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The Great Good Thing #(2022)

The Great Good Thing

The Great Good Thing

  • Title: The Great Good Thing
  • Author: Roderick Townley
  • ISBN: 9780756914356
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover
The Great Good Thing By Roderick Townley,

[PDF] Read ✓ The Great Good Thing : by Roderick Townley - The Great Good Thing, The Great Good Thing Sylvie had an amazing life but she didn t get to live it very often Sylvie has been a twelve year old princess for than eighty years ever since the book she lives in was first printed She s the hero

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Sylvie had an amazing life, but she didn t get to live it very often Sylvie is quite literally a character She s a princess A daring and dashing heroine And, most importantly, she s BORED She only gets to live her story when a Reader stops by and she s had to go through the same exact story for eighty years Her father the King and her mother the Queen are also trapped like thisy, they don t mind it They love the order and peace that comes from a story well performed Sylvie longs for action and a [...]

Surprise I finished my first 2018 read on the first day of the year This is a cute, sweet story A refreshing, clever and fantastical take on what happens to book characters and how stories are created and last in the mind of readers I would say this book is very appropriate for children who are getting into reading chapter books, or maybe working toward middle grade books It isn t complex or heavily written, but it includes language that is well above a beginning reader, especially with some of [...]

Knji ica koja mo e da se pro ita za sat dva i istovremeno je namenjena deci od recimo osam, devet godina i njihovim majkama bakama koje e je verovatno itati kao solidno turobniju pri u.Taunli od samog po etka barata vrlo uspe nim obrtom u pri i o pri i ne samo da njegovi junaci, likovi de je knjige, imaju ivot nezavisno od zapleta, ve se njihovo bivstvovanje u Knjizi organizuje na principu malog pozori ta koje je ve ito na gotovs ako italac otvori Knjigu u sredini, svi likovi moraju da se polome [...]

Great premise, and a wonderful beginning.However, after that it wanders hither and yon, an interesting character and a clever notion in search of a plot They never really find one.Pre teens may enjoy it older kids will probably prefer a story with of a story.

I am going to admit that by the time I got mere pages into this book I had become quite depressed At the time I read it a year or two ago I was well into the later drafts of my OWN book, The Word Changers, and felt than a little terror at the thought that what I had BELIEVED to be an original idea characters being alive in their own story had already been taken If you re a writer, you may have experienced that same terror before not fun.However, as I continued to read, I saw that this story wa [...]

The Great Good Thing is the title of the book, the storybook within the book and the deepest desire of the story s main character, Princess Sylvie, to do some great good thing We read this delightful children s fantasy tale back in 2002 as a family and I ve never forgotten it In The Great Good Thing the book s characters come to life as soon the covers of the book close Although not a novel idea, it captured my imagination at the time and I enjoyed it on this reread, although perhaps not quite s [...]

Such an adorable little book The world was fantastic, and it was such a breeze to read.

Twelve year old Princess Sylvie s storybook kingdom really is a storybook, where nothing ever changes, even the character s mad scramble to reach their places whenever the book is opened, until Sylvie discovers she can enter new worlds with the Reader, and find new adventures.I fell in love with this book upon reading the first line Sylvie had an amazing life, but she didn t get to live it very often I immediately identified with the character, as would many teenagers However, traveling between [...]

Originally posted at A Novel Idea ReviewsRating 3.5 5When the book is opened, everyone must scramble to their places and everyone must remember their lines But the first rule, and decidedly the most important, is to never look at the Reader Sylvie, a veteran at her job of being a storybook princess after being the book s main character for upwards of 80 years and throughout many Readings and Re Readings, nevertheless longs for something She has lived the same adventure so many times that she ca [...]

A pure pleasure read In this book, the characters are actually alive inside a storybook When the book is closed back up lights come on and the characters relax a bit until the next reader comes along When the reader shows up, they dash to their proper pages and recite their dialogue The princess Sylvie discovers that she can make a leap from the pages of the book into the dreams of the reader In this dream scape she actually meets the reader and becomes her friend Eventually all the characters f [...]

I vividly remember being sick with a terrible fever during Christmas break back in fourth grade, and cracking this book a Christmas present from a teacher on the couch as I rode out my light headedness When I finished the novel, I though I had dreamed it Like Italo Calvino for kids, this book treats the fourth wall as a very real construct, bridging the gap between a fictional book and a nonfictional world As a writer and an actor, even today I have fond feelings for this book and the way it mad [...]

