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The Templar's Code #(2021)

The Templar's Code

The Templar's Code

  • Title: The Templar's Code
  • Author: C.M. Palov
  • ISBN: 9780425237731
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
The Templar's Code By C.M. Palov,

[PDF] Download ↠ The Templar's Code : by C.M. Palov - The Templar's Code, The Templar s Code The greatest secret in the history of mankind is a secret worth killing for During the Middle Ages a rumor was born about a mysterious and sacred Ancient Egyptian text Known as the Emerald Tablet it

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So I picked this up because it promised a good read but boy was I underwhelmed How, I wondered, would a former MI5 agent be tailed by a Pretty boy bastard so easily How could they just move on meeting this guy all over the world and it never dawns on them that they might be carrying a tracker This book borders on an amateur plot I was completely bored by how easily a former spy would so easily be bested by a gay prostitute That, just doesnt cut it for me I gave it one star simply because theres [...]

Wow This is really an excellent thriller It packs a wallop of a punch and so much Part action adventure, part thriller, this novels takes you all over the East Coast and London and back again We really know the main characters well and their relationship Caedmon Aisquith is an eccentric Englishmen, while Edie Miller, his assistant lover, had a troublesome past We really feel for them and experience their pain, their heartache, and their quest for a great adventure But they re a great team, when [...]

Excellent follow up to Ark of Fire Highly recommended.

ohmygosh this was pretty bad Lengthy dialogue where we listen to the characters explain how the clue equals the solution, interspersed with Caedmon ate his first macaroon, makes for pretty dull reading, and poor writing The main characters are followed around by the bad guy but NEVER think to be on their guard, despite him trying to kill them at every turn just ridiculous If you would like to read and account of how someone solved a crossword for example then this is for you, as it doesn t get a [...]

Since I have been fascinated with the Templar s for many years, anything new that is published I usually give it a look Having not heard of Ms Palov before and having read the book jacket, this looked to be a thriller in the same pose as Berry or Brown Not disappointing, this novel involves the Templar s and of course a secret treasure that will change the world and earth as we no it.Now I know people who read this novel will compare it to Mr Brown s novels but since I enjoy this type of conspir [...]

Yet another in my collection of conspiracy theory treasure hunter books This one I picked up for cheap when the cover caught my eye Unfortunately the Templar s were only really used as part of the backstory I would have liked a bit there.I found the main characters pretty annoying Neither was very likeable Luckily I liked the main adversary less he really has something about mentioning how much sex he s had For money With men Overall it was a very average book I can t see myself reading any of [...]

I love a good conspiracy theory and had so much fun reading The Templar s Code The mind bending plot with twists and turns along the way made it a very entertaining read I really liked this book and if you re into secrecy cover ups conspiracies, you should get this book up.

Historical Templar themes made for an enjoyable read Certainly the author is in the realms of Steve Berry, Andy McDermott with setting, pace and background, however the main characters certainly take a lot of time to get to know.

Rubbish, poor story poorly written

It s always hard to follow a great book with a great sequel but Palov has pulled it off Caedmon returns with Elie in tow searching for a Templar artifact on American soil Mix in some Native American lore and sprinkle in 2 interesting villains, 1 of them created by WWII Germany not a Nazi though , and we ve got a great sequel with some great twists at the end I enjoyed it as much as the first and have started book 3.

I suppose if you read a lot of Templar books, by different authors you are bound to get a load of facts you already know, put there for those who are reading their first Contains some good bits, but also some weak bits.

Enjoyable journey into history.

Super fun read Predictable but entertaining nonetheless Never a dull moment, engaging characters and interesting bad guys A quick and easy book and look forward to others from this author.

I bought this book because the story sounded interesting It has some really nice features, but there are also some weak ones I am sure the author has done a really thorough checking of the background story about the Emerald Tablet and that it is half a mystery half a historical novel I enjoyed the historical novel part of it The connections of the different parts of the story, the fact that the main characters are one British and one American so as to cover for both parts of the emerald tablet s [...]

