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Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend #(2022)

Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend

Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend

  • Title: Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend
  • Author: James I. Robertson Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780028646855
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend By James I. Robertson Jr.,

[PDF] Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend | by ↠ James I. Robertson Jr. - Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend, Stonewall Jackson The Man the Soldier the Legend The passage of years has only deepened the fascination and reverence for Confederate general Thomas Jonathan Stonewall Jackson He ranks today as among the half dozen greatest soldiers that America

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I was hesitant to read a book about Stonewall Jackson for the simple reason that I hate the guy At this point, I m sure you re saying, But Matt, what about all those Hitler books you read You don t like him, do you And you make a good point I do read a lot of Hitler books Arguably too many And I do not like Hitler The difference, though, is that a Hitler book is generally not supportive of the man Meanwhile, a Stonewall Jackson book runs a strong chance of being a fawning hagiography This is a g [...]

After reading James I Robertson s biography of Stonewall Jackson, I am convinced that his death created such a hole in the command structure of the Army of Northern Virginia, there was no longer a cohesive army that could defeat the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg, or subsequent battles in the Spring of 1864 The incredible energy and leadership of subordinate generals under his command was the key to much of the armies success in spite of his failure to make a key assault at White Oak Creek in [...]

On May 2, 1863, the legendary Thomas J Stonewall Jackson was accidentally shot by his own men in the dark at the Battle of Chancellorsville and died on May 10, 1863 in the presence of his loving wife and close staff Exactly 150 years later, I finished this brilliant biography of Stonewall Jackson by my favorite Virginia Tech professor, Dr James I Bud Robertson Dr Robertson began work on the biography soon after I took his courses while at Tech Dr Robertson is known as the preeminent scholar on S [...]

Excellent biography Definitely 1 on my list for recommended books about General Jackson I learned so much in this book and can t wait to get my own copy for my Virginia Civil War history shelf.The writing style is superb Action and information packed, I was never bored while reading this book I loved all the quotes from primary sources and how they blended into the text easily and complimentary Robertson allows the history to tell the story, but his writing makes it come alive The ending was sim [...]

This book was my first introduction and what an introduction it was to Stonewall Jackson I found the book a little slow to get into at first but at the end I was balling like a baby.Jackson basically grew up as an Orphan and the one sister who he was close to became estranged at the end of his life He was full of love and quite tender with Children and both of his wives I found him to be quite quirky which is probably why I feel in love with him He complained that one arm was heavier than the ot [...]

The reason I became a historian Robertson is an excellent writer and some day I hope to achieve his level.So good a book I took with me on our honeymoon

A fabulous biography on Old Jack from a Civil War historian second to none Dr Robertson is an expert and lifelong student of Jackson his dissertation was on the Stonewall Brigade and he has done exhaustive research in writing this biography It is scholarly yet easy to read and understand I got the feeling that I was right there next to Jackson as he worked, lived and fought Robertson debunks a number of myths about Jackson and his tactics that were propagated by early biographers and gives a com [...]

This very lengthy and very detailed biography of Gen Jackson is not the type of book I would typically read I have to say that if James Robertson weren t such a good writer, I wouldn t have come close to finishing the book I was particularly impressed with his description of Jackson s battles I have often found histories of battles confusing, but these Civil War battles were not only clearly described, but were extremely exciting.

I loved this book It s long, but it gives great insight into the life of Jackson and examines his spiritual life Thoroughly researched.

You have to really, really be obsessive about the minutae of the civil war, to love this book An in depth look at what drove this great man into fearless battle, including an often overlooked section on his early life Fearless, relentless, an iron spine, with a deep love of his family, Jackson put his beliefs first and foremost into preservation of the south s way of life and paid the ultimate price for it He is, in my opinion, an American hero in the truest sense, which comes through in this ri [...]

An exhaustively detailed biography of Stonewall Jackson, this book is impressive in its scholarship, depth, and the time taken to correct and sort out competing claims of previous biographers That being said, this biography didn t work for me on a few accounts.The most distracting part for me was the reverential tone that the author employed towards his subject I understand that for any biographer to spend this much time with a subject, one has to find that subject fascinating and worthy of tell [...]

I was pleasantly surprised when I began reading this to discover that, thanks to the style in which the author writes, it was remarkably easy to understand what was being said what was occurring I thoroughly enjoyed this book felt acquainted with Stonewall by the end I admire him as a person though some may disagree believe that he one of the greatest men this country has seen I would definitely recommend this piece to anyone who is interested in this phenomenal man or anyone who has to do a pro [...]

I knew next to nothing about Stonewall Jackson other than his name and that he was in the Civil War.I found out that he had many misfortunes, orphaned as a child, widowed once and lost two children.Than at the time of one of his greater victories he is shot down by his own men Nevertheless, the most memorable aspect about Jackson would be his faith in God and his dedication to doing his duty.I would probably have given it 4 stars except that during some chapters, specifically those dealing with [...]

