certain animals or plants that live in the rain forest After introducing the living organism, Serafini discusses it and informs his audience about it I enjoyed the book because I think it was very informative Also, it kept the audience on their toes because it asked the audience to guess what the creature was from just a smal [...]

Looking Closely in the Rain Forest was written by Frank Serafini, in this series the author has many similar books with varying ecosystems This series of books are informational children s books which help bring information and facts to children and their families This book focuses on the Rain Forest and what lies beneath the surface Serafini keeps these interesting by having a page with a close up photograph of what is going to be described and given facts about On this page is includes questio [...]

Twin Text The Yellow Cab by Marcus Pfister copyright 2013.Rationale I chose The Yellow Cab as the twin text because both of the books describe the rain forest and are for very young student The non fiction selection lets the students guess what the object is and then gives a description of it on the next page The Yellow cab tells a story about a cab in the rain forest and mentions some of the same object that are described in the non fiction selection.Text Structure Question Answer descriptionSt [...]

This is a great informational book about the rain forest

Looking closely in the rainforest by Frank Serafini is a non fiction picture book about the rainforest While still being a picture book, the author has turned it in to an informational text The author himself has photographed things from the rainforest and has only shown a small close up of the picture This allows students to guess what the picture will be of Once guesses are done, students can turn the page to find the whole photograph and a description of what the photograph represents The pho [...]

A small, close up picture accompanied by a rhyming question asks What could it be The next page reveals a plant or creature native to the rainforest The photos are clear and beautiful the text is simple and informative for young readers Children loved trying to guess what it was, and enjoyed listening to the brief information paired with the large photographs A for engaging curious pre schoolers and sparking their imaginations

Grades PreK 2Lexile Measure 520LGuided Reading Level LDRA Level 20 24This book is very interactive First it says, look very closely What do you see and it shows a close picture of something When you turn the page, you can see the whole picture and read facts about the object in the picture They have animals, flowers and trees that live in the rainforest This book can be used when studying animal habitats, children can have fun making predictions too.

Getting kids to look, to really observe without judgment, is huge This series helps by taking away the context There s a lot of information inside, too, but it never feels overwhelming These are some beautiful photos Also a natural model for children s work A must have for all K 5 collections.

I think how this book keeps children what the object is benefits them very well This book keeps children very engaged and constantly wondering This book seemingly builds suspense in a young children s book.

This was a great book to introduce to my students during our rain forest unit The pages include a close up picture of a plant or animal found in the rain forest and followed by a page of explanation of the plant animal My students loved trying to guess what each close up picture was.

Genre InformationCopyright 2010This book is intriguing Wonderful colors, unique characters, and interesting facts I think kids will have fun guessing the animal from the clues on the previous page.

A series of close up photographs give readers a glimpse of rain forest life followed by a full color photo and scientific information about each plant or animal.

  • Free Read Looking Closely in the Rain Forest - by Frank Serafini
    369 Frank Serafini
Looking Closely in the Rain Forest