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Where Death Delights #(2021)

Where Death Delights

Where Death Delights

  • Title: Where Death Delights
  • Author: Bernard Knight
  • ISBN: 9781847512222
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
Where Death Delights By Bernard Knight,

☆ Where Death Delights ✓ Bernard Knight - Where Death Delights, Where Death Delights The first in a new series from author of the Crowner John books Forensic pathologist Richard Pryor uses his golden handshake to set up in private practice with scientist Angela Bray A friendly co

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This is an interesting book The main characters, Pryor and Bray, are a forensic pathologist and a forensic scientist who have set up a private practice in Wales in 1955 In many mysteries, Pryor and Bray would end up moonlighting as detectives investigating a single case, but not here They mostly stick to the forensics and leave the investigating to the police and a private investigator They work on several deaths, some of which get part of a sentence and some that get attention In many mysterie [...]

I loved the characters and the writing in this book It took me a while to really get into the story because Knight took quite a bit of time to establish the characters and the setting so it was a while for the mystery to really take hold That s okay because this was a pretty low key mystery Richard Pryor is a forensic pathologist, in 1955 in Wales He has just set up his own business with partner Angela Bray Many of the cases they get a pretty routine, blood tests Angela , unattended death autops [...]

Set in 1955, Richard Pryor has returned from Singapore to set up a forensic practice in the Wye Valley Joining him in this venture is former Home Office scientist Angela Bray They are fortunate to get a few cases to provide some income whilst they are still setting up the practice One, the main case that occupies them, involves some remains found in a quarry, that have been identified by two women, who each stand to gain from the identification Using the forensics skills and technology available [...]

Having already read the next book in the series, it was still interesting to see how the Group at Garth House got started As someone else has said, this book is only partly a mystery with the various cases sent to Dr Professor Prior, but it is also about the inter relationship between the 5 people in the Practise.I cant get Dr Finlay out of my mind although I suspect Janet was a good bit older than the young widow Moira.An enjoyable enough read but it is soon back to the Crowner John series by t [...]

Pathology in 1955 Wales Nice for an old baby boomer like me to hear brand names like Wolseley, Peek Freans and Brains beer Interesting to be reminded of how appallingly bland the British diet was then ham salad aargh As the pathologist has just returned from years in Singapore, with its fantastic cuisine, I m surprised it wasn t he who topped himself Anyway, I m not sure the period stuff was layered sufficiently subtly to compensate for rather flat characters and a linear plot.

Not exactly Crowther and Westerman but a charming enough murder mystery series in a quaint, nostalgic pastoral setting Kept me suitably entertained in the kitchen and during office commutes in spite of a damp squib of a reveal A sort of forensic pathology version of James Herriott if you know what I mean.

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Enjoyed the book Set in a time after WWII in Wales A professor doctor is setting up a private forensic practice with a female pathologist They are living in an old house he inheirited and are working to build up their business.The story talks about some of the difficulties of starting a business, getting established and making connections plus taking care if the old house They hire some people to help and get involved in several mysteries.

Not my type of book although I adore Bernard Knight s Crowner John series every one of them and also liked at least one of his Welsh books also I do like mysteries from countries other than US, but this one lacked some character depth and needed detail.

Where Death Delights is a new mystery about a pathologist written by a pathologist, set in 1955 in the west country of England Following his recent divorce, Richard Pryor has left government service in Singapore to set up a private practice in the newly emerging field of forensics Pryor and his new partner partner, biologist Angela Bray, also on the rebound, set up their labs in the rambling house that he has inherited from an aunt Neither is certain of the success of their new and risky venture [...]

First of a series set in 1950 s England that features Dr Richard Pryor, a forensic pathologist just setting up his independent business after being given his notice at his former job in Singapore He moves into a large house on the Welsh English border that he inherited from his aunt and with business partner Dr Angela Bray, who handles the lab side of things, sets out to make his mark Working by word of mouth and referrals from colleagues, Dr Pryor soon finds himself busier than a one armed pape [...]

If the author s intent was to de sensationalize forensic science as we see on TV, he succeeded It reads like a personal essay, with technical detail taking center stage The scientists do their job, which supports the coroner and police No heroic crime solving here, just the daily grind of bodies and tests and conclusions While I found myself actually interested in the nuts and bolts of the forensics in the 1950 s, I wouldn t run to read the next in series If the author hadn t already had a publi [...]

