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Bud, Not Buddy #(2021)

Bud, Not Buddy

Bud, Not Buddy

  • Title: Bud, Not Buddy
  • Author: Christopher Paul Curtis James Avery
  • ISBN: 9780739331798
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Audio CD
Bud, Not Buddy By Christopher Paul Curtis James Avery,

[PDF] Download ☆ Bud, Not Buddy : by Christopher Paul Curtis James Avery - Bud, Not Buddy, Bud Not Buddy It s in Flint Michigan Times may be hard and ten year old Bud may be a motherless boy on the run but Bud s got a few things going for him He has his own suitcase filled with his own importa

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I will never look at a ticonderoga pencil the same again

4.5One of my husband s grandsons the 5th grader asked me if I d read this book and when I said no I hadn t heard of it , he told me it was good Well, if a boy, about to turn 11, takes the time to recommend a book to me, odds are I m going to read it.The voice of the 10 year old, Bud not Buddy , in this novel is irrepressible and the setting of Flint, Michigan, during the Depression comes to life with tons of details but not a one of them ponderous While keeping its tone age appropriate, there s [...]

Audio book performed by James Avery 5 and a In Depression era Flint, Michigan, 10 year old Bud Caldwell BUD, not Buddy is plucked from the home to go to a foster family This will be the third foster home he s been in, and he s not impressed But he takes his worn, cardboard suitcase with his few but treasured possessions and tries to make the best of it Before he knows it, he s on the lam, determined to find his own way and sure that the things his Momma left him are clues to his father s identit [...]

Dnf at around 80%.It s not that book wasn t good The writing was fun to read, the main character Bud not Buddy was adorable and his determination to make his life better was so uplifting.But I just kept it under my bed for so long that I m no longer interested in finishing it That, and it was overdue at my library so I had to return it today.So I doubt I ll be reviewing this properly Looks like I m just as lazy trying to type words to describe this book now as I was reading the book.I won t be r [...]

Christopher Paul Curtis did it again In writing this 2000 Newbery Medal and Coretta Scott King award winning book, he wove another magical, enchanting, complex, well crafted and spell binding tale filled with poignancy, sadness and laughter while teaching history in a captivating way.I ve raved about this author before, so please indulge my obsession one time in encouraging you to take a few hours of solitude to savor every word, phrase and nuance of this incredible writer.What s in a name The [...]

My daughter had to read this for school This is the daughter that doesn t like to read She loved it, and told me that I had to read it as well Any one that knows me would know how weird and remarkable that is So I borrowed the class addition and read it this weekend Amazing For a young adult book this should be a must read The story will make you laugh, cry, and hope that the protagonist will find what he is looking for I even enjoyed the way it ended, resolved yet leaving you hoping that the fu [...]

Bud, Not Buddy is a tense book that took place during the Great Depression It is about an Orphan thats an African Boy looking for this father with only few clues of finding him He use to live with his mother all his life, but after his mother got sick for awhile, she dies and Bud is sent to The Home His mother did tell him his father was in a jazz band and Bud escaped and was on his way to look for his dad I can make a text to world connection to Bud trying to find his dad because there are many [...]

This was no The Watsons Go to Birmingham Just a little too predictable But it s powerfully told, and Curtis has the rare ability to get inside the head of his young narrators Especially smart, sassy, sensitive little boys Bud is definitely a winner Audiobook minuses While younger readers might find them really funny, these two things drove me CRazy Especially trapped in the car wishing my eyes could glaze over a line or two.1 The slang seemed vaguely era appropriate see Rebecca s Fictional Pet P [...]

When Bud Caldwell decides to run away from his most recent foster family in Depression era Michigan, he has no destination in mind After a few days and a failed attempt to hop a train , he realizes that the only place he knows to go is Grand Rapids, Michigan, to look up the man that he is convinced is his father Unfortunately Herman E Calloway, a famous jazz musician, has no interest in taking care of a 10 year old orphan who could not possibly be his son Bud lands on his feet, though, thanks to [...]

On an adventure to find a family, Bud charms and moves the reader with both his fortitude and wit.Ages 9 12 This is a very moving and heartwarming book The adventurous nature of the book will appeal to children, as will the optimistic and humorous protagonist, Bud Along his journey to find a family, Bud meets many interesting and well presented characters, such as the mouth organ playing man at Hooverville, his friend, Bugs, and Miss Thomas While the setting is bleak and sad, Bud remains funny a [...]

I need to learn to stop reading the last pages of books for my Children s Materials class in coffee shops It always sounds like such a good idea, but ends in my crying, surreptitiously wiping tears away, while the people in the shop look away from me in embarrassment And Bud, Not Buddy was no exception to this rule I am an overwrought, emotional sucker.I loved this book I laughed out loud in several places most notably when Bud would tell his Bud Caldwell s Rules and Things to have a Funner Life [...]

Genre Historical fiction Reading level Ages 9 12A young boy decides to run away from his foster home and travel across country in search of a man he believes to be his father His only knowledge of this elusive figure lies in his most precious possessions, a handful of flyers that his mother held dear featuring a musician in a series of jazz bands Bud uses his wit, humor, and his Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself Food and jobs may be hard to come b [...]

