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O Segredo de Chimneys #(2022)

O Segredo de Chimneys

O Segredo de Chimneys

  • Title: O Segredo de Chimneys
  • Author: Agatha Christie Isabel Alves
  • ISBN: 9788447359097
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
O Segredo de Chimneys By Agatha Christie Isabel Alves,

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[PDF] Unlimited ☆ O Segredo de Chimneys : by Agatha Christie Isabel Alves - O Segredo de Chimneys, O Segredo de Chimneys Anthony Cade que trabalha como guia tur stico na frica do Sul recebe de um bom amigo uma estranha miss o que o faz regressar a Inglaterra chegada envolvido numa teia de assassinatos chantagem e tr

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Rather silly at times sometimes intentionally, sometimes not The Secret of Chimneys is not one of Agatha Christie s finest works It is, however, an enjoyable enough read for mystery fans who like a throwback When a rather dashing young drifter accepts a friend s job on the prospect of quick cash, he gets himself into a deep bit of doo doo This murder mystery amongst the upper classes draws in political intrigue at a lord s estate A random and playfully portrayed cast of characters populate the n [...]

Finished it in one day The amount of suspense and intrigue and the innumerable suspicious foreign characters had me racing through the pages This was the first Superintendent Battle and he is the epitome of the British stiff upper lip an impassive mask of a face in the most disastrous situations The hero Anthony Cade with his nonchalant humor simply steals the show I was reminded of Bertie Wooster of P.G.Wodehouse But the end left me with a tinge of disappointment I sort of anticipated it Still [...]

I have been re reading a lot of Agatha Christie over the last couple of years, some have stood the test of time better than others and this is one of the better ones It would be three and a half stars if possible.In The Secret of Chimneys, Christie once again forsakes her traditional heroes of Poirot and Miss Marple, while it is listed in compilations as Inspector Battle 1 Battle himself is not a central character at all, rather he is a foil for the main characters.Chimneys is an ingenious, intr [...]

My first Agatha Christie book.Maybe I am exhilarated at the moment after finishing the book and gave it a four but personally there are a lot of things that bothered me a trifle such as the repeated references to Sherlock Holmes and some racial slurs The reason might be the mindset of the people during her Agatha Christie s days As expected from her,the twists and the turns in the last 50 pages or so kept me gripping Her writing style is concise with a plot consisting of interesting characters l [...]

Anthony Cade agrees to undertake a commission for an old friend but he soon finds himself involved in something much complex and serious than he expected A variety of people try to get hold of the manuscript which he is delivering to a London publisher in a variety of ways But all the plotting and planning leads the various protagonists to a complex denouement at a country house called Chimneys where Superintendent Battle and a man from the French police as well as various other people are set [...]

Reference NotesSeries Superintendent Battle 1 1925 Narrator 3rd person Recurring Character Lady Eileen Bundle Brent Lord Caterham s daughter Victims Mr Giuseppe Manelli COD gunshot Prince Michael Obolovitch of Herzoslovakia COD gunshot Suspects Mr James Jimmy McGrath the man who sets everything in motion when he asks his friend Anthony to deliver Herzoslovakia s former Prime Minister Count Stylptitch s memoirs at the firm of publishers in London Mr Anthony Cade Jimmy s friend who seems to have a [...]

I was really surprised to see that this review has an average rating of almost 4 stars I like most Agatha Christie books but when Christie deviates from her standard mysteries into political and international intrigue type stories she doesn t do it well see also They Came to Baghdad which I actually thought was better than this The characters are fake and the conspiracies and coincidences are way too fantastic to be believed At multiple points I considered putting the book down and not finishing [...]

Agatha Christie, one of the greatest mystery writers of all time some would say the greatest was one author whose works I found too creepy to read when I was a kid I have to blame this on my sis she used to feed me Christie s stories when we were alone in our room at night with the lights turned off etc and when images of dead bodies and children being murdered while bobbing for apples can be quite traumatising and scar one for life D Anyway, when my interest in Agatha Christie was rekindled som [...]

The Secret of Chimneys is my final entry for the Cozy Mystery Challenge and I m glad I ended with it because the whole story is just so cosy and a perfect example of the genre It has a grand ancestral house with secret passages, mysterious deaths, famous thieves, compromising documents, disguised identities and fun characters I really enjoyed it Somewhere in Africa, in the 1920s the book was published in 1925 two friends meet and have a strange conversation about stolen love letters and the memo [...]

I had completely forgotten this first Superintendent Battle mystery Quite fun with Balkan politics, international jewel thieves, blackmail and possible impostors, not to mention a murder or two Hugh Fraser does a marvelous narration.

