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Origins of the Human Mind #(2021)

Origins of the Human Mind

Origins of the Human Mind

  • Title: Origins of the Human Mind
  • Author: Stephen P. Hinshaw
  • ISBN: 9781598036374
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Audiobook
Origins of the Human Mind By Stephen P. Hinshaw,

Origins of the Human Mind Best Read || [Stephen P. Hinshaw] - Origins of the Human Mind, Origins of the Human Mind Origins of the Human Mind is your authoritative guide to the latest information and viewpoints on what neurobiologists psychologists and other scientists know about this fascinating subject These

Recent Comments "Origins of the Human Mind"

Excellent broad introduction to the science of the human mind covering everything from the earliest evolutionary origins of the brain to the most common mental illnesses prevalence, causes, cures.Lots of fascinating information along the way including references to intriguing individual studies.

Probably the best blending of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, neurology, psychiatry, psychology, and child development I ve ever had the pleasure of listening to Will reread and take painstaking notes Absolutely brilliant.

Hinshaw begins his lectures by outlining three perspectives about the mind s origins He notes but largely dismisses the spiritual explanation of mind, leaving most of his focus on naturalism e.g evolutionary psychology and humanism roughly, we have been shaped by our culture and culture and personal choices will shape our own future.Hinshaw pulls in the ancestral origins of mind and neurobiology, and thereby establishes the mind s biological foundation His discussion on the role of emotions is e [...]

At one time, as the story goes all of what we now think of as science and the humanities was basically one big thing that we refer to in retrospect as philosophy At that mythical point in time, one individual person the archetype is some old dude in a toga could probably do a respectable job at teaching you a little about everything that was known about the world.At some later point, it became necessary to splinter these intellectual pursuits into disciplines e.g Science, Medicine, Liberal Arts, [...]

6h 2x.Contents view spoiler 01 Brains and Minds, Evolution and Development02 How the Human Brain Works03 Developement of the Human Brain04 Evolution and the Brain05 Psychological Views of the Mind06 Instinct, Learning, and Emotion07 Microevolution, Culture, and the Brain08 Infancy Temperament and Attachment09 Childhood Stages and Widening Contexts10 Adolesence Rebellion, Identity, and Self11 Adulthood Aging, Horizons, and Wisdom12 Influences of Sex and Gender13 Parallels Between Development and [...]

Of all the Great Courses I have listened to, this is by far the best Captured my interest from start to finish One learns alot about psychology, neurology, genetics, epigenetics and other things ending with ology or etics The best part is the erosion of the nature nurture conflict one hears so often How the two forces interact to create a human mind is fascinating.Another review referred to the exploration of humanism being a fault of the book However, the main focus is on naturlism A troll once [...]

Clear speaker, sensible structure but occasionally expresses some somewhat dodgy views In particular I found his commitment to the rather loosely defined humanism and his use of the tenets of this methodology to provide the foundations for much of the course frustrating Nevertheless a good, clear introductory course, though sometimes unnecessary vague particularly when it came to the philosophy and resting upon a strange humanist foundation.

A wide ranging and engrossing exploration of the topic, it particularly well elucidated the topics of heritability and evolutionary psychology.

I liked Stephen Hinshaw s teaching style and I found the material in the lectures to be interesting.

It helped me understand depression.

  • Origins of the Human Mind Best Read || [Stephen P. Hinshaw]
    458 Stephen P. Hinshaw
Origins of the Human Mind