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Captain Jack's Woman #(2022)

Captain Jack's Woman

Captain Jack's Woman

  • Title: Captain Jack's Woman
  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Captain Jack's Woman By Stephanie Laurens,

Captain Jack's Woman Best Download || [Stephanie Laurens] - Captain Jack's Woman, Captain Jack s Woman They meet in a clash of swords drenched in the moonlight of Britain s rugged eastern coast Captain Jack his handsome features etched in silver and shadow his powerful physique compelling Kit Cranme

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What an odd book this was The thing about Stephanie Laurens is that you generally know what you re getting going in generally interchangeable, arrogant, possessive heroes and generally interchangeable, but fairly tolerable heroines The stories will never surprise you The heroines are unmemorable, but at least they re neither doormats nor shudder feisty minxes And if the books are, to a one, entirely humorless, at least the writing is than competent But this I don t know what this is Our heroine [...]

This book is such a sumptuous read It s like eating your favorite, most exotic fruit one juicy bite at a time After reading the synopsis of the book, I thought I was in for a story about smuggling gangs in the rookeries of London, or something of that sort but this fantastic story was far and far from that initial image This story takes place in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk, England during tumultuous times between France England, as both countries are at war with one another Yet, the ma [...]

Captain Jack s Woman is the story of Jack and Kit.After 6 years in London, Kit finally returns to her grandfather Spencer, and somehow ends up leading a smuggling gang due to her midnight wanderings on her mare Delia She soon comes across another smuggling leader Jack, who wants to merge businesses, and soon attraction ignites.While both the couple lie about their identities to each other, they continue falling for each other amidst the plot of smuggling spiesI have mixed feelings about Jack aka [...]

Still feeling a little bereft after our buddy reads of the Cynster series came to a temporary for now close, I decided I was ready to try this one, get a head start on the Bastion Club series I think I m planning on tackling them maybe sometime after the upcoming Barnaby books The Masterful Mr Montague and Loving Rose The Redemption of Malcolm Sinclair come out, if I can hold myself back for that long I might end up doing em while I wait for the Barnaby books Haven t decided yet, we ll see how i [...]

Rated 3.5 They meet in a clash of swords, drenched in the moonlight of Britain s rugged eastern coast Captain Jack, his handsome features etched in silver and shadow, his powerful physique compelling Kit Cranmer to surrender He is her dream lover come vividly alive, and his command of the smuggling gang is absolute His all knowing gaze penetrates her disguise as the lad leader of a rival gang with frightening ease and his punishment with kisses leaves her maidenly modesty in tatters Suddenly Kit [...]

wowi love this bookkalo ada 6 bintang gw kasih 6 deh Dkapten jack nya bener2 hotty banget.ceritanya lengkapdari gak kenal.l gara2 kit nyamar jadi co dan jadi penyelundupmpe jack ngenalin kit itu ce dan bertekad buat merayu kit.dan sampe nikah juga di ceritain semua.lengkap banget.jack nya yang awalnya gak ngerti cinta dan mau jadiin kit mistress.ha nikahin kit karena dia bener2 gak bisa jauh dikit dari si kit

Captain Jack is an asshole The idea that arousal love is disturbing The hymen was.rrely portrayed I could go on, but you get the picture Stephanie Laurens, what the hell happened with this one

Captain Jack s Woman3.5 StarsAfter returning from an unsuccessful season in London, Katherine Kit Cranmer is eager to experience once again the freedom and adventure of her childhood on the Norfolk coast Disguised as a young lad, Kit inadvertently finds herself recruited to be the leader of an inept group of smugglers, but things go awry when a rival gang lead by the notorious Captain Jack takes over Jack, a man with secrets of his own, soon unmasks Kit and the two engage in a classic battle of [...]

3.5 stars I m starting to notice a trend on these stories.Many of the feelings seem to be the exact same thing from one book to the other Hmmm

This is the first Stephanie Laurens book I ve read, my friend highly recommended her for me to read since I m a fan of regency historical romance I started with this book because it is the first of the Bastion Club Now I could see why she s highly regarded in this genre The vivid prose is fluent and the love scenes range from steamy to sizzling hot, not just your typical roll in the sheets as she said in an interview, but the love scenes develop the characters and their relationship with each ot [...]

An action packed British historical romance, Captain Jack s Woman takes the listener on a thrilling ride that includes sword fights, wild horse chases, smuggling runs, a masquerade ball, and even a passionate, illicit affair among two aristocrats impersonating leaders of rival smuggler gangs Brought to life by McCallister Lee s dynamic and talented performance, Captain Jack s Woman is a classic romance, originally published in 1997, that lovers of European historical romances will not want to mi [...]

This one was just okay It s my 3rd Stephanie Laurens book and I have the same reaction I had with the prior 2 Meh The book wasn t as engaging as I was expecting The heroine Kit was unconventional, so that was good I guess I was expecting to be drawn in to the story than I was.

A little slow in the beginning I almost gave up and put the book down for a while but once the main characters meet things pick up I m so glad I didn t put this one down.Decent plotLikable charactersSteamy and super yummyAlpha possessiveness Hea

Stephanie Laurens at her very best steamy, romantic, heartfelt, action induced plot with fleshed out characters Lovely read

hhhhhh gara2 inet yg baru lambretawati aq nulis nih review sampe 3x ini duhhhhhhh.ri kita mengulang mengetik indah yukkkkprequel bastion club menurutku prequelnya lebih menarik dibanding lady chosen nya hehehehehheebercerita ttg kathryin cranmer ato oleh orang2 dekatnya dikenal sbg kittelah mengalami 6 tahun penuh derita di london bersama bibi2nya, kit memutuskan kembali ke cranmer hidup dengan kakeknya, baron cranmerpulangan kit disambut bahagia oleh sahabatnya sejak kecil, amy yg ternyata suda [...]

Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook ReviewsI loved this book when I read it for myself a few years ago, and now I love it even after having it read to me by the delightful McAllister Lee Kit is just my kind of gal, independent and a touch wild, with plenty of sass I love everything about her, she easily grabs you from the beginning and makes you love her Captain Jack is the perfect match for this hoyden He is the perfect man for her, even though he wants to protect her, he allows h [...]

I read this book some years ago and I enjoyed it very much, I enjoyed it just as much this time This is a wonderful romp that introduces the reader to a young woman that is just a little unconventional Kathryn Kit Cranmer longs of excitement and freedom from the strictures of society She finds that excitement when she returns to her grandfather s estate after being stuck in London for six years This excitement is in the form of smuggling brandy and lace into England She doesn t realize that this [...]

Wow Better Than I ExpectedCAPTAIN JACK S WOMAN operates as a prequel to the Bastion Club series It is the story of Kathryn Kit Cranmer who returns home to her grandfather s estate after six unsuccessful years on the marriage mart in London Kit is feisty, defies convention and is ungovernable Within days she ends up becoming the leader of a small band of smugglers Kit has a habit of riding in the guise of a boy and no one suspects that she is a lady Her smuggling activities bring her to the atten [...]

It took me days to read this when usually I finish a novel like this quickly and that s because I disliked the characters so much It was a strange book with Kit a young woman who was tricked into leaving her beloved grandfather by her aunts who never make an appearance This is all told as past history She has lived in London and had one broken romance again with the evil aunts who persuaded someone to propose to her Now Kit finally returns to her Grandpa who always was tricked by the aunts Then [...]

I ve yet to read a Stephanie Laurens I didn t like This one was no exception Being one of her earlier books, it was different than what I was used to from her It certainly was steamier The hero, Captain Jack, is also known as Lord Jonathan Hendon By profession he works for the British government tracking down spies The heroine, Kathryn Cranmer, also known as Kit, disguises herself as a young man and becomes a smuggler on a very small scale She is quite adventurous and reckless Captain Jack propo [...]

I really liked this book and almost everything about it.There s plenty of adventures with smugglers and anti smugglers hanging around There s plenty of deceit with the anti smuggling investigation led by Lord Hendon, masquerading as Captain Jack, leader of one of the local gangs Notwithstanding the leader of another local gang he wanted to control, who was a lady in disguise of a youth Well those adventures clearly reminded me of some of the best Georgette Heyer s books.I really liked the charac [...]

I couldn t finish it I got to page 80 on my e reader and couldn t get any further The story just was not engaging for me Maybe because so much of it was narration, which I don t mind as a tool to move the story along, but as the main style of story telling it loses me So, I found myself on page 80 skimming along, not really caring if these two characters ever actually figure each others true identities out, ever fell in love, or got caught smuggling I didn t care what happened to them A part of [...]

One of the first books by Stephanie Laurens that I read and still one of my favorites It s set in 1811, with Kit a rebellious young woman who s been lied to by some of her family, meeting Captain Jack while Kit is in disguise as a young man Jack is running under his own disguise as a smuggler, when he s really one of the local aristocrats who s been gone in the army and is now trying to find out who s spying for France There are loyal sidekicks for both, who happen to be engaged to each other, a [...]

When I started this book I was in love A strong female character and a strong male character that had a deep connection and passion between them What could go wrong The female character, Kit, was in my opinion a wild girl who does what she likes and really stands strongly for her views and opinions Yet, when tempted with sex with the great captain Jack she completely seems to lose her own norms and values I could have understood this though it would have annoyed me once, getting swept up in the [...]

As a spy trying to corral some of the smuggling rings along a coastal area, Jack wasn t prepared to meet a woman, disguised as a man, who makes his breath stop Kit decides to lead a small smuggling gang to temporarily break up the monotomy of her life she has decided to keep her freedom and never marry He is the only one to see past her disguise and when he takes over the smugglers in his plans to help stop human trade he finds she dislikes taking orders She falls for Jack as well and decides to [...]

Bagussss pengen kasih bintang 3.5 tp ngga bisa hehehe P buku ke2 SL yg aku baca dan memang WOW Hot banget _ untuk karakternya sendiri aku suka Kit, meski si jack ngga pernah mau mendiskusikan segala sesuatu padanya, tp setidaknya Kit ttp percaya Jack yg biasanya di novel2 HR bisa menimbulkan perselisihan fatal Pbagian yg lucu, pas si Kit kabur ke London die ngarep banget di jemput sama Jack, tp Jack nya ttp cool kwkwkwkw

This book is a historical romance I couldn t find any pnr from 1977 set in England in the early 1800 s It s mostly set in the countryside near the coast There s a fair mix of romance sex and excitement danger from smuggling spies, which I always appreciate I can t abide a romance that is nothing but romance any.

Didn t really care for this book I know it was a prequal to set up the baston club but I don t think it really added to the series at all was kind of boring hurried through it to say that I read it

This could have been a fun read if the plot hadn t been so clunky and the hero hadn t been such a total control freak Lively heroine, plot with pirates, horses, etc Hero could have been shot and dumped overboard for a better ending.


  • Captain Jack's Woman Best Download || [Stephanie Laurens]
    425 Stephanie Laurens
Captain Jack's Woman