Bud, Not Buddy is a book by Christopher paul Curtis It is about an lonely african boy who is a orphan looking for this dad with only a slight amount of clues to seek him His mother was sick and she died Bud was sent to a place called the Home His mother gave him some of what hes father was and he learned he was in a jazz band and So he gets out of the place and the search had begun.I can connect this to the world and other books of Orphans never knowing what their parents were or who some are T [...]

I have to say, for one of the newer Newbery winners I wasn t particularly impressed It s funny, Mandy told me she thought it started off slow and became a little interesting toward the end I had the opposite experience after the first few chapters I thought the story had great potential I had high hopes, but for me the writing started to drag in the middle and fizzled out toward the end I thought the author could have done to resolve the relationship between Bud and Herman Most folks think you [...]

This might sound silly, but this book reminded me that ten year old boys are still children I have a son, but he s not yet five, so it s clear that he s still a child, and my nine year old daughter reminds me several times a day that she s still a child, but the ten year old boys I know all seem so tall and lanky and serious and I see them just infrequently enough that I forget how young ten is I m sure my son will remind me as he gets older.Bud is so self sufficient and at the same time so vuln [...]

Teton County Library Call No J CURTISKurt s rating 5 starsBud is living in an orphanage after the death of his mother He has never known his father He keeps his possessions in a battered old suitcase Among his favorite things are some old flyers for concert appearances featuring Herman E Calloway Bud believes that Calloway must be his father because of the way his mother used to look at the flyers When his latest foster home situation results in abuse, he runs away, determined to find his father [...]

I listened to this audio book and found that it was well read, but something about the book made me drift at times that I think I might have been able to stay focused if I were reading This novel takes place in the 1930 s and is about a boy named Bud who is an orphan The book chronicles the struggles Bud faces as he runs away from a foster home in search of a better life He has no mother and never met his father, but is on a journey to find him He decides his father must be a famous man that he [...]

it was okay

I really liked this sweet kid s voice The author does it perfectly his own voice never intrudes I liked the way racism is touched on several times, because it s an inescapable part of Bud s life, but not dwelt on, because that isn t what the story s about.It has something of a fantasy ending, but that s maybe not such a bad thing here.

This book had a very realistic setting, Illinois to another State, just to find his Dad Bud takes a very long journey to get to his dad This journey, also made Bud take risks, like when Bud travels with a man to the hospital to deliver blood and he drives him to his Dad s house Well, that s not the end, he gets to be in the band

Re read on 10 25 14Liked this better the second time around My favorite scene is the one where the band mates give Bud his stage name Sleepy La Bone Too funny James Avery as the audiobook narrator was a fantastic choice.

I see why this beautifully written story won the Coretta Scott King award I would recommend this delightful novel for all to read Even my husband was interested He usually reads non fiction.

My 9 year old gives this 5 stars.Updated I read this myself Great book I loved it.

Was an ok book but not one that i specifically like It was kinda bland and was way below our 8th grade level.

I read Bud, Not Buddy with my 5th grader for her school reading assignment I really enjoyed this story It is about a 10 year old orphan named Bud Caldwell Bud s mother passed away when he was six and he has been in many foster homes the past four years and he finally decides to go on the lam to try to find his long missing father The journey and his discovery are both believable and entertaining There are some touching and emotional parts in the story that were very well done The author also inc [...]

This story is way too adorable It stars an orphan with tons of reasons to be sad, but he has the best adventure despite everything I really liked it He s ten, and it s made for a younger audience, but most everyone will enjoy it.

Bud, not Buddy was a good book Christopher Paul Curtis did a great job making the book enjoyable throughout the whole book Overall it was a great book and I highly recommend it

Choosing Bud, Not Buddy off of a book shelf will ultimately become a decision you encourage others to make The novel is written in first person through the perspective of a ten year old orphan boy named Bud during the 1930s, the time of the Great Depression Bud suffers great tragedy creating an underdog character you will root for throughout the entire book The situations in the book pull at the reader s heart strings, nostalgically, and may even jerk the reader into tears at times Even so Bud, [...]

I am currently reading the book Bud, Not Buddy I have only read 3 chapters in the book but so far it has been really interesting and I don t want to put it down This book is about a boy named Bud,it all started when he was 6 years old and his mom died he never had a dad and after his mom died he was sent to a foster home This was a very hard time for Bud While he was at his third foster home, he was standing in line waiting to eat breakfast when out of nowhere a caseworker came up to him and sai [...]

Buku ini sederhana, tp dalem Bud yang ga mau dipanggil Buddy menjadi yatim piatu di umur 6 tahun Sejak ibunya meninggal, ia tinggal di panti asuhan Trus tiba saatnya dia diadopsi oleh keluarga Amos Ternyata sesampai di sana,keluarga Amos ga sebaik yang ia pikir Maka kaburlah si Bud Caldwell ini Dari sinilah perjalanan mencari ayahnya Bud, yg dr bayi ga pernah ia kenal, dimulai Bud hanya berbekal flyer berisi sebuah band yang akan manggung di suatu tempat Salah satu personel Band itulah yang ia y [...]

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Bud, Not Buddy : by Christopher Paul Curtis James Avery
    363 Christopher Paul Curtis James Avery
Bud, Not Buddy