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Settling #(2021)



  • Title: Settling
  • Author: Shelley Workinger
  • ISBN: 9781460981726
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
Settling By Shelley Workinger,

Settling Best Read || [Shelley Workinger] - Settling, Settling At the beginning of the summer Clio Kaid was one of a hundred teens brought to a secret Army installation But it was no ordinary camp and they weren t ordinary kids Picking up where Solid left off C

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Settling is the second book in the Solid series by Shelley Workinger It s a young adult science fiction story about teens with special abilities they acquire from chromosomal mutation before birth I do not recommend reading this book, or this review, before reading book 1, Solid I loved Solid, the characters, the dramatic plot, everything about it When I was asked to read and review book 2 I was, and still am, thrilled.The reader is once again trapped in the Army camp that Clio and her friends c [...]

A couple months ago I read Solid by Shelley Workinger I had no clue what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised When I was asked to be a part of the blog tour for the sequel, I, of course, said yes I thought Solid was good but Settling was awesome I can t believe the third book doesn t come out until next summer Clio Kaid has finally found the place where she belongs She has a great group of friends and maybe even a boyfriend Too bad things can t stay that way forever especially when there is [...]

Okay So maybe I m slowly becoming a book blogger after all Since I enjoyed the first book in Shelley Workinger s Solid series i.e Solid , I had to review the second book Settling.Settling was a slower read than the first in the series, which was really good and I totally enjoyed It gave me time to get to know each character, especially Clio Shelley shows us what s going in inside Clio s head and how she thinks It gives perspective to how she acts and interacts with her circle of friends And, al [...]

Just wasn t as entranced by this one as the first book Clio s thoughts were all over the place, and therefore the narrative seemed to jump from one plot line to another I still really like the concept of the series and even the characters, but this 2nd book failed to keep my whole attention at times I wanted there to be scenes with Jack, and I also wondered what Clio s motivations were for some of the decisions she made Often she recognized her mistakes, which is great, but I still found myself [...]

Series WebsiteThis review is for those who have read or are familiar with the previous book, Solid, or don t mind knowing some spoilers for it Settling, however, will remain spoiler free.This sequel was a hard one to process for me Now, I m not sure if it was me if reading this during a moving day and when I was already tired made me extra cranky or if it was the book itself that let me down I wanted to love it, I really did, and I apologize in advance for the snark in the following, but But let [...]

First, I know it s not gracious to gloat because it isn t but I can t help but celebrate this Brimming with entertaining, loyal characters, a gripping, mysterious back story plot, teens with superhuman abilities, and a satisfying ending that cleverly paves the way for a pine worthy sequel Paranormal IndulgenceI ve been quoted And for such a great series, too Okay, now that I ve got that off of my chest, onto the reviewIndeed a pine worthy sequel, I ve decided Settling is my favorite of the two b [...]

Wow I don t think a book could be any worse in holding things that I hate Selfish main lead character Check Obnoxiously perfect boyfriend Check Selfish main character cheating on obnoxiously perfect boyfriend Double check Blarg I ll start with Clio, the main character who does not deserve to have that title Throughout the entire book, she complains to herself and shuts out all of her friends Then, at the end of the book, as all her lost friends frolic into the sunset without her, what does she d [...]

With a slightly darker tone, Settling was a fun and fast read Though I did miss Clio s witty remarks and constant sarcasm from Solid, I enjoyed the fast paced plot and mystery surrounding the attacks.Shortly after the events in Solid, people on campus are being attacked As each person tries to deal with their feelings about staying on campus in light of this new threat, Clio becomes and withdrawn, distancing herself from her friends and family I really couldn t connect to this Clio, as I didn [...]

3.75 5Settling was a great follow up to Solid, and I was really excited to return to Clio s world All the characters were back and I felt we got to find out a few things about them that we didn t see in the first book Clio, for me, was quite different in this one She was troubled, and on occasion acted quite selfishly which affected her likeability factor I was a bit shocked at certain points about how bold she was being But I still found she was easy to relate to, and a great main character The [...]

