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You're Aboard Spaceship Earth #(2021)

You're Aboard Spaceship Earth

You're Aboard Spaceship Earth

  • Title: You're Aboard Spaceship Earth
  • Author: Patricia Lauber Holly Keller
  • ISBN: 9780064451598
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
You're Aboard Spaceship Earth By Patricia Lauber Holly Keller,

Æ You're Aboard Spaceship Earth ✓ Patricia Lauber Holly Keller - You're Aboard Spaceship Earth, You re Aboard Spaceship Earth The earth is like a spaceship in orbit it has everything on board that we need to survive water food and air with oxygen Unlike a space shuttle Earth is able to renew its resources Read and find ou

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Using the analogy of planet Earth as a spaceship, Lauber addresses the water cycle, living things need for water including human uses of water , air and its essential component oxygen , how plants use carbon dioxide, minerals, water, and energy from the sun to create food for themselves emitting the waste gas oxygen, which humans are dependent on , and soil how it s made from decaying plants and animals, and the contribution of millipedes, bacteria, beetles, and especially earthworms to this ent [...]

You re Aboard Spaceship Earth is all about earth s many cycles including, but not limited to, the water cycle, oxygen and carbon dioxide cycle and waste into minerals nutrients cycle This book was meant to be an interesting, yet informative, account of how earth works so that students will learn it easier, but I found it to be rather boring and too text heavy for the 2nd reading level It might have been better had the book had a plot or story line for students to follow, but without that, it rea [...]

Science Unit Planet EarthSummer 2012Series Let s Read and Find Out Science Stage 2The girls loved this Goes in depth into how the earth works in a kid friendly way It compares the earth to a spaceship and explains what we need to survive water, food and oxygen It even explains the carbon dioxide oxygen process Unfortunately no activity at the like some of the others of the series.As a Stage 2 book it was a bit complicated for my 4 1 2 year olds but not to far over their heads Would probably be t [...]

This book describes planet Earth as a giant spaceship, communicating in a way children will understand that earth is a closed system Readers realize that the resources we use are recycled versions of the things that the dinosaurs used millions of years ago, and we will need recycled versions of what we have now sometime in the future While it may feel a bit preachy, it is an important lesson and it s communicated in a unique way children will really comprehend.

Such a great book that introduces a variety of science topics It includes passages on farming, recycling, outer space, and minerals This book would be a great resource to use when the students need to review these topics For a lesson, the students can pick important information to create a study guide 1st 3rd.

I really liked this book and how it compares earth to living on a space shuttle etc Really helps cement the idea of Earth taking care of all of our needs that we can t get elsewhere It also delves into other topics like the water cycle, oxygen, co2, plants and nutrients, etc Great book for young children beginning to explore earth concepts.

Great introduction to how the earth has everything we need on board.

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  • Æ You're Aboard Spaceship Earth ✓ Patricia Lauber Holly Keller
    273 Patricia Lauber Holly Keller
You're Aboard Spaceship Earth