I would have given it a 4.5 if I could A really well researched book covering his life from a boy till he crossed the river The reason I didn t give it a 5 was due to somewhat tedious start of the book covering in almost too much detail of his young life The Civil War battles were very well chronicled and written His death was handled brilliantly and touchingly I would have liked the author s take on what if stuff, but that really is not the realm of a biographer I appreciated the fact that the [...]

It was fine It was really long Did we frankly need to spend as much time as we did talking about pretty much every single thing that Stonewall Jackson ever did And given the extent of the details provide about relatively mundane things, some pretty important stuff was left out Like Robertson talks about how at the Seven Days, there were operational problems because Jackson and Lee hadn t come to think as one mind or something to that effect Robertson asserts that they eventually did by late 1862 [...]

This was one of the best biographies I have ever read Not knowing much about T.J.Jackson Stonewall except the bare facts, Robertson brought to life this very complex man Shy, reserved, self educated, West Point Graduate who struggled early in his education, he rose to supreme prominence Not well liked among his peers, his troops loved him and as he slowly proved himself, he gained the respect eventually of his fellow commanders, especially Robert E Lee His performance in the Shenandoah Valley ea [...]

For sheer scholarship, Dr Robertson s biography of Jackson will likely outlive his grandchildren Not only does Robertson elaborate every period of the General s life, but he also debunks countless Jackson myths and provides ready commentary on other Jackson biographies Robertson critiques Jackson s campaign in the Valley and defends Jackson s actions at Seven Days, thereby taking on the conventional wisdom in a helpful way This enormous biography not only describes the campaigns of Jackson s war [...]

This is a phenomenal biography of a phenomenal man Gen Thomas Stonewall Jackson is high on my list of people I d love to meet if I could go back in time I don t think the North would have won the Civil War if Jackson hadn t died, or at least have won it so quickly.The last two chapters of the book are moving, almost beyond words Gen Jackson was almost without peer in his goodness and military brilliance.One minor quibbles with the biography it s over long, about 100 pages longer than it needs to [...]

This very long book is worth the time it takes to read Thomas J Stonewall Jackson was a complex if not contradictory character He gave every evidence of being a sincere Christian, yet condoned slavery and showed no mercy to the enemy Though outwardly cold, he had great affection for his family Attended every church service he could, yet usually slept through the sermon Trusted in God, yet worried constantly about his health He was a hero to some and a villain to others, but definitely fascinatin [...]

As the subtitle suggest, Robertson takes all the reports and rumors about Jacksone life and puts forth solid arguments based on first source materials why various stories about Stonewall Jackson should be believed or discredited I enjoyed reading the various battlefeild accounts, particually since I went to college in the heart of the Shenadoah Valley But then that, I enjoyed the stories of him as an orphaned youth, struggling student, cross cultural traveler, young widower and Christian whose [...]

Very good work It is written by a PhD so big words that aren t often used I had to look up 3 and I am well read and have a MBA So be prepared for slow reading, but very insightful Not the typical hype around an American hero, but you don t come away thinking bad about him either Shows Jackson was a normal human being who struggled to find his place in the world but able to keep his head in battle.

I never really knew much about Stonewall Jackson this was a very good history of his life Fascinating man in many ways Brilliant tactician a really good thing he died when he did , very odd personality, definite zealot for his cause I have alot respect for the man after reading this book.

I think this is the best biography of Jackson ever published It s a big book, but it flows fast and examines all aspects of Jackson s life Robertson was one of the preeminent Jackson scholars until his retirement from Virginia Tech His style of writing makes this a pleasure to read as the narrative flows well throughout the entire book.

As is anything by Professor Robertson, this work was accurate, informative and meticulously researched So much information, in fact, that it overwhelmed my reptilian brain While excellent at times, this Bio is too dry and dusty too often in too many places to make it a fun or relaxing book to read For hard core Civil War and History buffs.

This man had a sincere belief in God s ever kind Providence, despite terrible hardship and the devastation of war It is impossible to study this man without studying his faith And it was his reactions and interpretations of life s events that so vividly illustrated Godly response to hardship A surprisingly perfect read for someone dealing with illness.

Where is Lee s right hand maneither asleep or missing in action.Jackson was a resolute man, yet full of contradictions Religious to a fault, who saw God s hand in every battle, yet he took up arms time after time on the Lord s day, despite his conviction to keep the Sabbath holy.

The author clearly is pro Jackson I guess you should write about people you like but by the end it really started to take away from the story I think what I most learned is that the Unions early ineptitude was far a reason for the length of the war than any Southern gallantry.

Magnificent Second only to Dabney s work.

Best biography of Stonewall Great book and great man.

Excellent, masterpiece James I Robertson presents the real Stonewall Jackson and leaves all the other books on Jackson to collect dust Well done Mr Robertson.

  • [PDF] Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend | by ↠ James I. Robertson Jr.
    165 James I. Robertson Jr.
Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend