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Architects of the Culture of Death #(2022)

Architects of the Culture of Death

Architects of the Culture of Death

  • Title: Architects of the Culture of Death
  • Author: Donald DeMarco Benjamin Wiker
  • ISBN: 2940000702567
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Nook
Architects of the Culture of Death By Donald DeMarco Benjamin Wiker,

Architects of the Culture of Death Best Download || [Donald DeMarco Benjamin Wiker] - Architects of the Culture of Death, Architects of the Culture of Death The phrase the Culture of Death is bandied about as a catch all term that covers abortion euthanasia and other attacks on the sanctity of life In Architects of the Culture of Death authors Donald

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A great look at how we got where we are today in the secular world which for me seems so far off the mark from what we were created to be At times this was a difficult read for me Honestly, my mind doesn t think the way so many of these philosopher do did so I had to go slow to really wrap my mind around what they thought and what their motivations were At the end and overall, I would recommend this book to many like minded people like minded to myself as well as to those who I find myself engag [...]

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A great collection of the biographies of some of the folks who have led the secular humanist charge against the sanctity of human life Their pronouncements declaring social enlightenment and protestations railing against tradition, family, religion, and a basic respect for the dignity of human life, are little than thinly veiled attempts to further institutionalize the secularist agenda.

Not particularly a fun book to read, but you will want to read it for the information if you are for the right to life The book is divided into seven sections 1 The Will WorshipersArthur Schopenhauer Friedrich Nietzsche Ayn Rand2 The Eugenic Evolutionists Charles Darwin Francis Galton Ernst Haeckel3 The Secular Utopianists Karl Marx Auguste Comte Judith Jarvis Thomson4 The Atheistic ExistentialistsJean Paul Sartre Simone de Beauvoir Elisabeth Badinter5 The Pleasure Seekers Sigmund Freud Wilhelm [...]

I have read this whole book once and parts of it many times It s a great to read and then have it around for a reference You are well informed about many of these bad guys but some of these folks are highly celebrated in our cultureeven by some conservatives who apparently don t know the whole story.Understanding the negative impact on society these deviants have had is great info to have on hand when your kids study them in school.

Short chapters to give evidence to how people influenced our society Margaret Sanger, Ayn Rand, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Jean Paul Sartre, Alfred Kinsey to name a few Ayn Rand was an atheist, however, given her intellect, I think that if she were alive today and could see the development of the human in the womb, she would be anti abortion or at least, mostly anti abortion.

In spite of the religious bias, it is a pretty good book.

  • Architects of the Culture of Death Best Download || [Donald DeMarco Benjamin Wiker]
    458 Donald DeMarco Benjamin Wiker
Architects of the Culture of Death