Razre etak misterije zanimljiv, 3.75 zvezdica

I can honestly say that I will probably never re read this book in the future It was honestly a trial to get through The first 50 or so pages made no sense and then things get a bit smoother when Superintendent Battle arrives on the scene But honestly, he is not even needed in this story since once again another person solves the crimes that are central to this story I found the ending to be ridiculous and pretty implausible.The central figure in this story is Anthony Cade When the book begins h [...]

This, on the other hand, I absolutely adore It s got that Christie oddball strangeness you find in some of her outlandish books the plot goes to some weird places but the tone and atmosphere are so well done, and the personalities are so distinct and funny, that I m always so entertained when I read this The mystery is almost irrelevant here It s the people that matter.

One of my favorite Christies ever Anthony and Virginia alike are the type of people I wish I were friends with in real life Bundle and Lord Catterham are adorable so adorable that I m glad we got to see of them in the Seven Dials Mystery, along with Bill and Codders Superintendent Battle is, as always, superb The mystery itself gets a shade confusing in spots, and Anthony himself admits that much of his involvement in the matter comes about by amazing coincidence, but what does that matter in a [...]


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I enjoyed most of this book There were some good characters and interesting situations However, the ending seemed like Agatha had run out of ideas and just wanted to get it over with I didn t feel like any of the clues led up to the finale Not her best.

BOTTOM LINE An extremely high ranking Balkan politician writes a tell all book to be published when he dies, which he has, recently It comes to young Anthony to keep this manuscript safe and to deliver it to the publishers at an agreed upon date, not before, not later Of course there are many folks out to stop the printing of this outrageously true history of a dark time in an old country With that as McGuffin, rich n exotic characters using false names and with many motives, a huge old house on [...]

The Secret of Chimneys 05 06 05 The political upheavals of WWI seemed to have inspired a great many popular fiction books in the years before WWII started to gear up Many of these books take a rather humorous and satirical approach to the machinations of one country to control the flow of events of another country The Secret of Chimneys is Agatha Christie s contribution to this genre Ignoring the romantic ending, The Secret of Chimneys is a political satire that pokes fun at the British Empires [...]

Otro buen libro de Agatha La historia arranca lenta al principio porque gran parte de la trama gira entorno a la subida al trono de un rey en un pa s ficticio que tiene petr leo, el interes de Inglaterra de que ese rey sea flexible a sus intereses y el de un magnate petrolero que, por supuesto, quiere tener la ventaja de ese negocio Esa parte pol tica de la novela es lo que menos me gust , aunque s me parece algo que pasa actualmente donde las potencias y empresarios se aprovechan de pa ses en d [...]

Real rating 4.5This was awesome.I loved the characters and the really complex and interesting story there s also a lot of humor and even sarcastic remarks.The ending is sooo good I really liked Virginia,she s a bit crazy,isn t she Those last 20 pages were insane,I had so much fun reading them But seriously now,this book is really interesting,with royal intrigue,phenomenal main character and great twists what can I ask for Favourite quotes I m the kind of person who marries enthusiastically if t [...]

O cen rio para este crime foi sendo constru do aos poucos de forma bastante s lida como j vem sendo costume , por m e como elemento diferenciador existiu uma forte componente pol tica no centro da quest o Mais uma vez reitero que quest es pol ticas s o um turn off para mim, por m o crime foi constru do de forma t o sublime e a explica o foi t o cred vel que acabou por compensar esse aspecto que para mim negativo paginasencadernadas.wordpress.

From An attempt to bring a famed stately home back to its former glory is marred when a visiting Austrian diplomat is shot to death decades after the disappearance of a priceless diamond.A movie was made based on this book and it s available at YouTube, with Julia McKenzie, Ian Weichardt, Laura O Toole.

What can I say I adore Agatha Christie novels and this one was a good story This is the first Christie novel that I have purchased as an audiobook and I rather enjoyed the story and the narrating was superb Can t wait to listen to of her novels.

A great Agatha Christie novel Not as good as Poirot This is also about a hot man and a spunky girl and lots of excitement, spying, danger, and shady characters No one is who they appear to be Very cute and clever.

Adorei o final, havia algumas coisas previs veis mas a maioria deixou me de boca aberta Muito bom

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Glorious, good fun.

Definitivamente mi libro favorito de Agatha hasta el momento.

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ O Segredo de Chimneys : by Agatha Christie Isabel Alves
    467 Agatha Christie Isabel Alves
O Segredo de Chimneys