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The Little House #(2021)

The Little House

The Little House

  • Title: The Little House
  • Author: Philippa Gregory
  • ISBN: 9780007398546
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
The Little House By Philippa Gregory,

The Little House Best Read || [Philippa Gregory] - The Little House, The Little House From the author of Perfectly Correct and Fallen Skies The Little House tells the story of Ruth whose mother in law exerts a sinister influence in order to rob Ruth of her child

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Though the jacket says that this book is tragicomic, implying that there are funny parts, it is actually pretty devastating to read Ruth, the main character, deals with so much sadness, from tragedies in her past to the manipulating mental abuse she suffers at the hands of her husband and in laws Her husband is a selfish, stupid, arrogant, spoiled sorry excuse for a human, and her in laws are only slightly better Though the ending is kind of funny and triumphant in a creepy way, I think that it [...]

The blurb on this book called it a complex thriller and spine tingling For 99% of the book I could not get my head around this terms I would have relabelled it psychological drama and infuriating for Ruth s treatment at the hands of her husband and his parents first annoyed me, then angered me, then finally shocked me Strongly reminiscent of The Yellow Wallpaper indeed the terms yellow and wallpaper feature several times in the novel The Little House is a novel dealing with the lead up, devastat [...]

Really enjoyed this book I felt so badly for Ruth, she struggles so badly with post natal depression, and luckily for her, her in laws can afford to get her the best help Her husband Patrick is a complete dick, a spoiled brat still tied to mother s apron strings Whatever mother wants, must be right, because that is the way it is always done and of course mother makes everything so much easier for him.The father in law Frederick is a well written character with strong moral fibre, and he wants wh [...]

I love Philippa Gregory s historical novels and particularly enjoy psychological thrillers so when someone lent me this I was looking forward to it Now I feel that I have wasted precious moments that I could have spent on a good book I gave up half way through and only skim read to the end, but even so I think the problem was that I have young children and have experienced post natal depression and i did not feel that the reaction of the professionals here was realistic It felt about 20 years ou [...]

Good, clever story Reminiscent of the novels made popular in the 60 s and 70 s by women s studies classes, such as The Yellow Wallpaper and The Women s Room that are along the same lines A female protagonist with good intentions, trusting and submissive, finds herself manipulated by antagonists who possess authority and twist the norms to control her Initially anxious to please, she comes to realize she has little power and is trapped within middle class conventions With no income, no connection [...]

Utterly dreadful Allegedly a psychological thriller, it seemed to lack both psychology and thrills A vulnerable woman allows herself to be manipulated by both her husband and his parents mainly her mother in law , and moved into a house nearby whilst she is pregnant After a traumatic birth, she becomes depressed and the in laws assume responsibility for childcare They are unwilling to relinquish control, and manipulate her husband into siding with them against his wife.The whole story is told in [...]

A good clear four stars for this one It was gripping and intriguing, and well written, but not the best thing I have ever read I read it in two and a half days, and that s saying something when I work full time The Little House follows Ruth, a young journalist who lives with her husband Patrick in a flat bought by his wealthy parents They are happy until Ruth is made redundant Patrick doesn t think it is a problem on the contrary, he tells her his parents were thinking of selling the flat anyway [...]

This has such a fantastic twist at the end that you don t see coming One of my favourite books I have ever read.

I m a big fan of Philippa Gregory s Tudor historical fiction series and despite having had a couple of her contemporary novels ensconced on my shelves for several years, it took a recent BBC tv adaptation of The Little House to spur me onto making this leap into the unknown.Ruth and Patrick Cleary have been married for four years and enjoy a cosy, child free existence at their Bristol flat Every Sunday they religiously visit Patrick s parents at their idyllic rural home outside Bath, a familial [...]

Wow, where to start with this one An amazing psychological thriller with so many twists and turns its hard to keep up.Ruth is married to Patrick a success at basically everything, good job, good home, good wife, everything in his life is perfect until that is, for Ruth things take a turn for the worse, after being made redundant at the local radio station where she works, finding out the in laws want to sell the couples flat they gave them on their marriage AND finding out she is also pregnant l [...]

I ve never read any of Philippa Gregory s books, despite having having about 7 on my shelves so I thought it was time to give her a go I thought she only wrote historical books about the dark and racy secrets of the Plantagient and Tudor aristocracy but it seems not A quick and easy read, The Little House is book about impenetrable familial ties and the twisted nature of controlling relationships The setting, characterisation and plot were exquisite so much so I pretty much read the book in a da [...]

The entire time I read this novel, the thought that this is a what would exist if the medias Everybody Loves Raymond gave birth to Rosemary s Baby on an English countryside The book takes place in England but I ve seen so many stereotypical English slang, I was about to increase my use of the word charming The characters are well rounded each with unique flaws but their charming qualities The book is tragic in the sense things seem to go from bad to worse for this poor woman that it s no wonder [...]

I picked this out at the library, looking for something to read until the books I ordered came in, and it sounded vaguely interesting When I started it, I thought it was going to be one of those precious little stories where a new wife has trouble fitting in with her husband s family, but as I read on, I realized it was something , that it was turning sinister The ending was a surprise and better than I expected, but if I d written this story, I d have handled the ending better, stretched it out [...]

A great thriller.Ruth marries into the Clearly family and soon finds herself pregnant and living with he in laws, none of which was her idea Her seemingly perfect mother in law soon takes over her life andher baby.Very surprising ending, I could not put it down Great read.

If you like a fast paced psychological thriller this book is for you Philippa Gregory is best know for her English Historical titles such as The Red Queen, The White Queen and so forth The Little House is full of deception, manipulation and devious set ups The ending was very unexpected

THis book drove me nuts The female character was so weak and couldn t see what was happening Twist at end was not believable.

I ve read this book before , only could remember parts so I reread the book I enjoyed the book the second time round Great book.

Definite not a thriller but as usual Philippa writing draws you into the characters Brings memories of people that I knew that where like her mother in law Yikes

As I was reading this people kept asking me, do you like it What s it about And frankly I didn t know if I liked it At first I thought, I don t think I m interested in this A story about a young couple who get pregnant and his over controling family She is depressed at the pregancy and after giving birth Most of the time I was thinking This better not end like the Yellow Wall Paper story Where a young mother in the early 1900 s goes crazy with the isolation and relaxation forced upon her by her [...]

This is a tough book to review I read almost the entire book in one sitting and felt compelled to keep reading it, even though it was like watching a car accident in slow motion The characters were awful and made me want to tear my hair out watching them conspire against the protagonist was horrifying The setting was the 1990s but felt really outdated, like a faux 1950s It was just an odd book However, it was an addictive read and the only reason I gave it such a low rating was the weird and con [...]

This one throws up the whole tv film book debate I watched the TV drama a few months ago and quite enjoyed it, so jumped at the chance of reading this I have to say that at first I preferred the TV drama as the suspense was better captured visually and the potrayal of the Mother In Law was interpreted as being outwardly evil than the book However, the slow build up to a gripping climax in the book, made the twist a litte substantial and the fact that the ending was different to the tv drama wa [...]

I often flick through a book to get a feel for it from a point that isn t the first chapter Unfortunatly with this book the next thing I knew I d read too thirds of the book, sat in an uncomfortable position on the bedroom floor leant against the bookshelf, and I was too scared to go back and read the rest I think this is the best written of the Philippa Gregory books I ve read, but also the most uncomfortable Read it, but afterwards give yourself time to come to terms with it.

I read this book yonks ago, and I didn t have GoodReads back then, and I couldn t remember what the book was called But now I ve finally found it, and I remember that I absolutely loved this book I can t specifically remember the names of all the characters, but I felt so bad for Ruth She went through Hell and back, with her child and Elizabeth, was it And Ruth s husband was an ass Overall I loved this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good thrilling ride.

Favourite thrillerI first read this book 20 years ago and it really resonated with me at the time It is a dark, psychological thriller, with a very likeable main character and her extremely manipulative, overbearing in laws It deals with mental health, addiction, grief and ultimately murder This book is unputdownable Still a favourite book after all these years, wonderfully written.

This book reminds me of a very long 9 hour audio short story Would have made an average short story and certainly doesn t merit the length of a novel Additionally, it is described as a psychological thriller REALLY It doesn t even rise to the level of psychological drama Very disappointing maybe I should stick to the author s historical fiction.

Wicked This was very, very wicked Karma.Justice rides a slow horse, but it always comes to town.LOVED the ending LOVED LOVED LOVED

This was not very enjoyable I wanted to strangle every character through the pages I m glad it was a quick read, otherwise I would have abandoned it.

Didn t think too much of this book s not often I say this, but the TV adaptation was better The characters were all fairly unlikeable and their speech was so unrealistic, all I say Ruth, what have you done and oh I am sorry, darling and Steady the buffs I understand the Clearys are meant to be a well off country family, but it s not 1910.I also came away not knowing who was really in the wrong I guess that s the point.

This is story about a young married couple Who s in law intervene in there lives decisions You will see how they manipulate this marriage It will keep you engaged for hours This is a fast read

A book I could not put down At first I was on Elizabeth side then after about half way I found myself despite to see if Ruth would be OK This is a real book about postnatal depression and how easy it is for someone to influence someone else s life.

  • The Little House Best Read || [Philippa Gregory]
    490 Philippa Gregory
The Little House