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The Principal's New Clothes #(2021)

The Principal's New Clothes

The Principal's New Clothes

  • Title: The Principal's New Clothes
  • Author: Stephanie Calmenson Denise Brunkus
  • ISBN: 9780590447782
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
The Principal's New Clothes By Stephanie Calmenson Denise Brunkus,

Free Download The Principal's New Clothes - by Stephanie Calmenson Denise Brunkus - The Principal's New Clothes, The Principal s New Clothes Mr Bundy the principal of P S is the sharpest dresser in school In fact he s the sharpest dresser in the whole town But when two tricksters come to town and design a suit of magic cloth for Mr B

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This is the most fractured version of my fairy tale I was able to find This story gives a realistic and student related appeal to the iconic story The goofiness of the school scenario is a fun take on the story and sure to be a favorite in any classroom.

Summary A couple scams the principal into thinking he is wearing an invisible suit that can only be seen by people who fit certain guidelines He ends up coming to the school in no clothes and finds out the truth.Evaluation I thought the book was funny but also taught a lesson It is important not to trust just anyone Teaching Idea I would allow the students to design a new suit and write a short paragraph about the suit in detail.

Was not my favorite retelling of this classic tale.

I love when an author and illustrator can update a traditional fairy tale and make it connect better with contemporary children Calmenson and Brunkus have succeeded beautifully Instead of a vain emperor, we have a clothes crazy principal The two con artists, Ivy and Mo, appeal to the principle s vanity As in the traditional story, they pretend to create clothes that are invisible to anyone who is unfit for their job or is stupid Everyone is afraid to confess they cannot see the cloth The vice pr [...]

Read this to a first grade class today, and they were SILENT except for the giggles and appropriate responses They were so into the book While I don t love the repeated use of the word stupid which we talked about , I love the message So many good messages At the end, I asked the kids what the moral of the story was They said don t lie Don t believe someone who says something is there when you can t see it Tell the truth Don t worry about what other people think Don t trust people dressed like t [...]

Summary The story of the Emperor s New Clothes brought to school A very finely dressed principal gets offered a suit by con artists who say this material is special because only people who are smart and good at their job can see the material The principal buys the suit and puts it on Everyone in town has heard about the suit and so they all fake being able to see the suit so no one thinks they are stupid or bad at their job A kindergartner points out that the principal is actually in his underwe [...]

The Emperor s New Clothes was never one of my favorite fairy tales, maybe because it seemed too silly I just wish the word stupid hadn t been used quite so freely, but that s also the word used in several of the translations I have on hand One of the versions used the word foolish Calmenson has extended the ending slightly, so the principal is fully attired before the book ends I m not saying how this happens.

I really loved reading this book It is a modern version of the Emperor s New Clothes, and is a lot of fun to read The only thing that I didn t like was the use of the word stupid throughout I do not like hearing that word, and to see it so often in a children s story bothered me The illustrations are fun to look at, and it is still well written.

The principals new clothes was about the new clothes that were only underwear and a shirt and shoes My favourite character was mr Bundy because he wore his underwear and that was funny I loved it because the guy wore his underwear to school I would recommend this book to max and Isaac who think seeing underwear is funny.

This is a take on The Emperor s New Clothes I rather like this version It keeps close to the original story, substituting a principal for the emperor A kindergartener is the one who calls out the principal is in his underwear Cute.I like the original tale and enjoy this rendition of it, although it is not stellar.

The Principal s New ClothesCalmenson, Stephaniea modern look at the classic using identifiable people in the students life.

I feel like I should read it like a poem, because I feel like it has a rhythm to it I believe this book would be good for second or third graders to read.

An up to date version of the Emporer s New Clothes.

A cute twist on The Emperor s New Clothes

Entertaining retelling of The Emperor s New Clothes, with humorous illustrations This book captivated my students, grades K 6, when I read it to them.

Short read, but a popular tale A funny little story that I heard often as a kid about the principal who is tricked by his new tailors.

great spin on an old story makes the story relevent also good to promote persuasive writing

Hilarious spin in the emporors new clothes Kids think its so funny that the principal is in his underwear

This is an interesting take on The Emperor s New Clothes, with the Emperor being the Principal at an Elementary School Entertaining and funny.

A different take on a classic tale If memory serves me correctly, the best part of this was imagining your own principal walking confidently through the halls of the school in boxer shorts.

This book is alright Very funny ending Like of predictable Good as a fun book to read.

Honesty is a great quality, even if it s not always what people would like to hear

  • Free Download The Principal's New Clothes - by Stephanie Calmenson Denise Brunkus
    482 Stephanie Calmenson Denise Brunkus
The Principal's New Clothes