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The Mountain of Adventure #(2022)

The Mountain of Adventure

The Mountain of Adventure

  • Title: The Mountain of Adventure
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9780330301770
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
The Mountain of Adventure By Enid Blyton,

✓ The Mountain of Adventure Ñ Enid Blyton - The Mountain of Adventure, The Mountain of Adventure A peaceful vacation in the Welsh mountains seems sure to keep the children out of trouble but the mystery of a rumbling mountain soon has them thirsty for adventure Philip Dinah Lucy Ann and Jack

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Came across my 2003 school reading log, so figured I should enter these books in too In the words of my ten year old self, this book was Really, really good

I ve deducted a star for racism Otherwise it s by far the best book in the series with a plot worthy of James Bond.I d thoroughly recommend it but in a modern, less offensive, version.

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Mountain of Adventure is a story I read and loved as a kid, but unfortunately I forgot both the title and author I have only just tracked these down thanks to the good folk at What s The Name of That Book group I have given it four stars based on my enjoyment of it as a child Its an amazing adventure story, filled with intrigue, excitement and humour.As an adult reader I can appreciate these elements and enjoy the story, but its hard to overlook the overt racism and sexism I m sure Enid Blyton w [...]

The fifth in the Adventure series as the title suggests it has a mountain setting in picturesque Wales as they holiday on a farm which delights Philip with so many animals around including Snowy, the kid, a slow worm and donkeys This time both Bill and their mother Allie Mannering accompanies the 4 children Philip, Dinah, Jack, Lucy Ann and not forgetting Kiki but this, of course, doesn t prevent them from finding Adventure.I like the fact that the mystery is slowly unravelled bit by bit not qui [...]

I read most of Enid Blyton s books when I was a child however, I don t remember reading this series so have been working through them Even as an adult, this was a real page turner and had me wanting to get to the end to find out what would happen I read it in two sittings and it flew by My favourite character has got to be Kiki Can t wait to read the last few books in this series.

Like all the series so far and, I expect, to come , this book has some exceptional moments but I find I can t now recall the specific bits that really gripped me, so they obviously weren t that memorable It was definitely all in the section where the children were trapped inside the mountain The claustrophobic environment is something Enid does very well, and something I have come to associate with this series There s also a very sinister aspect to the story that I thought was highly effective I [...]

Tunggu saja sampai aku sudah memakai sayap antigravitasi Itu baru benar benar ajaib PhilPetualangan di setiap buku pada seri khusus ini memang berbeda Ada yang menyenangkan ada pula yang membosankan Kalau buku ini bagi saya menyenangkan, apalagi membayangkan Ladang Kupu kupu dengan anak kambing yang patuh Sepertinya sangat lucu sekali Belum hal hal yang entah kenapa selalu membawa mereka terjerumus dalam kondisi genting, tanpa disadari Ah, kalau saya jadi Bu Manning, sepertinya saya bakalan terk [...]

Much the same as the others, not as exciting as I had expected and after reading I was still unsure of what the machines were that gave of the strange colours and noises But the characters are still keeping the story moving enough to keep you interested.

It was really good and exciting

I love Kiki

Membaca karya Enid Blyton sungguh membangkitkan memori masa kecil.Aku suka dan akan selalu suka karya beliau.Walaupun baru sekali nyobain baca petualangan 4 anak ini bersama burung kakatua mereka, ternyata lumayan juga Walaupun tak seseru saat aku membaca Lima Sekawan.Tapi aku tetap suka D

This was the first book by Enid Blyton that I actually owned It was given to me as a birthday or Christmas present when I was about 9 or 10 years old, and I loved it It featured children riding donkeys in the mountains, a mountain with caves and secret passageways, a mad scientist conducting sinister experiments, and a helicopter I read it several times.I also read several other books in Enid Blyton s Adventure series, but none were as interesting or exciting as this one The Valley of Adventure [...]

This one is totally weird, seriously It was ok but I m not so into this set of Enid Blyton kids Like usual, the girls are totally non descript and that whole no personality thing is kinda boring Anyway, two sets of brother and sisters go on holiday in the middle of nowhere in Wales with their mum adopted mum same person and some man who I can t figure out how he fits in he s not with their mum, he s like their policeman friend Whatever, he s cool and their mum hurts her hand and sadly can t go o [...]

I first read this series 20 years back when I was in school and this particular book the first time 12 years back when I was at college I picked this up for reading again recently and had almost forgotten the storyline So it was almost like a fresh read and I really enjoyed This adventure series is my favorite among Enid Blyton s work with Mystery Stories giving it a close run I like these books because they take the reader to interesting locales and the whole book feels closer to fantasy in ter [...]