It s between 3 1 2 stars and 4 stars for me As I just finished the first book in the series, I was excited to get on with the series and see where the heroes were going I have to say that Settling was equally enjoyable as the first book in the series, mostly due to Workinger s fun way of writing The banter and the sarcasm is there in a lot of interactions between the characters and the humor really had me giggling from time to time, which made this a very funny read Don t get me wrong, this was [...]

Even after what happened to them in the past few weeks, the kids who were the victims of Dr Heighl s scientific experiment decide to stay back in the camp that the army had made for them Now, Clio and her friends have taken up internship jobs within the campus Just as the camp atmosphere starts going back to normal, a murderer is found to be loose among them With the attacks continuing, everyone is afraid about being the next target of the murderer and the army still does not have any idea who c [...]

If you have been a fan around my blog for awhile, you most likely know that SOLID, the first book in this series, was the first book I received for review if you ve been around for that long, props to you I was excited when Shelley asked me to review SETTLING, because that means I didn t totally butcher the SOLID review First of all, this book takes place right after SOLID ended It goes right back into the character s life as if SOLID never ended, which I liked very much because that means there [...]

I was very excited to receive Settling from Shelley Workinger a week or so ago If you haven t read Solid the first novel in the trilog you should I ll link the review here Anyways, I started reading the novel over last weekend, and this is the very first novel that I read on my new nook I don t want this to be about ereading so here goes the review.Shelley Workinger is one the authors that I love, and her debut series has satisfied me quite well For her second novel, I was spoiled with spoilers [...]

Clio, Calliope Kaid, seems to have everything working for her She s found her niche, even if it s at an Army installation because some whacked out Army doc on a power high corrupted her genome, like everyone else at the camp She has the most awesome guy in camp as her boyfriend Not that she and all of her friends at the camp haven t had the lives screwed up, having to deal with the aftermath of the CX9 experiment Dr Heigl put their pregnant mothers through Now, they ve all discovered these speci [...]

I was very excited to be back in the world of Solid and continue the journey with the characters that Workinger created Her writing style makes for a fast, enjoyable read and one that is hard to put down.Settling begins a couple of weeks after Solid ended The teens who had been involved in genetic experiments had, despite earlier problems, decided to stay at the camp for the summer and even to attend school there in the fall Instead of simply wasting their summer, Clio and her friends decide to [...]

Reviewed by Christin for Between the CoversI was very excited to be back in the world of Solid and continue the journey with the characters that Workinger created Her writing style makes for a fast, enjoyable read and one that is hard to put down.Settling begins a couple of weeks after Solid ended The teens who had been involved in genetic experiments had, despite earlier problems, decided to stay at the camp for the summer and even to attend school there in the fall Instead of simply wasting th [...]

I really enjoyed the first book in this series If you missed my review of Solid you can check it out by clicking here It was a no brainer to read the second book in the series, Settling by Shelley Workinger This series is based on a bunch of kids who have special abilities They didn t receive these abilities by some freak accident or some twist of nature, they received these abilities by a secret genetic experiment in utero So secret that their parents aren t even aware of it The kids are gather [...]

Originally posted at Read Me Bookmark Me Love MeSolid was one of the first review copies I received as a blogger and I m very happy to say I was correct in saying that the series would improve with each book How I loved seeing these characters again While I enjoyed the storyline of Solid, I felt that we didn t connect enough with the characters Settling remedies that, allowing readers to become involved with their personal stories and see inside of their minds Exciting as ever, the mystery of g [...]

I really enjoyed Solid, so I was looking forward to another great read by Workinger I knew Settling would be just as good as Solid, if not better, so I waited a while to read it, using it as motivation to get some things done around my house that I d been putting off When I finally awarded myself the privilege of reading Settling, all of my expectations were met and Settling picks up right where Solid left off Clio has made some close friends at the Army school and is in a relationship with the [...]

After finishing Solid the first book in the series I couldn t wait to get my hands on Settling, the second book I loved getting thrust back into this wonderful world, although the first book was almost a typical paranormal read, this one was definitely not WARNING this might contain minor spoilers if you haven t read the first book, Solid read my review here Clio and her friends suffered a lot on their first month in the base They are finally ready to settle into their lives and routines But not [...]

First, I have to thank Shelley Workinger for sending this signed copy to me I hinted repeatedly that I was desperate for the second installment to her series and even begged for a signed copy She came through splendidly, personalized it to me and even sent some swag in the form of Settling bookmarks Thanks again, Shelley In this second book, Settling, that s just what we find the characters we left off with trying to do.le into their roles Clio, Jack and her diverse group of talented friends are [...]

Settling picks up where Solid left off Clio and her friends have chosen to remain on campus and explore their abilities further, while taking on new responsibilities around the school Just when they thought they d gotten rid of the crazy, a new foe surfaces No one knows the villain s motives and no one knows who the next victim will be.While I really did enjoy this second installment of the series, I did wish there was just a little something It s hard to explain exactly what I was looking for [...]

I ve always been fascinated in books that have the characters having special abilities , I ve always thought if I could have an ability it would be teleportation or telepath Be like Professor X on Xmen or Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood Settling takes off where Solid ended , so readers if you haven t yet read Solid , then stop reading the review of Settling and hop to Solid Check out my review on thephantomparagrapher Solid introduced us to a group of teenagers that were somehow altered before b [...]

Settling picks up right where the first book, Solid, left off Settling is really about getting answers There are still so many secrets left uncovered, but this book had a bit of a different tone than Solid did I really enjoyed it and I read it pretty fast Clio is an interesting girl On one hand, I totally understand and relate to her need to figure out answers I have that same inquisitive nature and in her case it is even important because the secrets involve her and her friends But on the oth [...]

It s been a while since I read Solid, but I definitely picked up right where I left of I fell in love with the characters and setting of Solid and I loved being able to reconnect with them in Settling I devoured the first bit of the book I read it in no time and couldn t get enough I felt like Clio was so down to earth and relate able that I dove into the book easily and loved living in her life After a little while into it though, I felt like Clio sort of let me down And I understand that they [...]

I really enjoyed the first in this series, so was than happy to participate in a blog tour arranged by the author I was a little surprised by Clio during the course of this book It was almost like she became the queen bee in the first one and then left alone during this one, or so she thinks In the effort to make the camp become a functioning permanent place for them to live, they ve all been given jobs in their area of expertise Jack works in security, Miranda works on the social calendar, etc [...]

This series really takes off with this second installment, taking on new nuances and subplots, and introducing new characters All the original characters are back, and at the beginning of the book, you can see the easy banter and general great relationship that they ve forged with one another through their shared experiences.It doesn t take long for the plot to really jump start and for things to begin changing Two new kids arrive, one of which has a special draw that pulls people to him I found [...]

I read the first book in the series Solid, and really enjoyed it so I was excited to start Settling I was glad I got to read about Clio and her new friends and enemies on the military installation they are being housed on They decide to stay at the camp even after all that has happened and I have to admit I think that makes sense These kids still want to learn about what is happening to them, I would too Bodies start showing up soon though and it seems clear that someone does not want them the [...]

Settling continues only a couple of weeks after the end of the first book Sound, where the Kids with the Cx9 gene are adapting to life after the controversy at the end of the first book They decide to stay on at the compound as they finally feel like they belong with their peers as they all have the same gene They ve decided to pursue careers and they begin internships that appear to be linked to their powers However, once they think things are back to normal, there is a death on campus that sen [...]

Am Solid, as que cuando se present la oportunidad de leer Settling no lo dud ni un instante Clio y sus compa eros siguen en el campo de entrenamiento del ej rcito, intentando descubrir sus nuevos poderes o el alcance de los que ya tienen Si bien el inicio es un poco lento, conforme se avanza en la historia el ritmo acelera, el misterio se intensifica y todo lo que importa es saber qui n esta detr s de los asesinatos.Me gust mucho que ahora podamos acercarnos mejor a los personajes, tener una ide [...]

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