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My Secret History #(2022)

My Secret History

My Secret History

  • Title: My Secret History
  • Author: Paul Theroux
  • ISBN: 9780140099904
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
My Secret History By Paul Theroux,

Free Download My Secret History - by Paul Theroux - My Secret History, My Secret History Brilliantly written erotically charged My Secret History is Paul Theroux s tour de force It is the story of Andre Parent a writer a world traveller a lover of every kind of woman he chances to me

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Andre isn t really his name, but he thinks it sounds classier than Andrew He attracts woman, he writes articles, he moved to Africa because he loves living there, and he makes hardly any real connection with the people he pleases himself with He lives in a series of little paradises with one woman or another, and at the first injection of reality, he must escape I m two thirds of the way through the book, still waiting for him to do something that isn t self indulgent Maybe the emigre teacher he [...]

good read bad endingriously, what was that ending supposed to be about i know the book s about secrets i m going to make the ultimate secret be the book s outcome it s like the sopranos the audience demands an ending.

A perfect book to take on a trip, compact and engrossing Six or seven parts, each almost a novella, set in the stages of life from adolescence to middle age Fiction, but the stories follow the curve of Theroux s life The narrator starts off as a gun toting altarboy, ends up as a writer with two homes, a wife and a mistress The poignant scene where he bicycles to meet his son, by then studying for exams at a British school, will stick to the ribs of any parent The book has something for everyone [...]

I am on a Theroux kick as jennifer Anniston is marrying into the family, and it seems like a good time to indulge.I do love Paul Theroux as a prose stylist, reading him is like eating budder Effortless and uninvolved, he is a perfect narrator, even with this most autobiographic of novels The story follows Andre Parent write a treatise on the choice of that heros moniker from Catholic adolesence in Boston to teching in Malawi to a life as travel writer in London and cape Cod, venturing to India, [...]

My Secret History is a ferris wheel ride of situational tragedy, comedy and the author being a schmuck This may be passed off as fiction but you know it s all his life Entertaining and interesting For travel junkies his stories are amazing and he has a past full of fabulous adventures Good, good stuff.

AMAZING all 444 pages.

Paul Theroux produces another semi autobiographical, fictionalised account of his travels in Africa, and marital life in London This book struck me for one great aspect or running theme people always have a secret life, one or the other, morally satisfying or not, and that second you, will always be your true self He repeats and rephrases the notion at several points in his book And it s true.You might be an adulterer, a writer, a musician, an artist, a husband in your secret life That is you Fo [...]

This is a mediocre novel with a great ending I don t really know why I m supposed to care about this guy s affairs, which he won t reveal to anyone except, you know, the readers of the book Whatever it is that attracts me to stories is missing from this one I couldn t care less about this guy I don t like him And I don t find his interactions funny though I think that was the intention as at least one blurb on the book says the book is funny I find him sad I find him generally unlikable And I fi [...]

I really enjoy Paul Theroux, having read a half dozen of his better know books But this is a real let down Basically is a temporal summary of a habitual fornicator and I am certainly no prude The story is confused and shallow a disappointment This book can only damage his reputation as an author.After struggling though it, I gave up about 80% of the way through

vintage therouxequal parts travel, memory, and revision ever the voyeur, theroux is willing to say what so many might like to but are afraid to claim as their own the missteps, arrogance s, and self absorptive behavior in which we all marinate from time to time.

A brilliant story teller, a brilliant book All the way through I was thinking how can all these women find him so attractive , and now I know, because I think I may be a little bit in love with him too.

Generally well written and well told But it is generally a tale of self absorption A person who satisfies himself with little or no regard for the dignity an feels of those he comes in contact with And he feels justified in his actions.

I enjoyed reading about the secret sexual exploits of, pretty obviously, Paul Theroux, thinly disguised as Andrew Parent The I read by this author, the I like him It took a lot of guts to reveal all this stuff I couldn t do it not yet, anyway Very well written, a page turner.

Hilarious, touching and unashamed I could not help but take exception to the notion expressed in the novel that African writers are celebrated plagiarists but that did not spoil the fun for me.

This is my all time favourite book It has everything travel, life, love Great, great read.

The best book I ve ever read.

One of my favorite novels by Paul Theroux, I ve read it several times.