Erm This book Okay So It was interesting It s the first time anything unpleasant actually occurs to the children of Enid Blyton s story, for one One of the kids gets slapped at one point On the other, the girls were slightly whiny, and I didn t appreciate the children s attitude towards the Welsh people They very actively poke fun at their guide just because he doesn t speak English I loved the parrot though, Kiki was a laugh.Oh, and Bill is so very obviously with the mum I wonder why the book d [...]

The children find a new adventure while on holidays in the Welsh mountains I don t remember reading this one back when I was a kid my least favourite from the series so far Between mad scientists, an extreme case of disappearing parent guardian syndrome even for these books and Philip s affinity for taming all kinds of animals going completely over the top, this was even farfetched than usual.

Probably my least favorite No definitely my least favorite of the Adventure series We have the same great characters of course, but the world they are in is not our world At least reading this from a modern perspective the science doesn t make sense The machines don t make sense The politics doesn t make sense The adventure doesn t make sense But my son and I dutifully read through this book until the bitter end If you have a choice, though, I recommend skipping this book.

Luke s Review This book is my favorite because its about 4 children that go for a holiday in the Welsh Mountains but they run into and adventures and become prisoners of a rumbling mountain Some parts were so exciting that I could not put the book down My favorite part of the book was when the kids were on a balcony and they overlooked a big pit they saw men moving a big slab of rock from the floor of pit to reveal a giant mass of color that they had never seen before

I remember really enjoying this as a child, and from the state of my copy I read the book to death the majority of the pages are falling out , as an adult though this really doesn t stand up The plot is incredibly far fetched and I read YA dystopia books as well as normal sci fi and fantasy and the characters are not that interesting That said I can see why a child would enjoy this as it certainly provides fodder for the imagination.

Bill is taking the four children on a holiday by plane When they get on the plane while he talks to someone at the airport, they don t realize they ve gotten on the wrong on They fall asleep and when they wake have landed in a large wide valley Bill is not there, only two evil looking thugs They steal food from their supply and hide up in the mountains, where they discover hidden treasure A memorable scene is the girls dancing behind a waterfall.

The 4 children, a goat kid and a string of donkeys get lost in the mountains of Wales and find one mountain that is stranger than any other Soon the children are wandering through corridors carved into the mountain, dodging paratroopers and an especially brainy scientist All they intended to do was find the Vale of Butterflies Their policeman friend Bill makes a nick of time rescue, but he couldn t have done it without Kiki the parrot and a pack of guard dogs.

I really liked this one, because I enjoy reading about Philip and his animal collection, and he does get so many in this novel Sally Slither, Snowy and the Alsatian dogs all play their parts, as well as the irrepressible Kiki I m not sure I have any left in this series at least that I own Sigh Why must all good things come to an end

Ini buku seri Adventure ke 2 atau ke 3 yang saya baca Pendalaman karakter di seri ini kurang, satu anak dengan anak lain ga jauh berbeda dan unik Mungkin karena saya bacanya ketika sudah dewasa, buku ini agak membosankan dan saya butuh waktu lama sekali menghabiskannya Walaupun begitu, saya menikmati aliran kata kata dari penulis dan penerjemahnya.

Like The Sea of Adventure, this lacks the epic and wonderful settings, the lifelong memorable scenes and the heart stopping sense of peril that the first three books in the series possess in abundance, but it is still a very good adventure story with plenty of hard core action and danger to keep the children busy

Just finished another adventure with my mates, this time on The Mountain of Adventure A peculiar plot indeed but as enjoyable as the rest of the series, what a fantastic way to spend a couple of weeks of summer We all wanted such wonderful adventures when we were children

Despite not being an avid Enid Blyton fan my Auntie gave me this series of books and I loved them and re read them often Less annoying than the 5 and 7 and just as predictable but strangely comforting

well,i started reading blyton after 5 years and i was not disappointedis book has that similar adventure like feeling of enid blyton s books and readers won t be disappointed if they want to read a good,small adventure book.

This book really describes child s curiosity Hiking on a mountain, riding donkeys, meeting new animal friends and camping on a mountain Which child wouldn t want to do that Overall it is really an inspiring book.

I loved to read Enid Blyton s books for children when I was a little boy As far as I can remember, her books were pretty much the only ones I read when I was about 11 years old That is why I now rated it 5 stars.

  • ✓ The Mountain of Adventure Ñ Enid Blyton
    469 Enid Blyton
The Mountain of Adventure