J ai lu tous les livres de la s rie du crowner John, que j ai beaucoup aim s Par contre, celui ci m a paru tr s d cevant Il s agit de la description lin aire, quasi entomologique, du travail d un m decin l giste dans l Angleterre des ann es 50 Aucun d tail ne nous est pargn , jusqu aux diff rentes marques de biscuits pour le th Par ailleurs, il s agit vraiment d une tranche de vie tr s r aliste, et donc particuli rement peu palpitante Bien sur, quand on lit certains policiers mettant en sc ne de [...]

Such a tedious, flat read So many characters, none of them with anything approaching a fleshed out personality The cases weren t engaging, and the descriptions repetitive and bland I only stuck through to the end because I hate to give up on a book The ending was trite, incredibly poorly executed, and I had to double check that it was really ended, as it felt a strange place in a paragraph to end.I listened to the audio book, and I think the reader s performance was probably the thing I liked be [...]

Knight s initial entry in a new series is a workmanlike book with decent plotting and setting 1950 s Wales The characters, however, save it from being the book you read when there s nothing else and make it a series to keep an eye on Richard Pryor, a pathologist newly returned from Singapore, has begun a private practice with an acquaintance from London, Angela Bray, a forensic scientist The will they, won t they chemistry is lightly handled and the secondary characters a lab technician, secreta [...]

Set in the 1950s Richard Pryor and his partner Angela Bray open a pathology lab taking on all the jobs they can, the novel in particular covers two cases the death of a woman, and the mystery of a set of bones.Unlike modern novels which use all the whizz bang gadgets modern technology has to offer being set back in the day the characters here are reliant on basic methods of deduction and analysis which make the story that much interesting.

Not really a mystery in what i m used to Feels like a novel to set the scene for further in the series That being said, once I got past the regional lingo and products that i d never heard of before would have been nice to explain what at Typhoo Tip was right off the back , I did enjoy the book although it was a bit slow going.My one beef is that I cant really picture what the characters look like.Will have a go at the 2nd in the series.

After enjoying Bernard Knight s Crowner series I thought I would try his modern series.I was not disappointed.His description of life, the cars and the consumables in the 1950s was evocative The story is well paced and the characters are likeable.If you liked Life on Mars you will enjoy this book.

Featherweight British mystery in the lightly forensic tradition Dr Richard Pryor is a Forensic Pathologist, just setting up a private practice The setting is Wales in the 1950s He available and is surrounded by beautiful, eligible women This fact is repeated ad naseum I am on vacation and this is all there is to read.

Saw this on the shelf at the library and, while I don t really need another series to read, thought I d give it a try It was a nice story genial enough characters and I do like the setting in the 1950s The characters are on the cutting edge of forensics and it s kind of nice not to have all the technology playing a part.

First, I found it SO distracting that the main character s name was Richard Pryor The comedian is not obscure Also, the author spent too much time describing food and fashions I didn t care about any of the mysteries The country side was lovingly described as well as every vehicle driven Very slow pace Read the second but no for me.

Lots of interesting forensic procedure, Bernard Knight s years of OTJ experience is very evident Nice 50s atmosphere, although some of the brand names were unfamiliar, and a mere description might have helped me picture things Interesting characters and some nice set ups for continuing books in the series.

The writing is just bad When you count ten sentences in a row, some of them not dialogue, that end with exclamation points, you know the writing is bad.The dialogue is atrocious and stiff.Just no.

No real story or plot to this A bit like the everyday life of a pathologist in the James Herriott style That said I did enjoy this read and found it interesting especially as I had been to a talk by the author a few days before reading.

Where Death Delights written by Bernard Knight and published in 2010 by Severn House An unexceptional, but readable story of two pathologists working together to solve mysteries, of course involving mysterious death British all the way.

Not an engaging book Actually the story line is routine, Nothing exciting, nothing to grab you and certainly noting to truly engage you It s simply a routine story I stuck with it all the way through It progressed well.

I love that this book is set in the 50 s, it feels like the classic, pre csi era of forensics, where there is thought and detective work involved Very keen to see the other novels in this series

After reading one third of the book, the characters did not capture my interest and the plot was vague.

Terrific read by this real life, retired, forensic pathologist who is also a great teller of tales.

Interesting story around pathologist and living in Wales in the 1950 s.

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    144 Bernard Knight
Where Death Delights