Fue tanta la emoci n con la que empec a leerlo que tal vez por eso mi decepci n fue tan grande La historia se ve a buena y muy interesante, pero la forma en la que la autora la desarrolla es tan absurda y aburrida Fue como una mala copia del c digo Da Vinci, con la diferencia que la novela de Dan Brown es m s entretenida y mejor escrita.La trama es lenta, confusa, usa demasiadas descripciones que se sintieron como relleno y da giros inesperados que terminaron volviendo el libro todav a m s confu [...]

Mostly my feedback on books depends on many factors and one of those factors is my mood May be while reading this book, I was impatient and kind of riled up against god knows whom So I kind of skimmed through the book mostly May be a series of mystical thrillers which I read this year added to this fatigue.Its a thriller which you should be able to enjoy during a trip and there is no take away from the book a read and forget kind of one I am not going to rate this book as such An average one for [...]

16th century Rhode Island A colony slaughtered by the Knights of Malta Fast forward to todaya dead archaeologist and a Templar treasure vault Should have made for fascinating reading but the two main characters, Cardemon Aisquith and Edie Miller are slap stick comedians than educated sluths looking for clues to the Emerald Tablet I shook my head thru the first 300 or so pages, but am giving this book 3 stars because the last 250 pages became page turners with a slight twist Not the best book I [...]

A bit long winded, but a good story nonetheless The writing was ok, but got a bit repetitive at times when the author decided to put in info that the reader had already heard before The main protagonist was a bit annoying, as he kept trying to stop his female companion who seemed clearly relegated to assistant, despite actually being his girlfriend from doing anything helpful to move the quest on, when any physical fights happened Also, the author seemed to overly favour the word esoteric , whic [...]

I sure that for real Templar nuts this is a great book But for me, I think there s too much background information something which I m not normally against but the amount of it is too much to remember to understand what s happening in the actual real story There are also far too many side stories as well.I found myself wanting to read this book to finsh it, but not in a good way and as a result I did nt.

If this is the first novel one reads about Templar treasure one would be excited Alas this isn t my first Reading this book was like listening to those college lecturers who take the students to be dumbos You can get the ABCs of Templar treasures in a boring way but that s all there is to this book Not enjoyable Before reading this book my guess was that anybody can understand the meaning of aqua Sanctus.

I loved how the book started and could ve read of the gore and blood but it kind of just stopped I got bored with how he kept getting away from near death experiences Would somebody really be that lucky Like other reviews, how could an ex MI5 agent be followed so easily It also finished rather quick in the final chapters, one blink and it was over and the baddie was gone

Overall, not a bad yarn, certainly better than his first book, characters than cardboard cutouts, although this still seems to be from an author who recently attended a course or two on story development Perhaps with time his ability to create believable will improve, from novel to novel As I say, not bad, but far from good

Other than a few minor errors that reveal that the author is unfamiliar with American vehicle operation, this is a smooth read It starts with the death of a treasure hunter in front of Caedmon and Edie that sends them on a quest for the fabled Emerald Tablet of legend The author weaves truth and fact about Ben Franklin into the fiction of the story This is a very well written book.

An enjoyable read, with lots of mostly accuratge historical detail and Templar stuff My only quibble is that it was a bit too long By 3 4 of the way through it had become clear what the treasure was, where they were going and it was guessable what the surprise ending would be Only a quibble though, this is a good read.

While i ve not read C.M Palov before, i found this story to be engaging and fast paced It s similar to The DaVinci Code Dan Brown Iin that the entire story revolves around a sacred relic that can change the world Very good read.

A good yarn with interesting characters.

Interesting book Worth a read.

Great book, loved the characters and the fast pace Easy to read and Entertaining throughout.

A fast moving thriller, also a really quick and gripping read I couldn t put it down.

A great thriller and interesting series Some good history explored along with some unsung DC Landmarks I rejoice, finally an author that knows the landscapes and streets of Washington DC

  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Templar's Code : by C.M. Palov
    434 C.M. Palov
The Templar's Code