This was a wonderful magical story I have always enjoyed the idea of what do characters do when no one is looking and I think this book played with that idea masterfully I would love to see this rendered into a film by someone who knows what they are doing The first 10 15 pages in particular are fantastic, having Sylvie run to page 3 and so on and so forth Definitely a book worth reading.

I loved the begining premise of this book That the characters in the story existed within the book and could act independantly when the book was not being read Rushing to the correct page when the book wa opened by a Reader.Unfortunately, it got confusing and convoluted and the it became so, the less interested I was and the less I enjoyed the book.I don t want to say how it become confusing because that would give spoilers.Great premise, imaginative elements, messy application.

This is another of those books I can t quite explain my liking for It s a story of book characters, their Readers, and their author.Strangely enough, both my sister and I read it when we were young and then kind of forgot about it, only to discover it years later It s one of those books that kind of slips the mind unless it s in front of you Oh, that book I loved that book What was it called I don t know if that s really a good sign or not, but I like it in some of the books I read they re alway [...]

Quite possibly one of my favorite books ever Granted, I read it as a kid and so it has some sentimental value, so my opinion is biased, but I ve reread it a million times and still enjoy it The idea that the characters in a book are but mere actors in a play, who still live after the book is closed is reminiscent of Toy Story, and holds just as much imagination Plus, the main character is independent thinking and adventurous, which I love to see in heroines.A great read overall.

A book about fictional characters living in a book, and jumping into their Reader s minds, this is a very unique book I did not enjoy this book I felt the writing was hard to follow, and the characters seemed to be for one thing in one sentence, but then we learn they actually don t feel that way in the next I also didn t have a clear description of how the characters jumped into the Reader s minds Although this was a clever idea, I didn t think the story was pieced together very well.

The wilderness is littered with forgotten stories that will never be retold Timeless, enchanting, and beautifully original Do you ever wonder what happens to your favorite characters after you stop reading their story Does the story live on after it is forgotten or does it fade away without a reader to bring it to life Step into The Great Good Thing and discover the tale of a beloved cast of characters fight for survival against the tides of memory.

I found this book at a used book sale for fifty cents, and it looked like an interesting new read Last night I read it and it was the cutest story I think this ll go on my favorites shelf Also, the one I got had a much better cover illustration.

The book was really interesting but it was a bit complicated to understand in some parts that is way this book was not my favorite I recommend this book for people who like mystery and fantasy This book was not my favorite but maybe other people might enjoy it.

A cute little story about fictional characters being truly alive To read my full review, click here.

This book is great read it read it

This book was great in the beginning, but then it became a little confusing It would switch the timeline and setting without describing it The owl was a little confusing also I kind of wish there was explanation on that too Plus, the antagonist Pingree the Jester, was he supposed to be a joke I mean making the jester into the villain must have been a joke Anyways this has been kind of a rant than a review But it is a good children s story that takes you on an adventure.

A sweet book, but I didn t finish it because it just wasn t interesting enough I probably would have absolutely loved this book at age 10, but it is clearly meant for that age I d probably even enjoy reading it to a kid, but I just skipped to the end after I read the first half because I didn t really care what happened Oh well It s been on my to read shelf for years, so at least I finally read it sort of

IDK, I didn t completely actively dislike this book so in some ways it was o.k but I also didn t like it None of the surprises were in any way surprising, it wanted to be way profound than it was, and it can t decide if it wants to push going outside your defined role to do new things or preserving the way things were.

Ahhh, that was wonderful it s a great, fun look at what happens inside a book once the Reader closes it I d never read this before and I m kinda sad I missed out on it as a young reader It really shows how passing a story on can really make a difference in so many lives, and remembering stories is a great thing for the characters to live on.

This book was really good I will probably buy it to read to my 3rd graders It s about a character in a book, Sylvie, who decides to take a look outside of her story What follows are some great adventures I think it will inspire my kiddos to become readers, writers and authors

A great idea for a children s story wish I had discovered it a long time ago I bet a print version would be better, as the audio version lost me during some of the alternate realities.

Not your typical once upon a time.

Basically a perfect little meta fictional children s book I love it.

It was alright Sorta similar to Between The Lines.

  • [PDF] Read ✓ The Great Good Thing : by Roderick Townley
    496 Roderick Townley
The Great Good Thing