Paul Theroux is a good writer He s also a total douchebag and a womanizer I couldn t wait until this book was over and I could leave him behind.

I could have used a trigger warning for this novel, which is transparently an autobiography I have enough narcissistic sociopaths in my life without seeking the company of another one, regardless of his skill at narrating travelogues Attractiveness can be a curse It can make a weak person muddle their values just because a passing piece of ass plays into their pathology I know this first hand, having been on both sides of that equation Theroux is generally thought of as an attractive guy and has [...]

I have always been fascinated by Paul Theroux s exotic travel books that fed my imagination, so I jumped at the chance to read this novel of bildungsroman Theroux s loosely autobiographical novel of a man s coming of age, rom boyhood attraction to the priesthood, to adolescent sexual initiation, to young adulthood in Africa, to a husband with marital problems I read this the year it was published in paperback, and I recall an encounter with an evangelical friend of mine who was gay but celibate [...]

The background of a writer informs his or her fiction.Theroux takes you through his early years in America and his first expat experience in Africa.He s an expert on observing characters in at the midst of being themselves.

Loved it.

not a non fiction travel book, but still good, December 14, 2004 This review is from My Secret History O.M Mass Market Paperback I assumed this would be a travel book as so many of his titles are It is, in a way, but it s fiction I liked the book quite a lot, particularly the first chapter, entitled Altar Boy 1956 , which dealt with clashing views of religion and how some people s, however well meant, can have a debilitating affect on others I was struck by how much it reminded me of some Mormon [...]

Quite a good book indeed.The blurb on the back is kind of irritating.Is the narrator so very egotistical More than other people are, if seen objectively One feels uncomfortable with his habit of having a mistress in one place and a wife in another, and I feel sympathy for the wife, but if truth were known, could this situation be considered at all unusual Instead of condemning it him, maybe it s better to read this book to try to understand how it can come about Well, that s my same old same old [...]

Yeah, it s Paul Theroux Right I can hear the guitar riffs from Santana s take on Europa while just riffling through these pages I read this a long time ago when I thought of myself as an American than I do now I remember liking it quite a bit, but now I realize that I only remember the sexual confessions Was that all this story was He keeps talking about Conrad, but mostly it s just the scenery Conrad was always really writing about power, and how the exercise of power always felt odd when witn [...]

This book, from 1989, shows that Paul Theroux, from early on, was on the cutting edge of combining fact and fiction in a novel Andre Parent, the protagonist, shares many details from Mr Theroux s life growing up in Medford, Peace Corps in Africa, meeting and being mentored by V.S Naipaul, meeting and marrying his English wife His descriptions of people and places invariably ring true The two trips to India near the end of the book, one with his mistress and one with his wife, were spot on perfec [...]

Despite some disturbing and outdated remarks about Africa, the book was enjoyable for its many keen observations and vivid descriptions of the countries visited Each of the book s four parts has a distinct character, making it hard to believe that the main character was the same in all four this made me think about whether this is an accurate depiction of how we change throughout our lives, how the ideas and thoughts of our childhood are almost unrecognizable to our older selves, and vice versa [...]

Theroux is the master of description in my book For instance, I know no one who can weave smells and sounds so seamlessly in his writing He also excels at creating tension Just in the first part Andy as a kid , I can recall four different sources of tension Is Father Furty ok or a pedophile Will Andy get to officiate at a wedding or not What will happen with Tina And will he use his rifle Everything is like a piece of a puzzle It s wonderful In the second part Africa , it s not so much about And [...]

This book was a mostly intriguing coming of age tale, which is not normally my favorite genre It was an interesting choice by the author to essentially ignore earlier sections of the book whenever the narrator jumps to a new location or point in his life I enjoyed the second section regarding his summer in Boston at a public swimming pool as a lifeguard in particular Towards the end it feels like Theroux is almost taking things too easily on himself, making the main character a travel writer whe [...]

I have avoided Paul Theroux s books for years because of a bitter tone I detected in the first few It seemed he needed to feel superior I bought this book for 50 cents at a thrift shop because I couldn t resist the title I wanted to know about Paul s secret life What a great idea for a book I couldn t put the book down The childhood of the hero, Andre Parent, suddenly explained everything to me about why Theroux was the way he was This is a great book I recommend it highly and have several pet q [...]

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