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McKenzie #(2022)



  • Title: McKenzie
  • Author: Penny Zeller
  • ISBN: 9781603742160
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
McKenzie By Penny Zeller,

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McKenzie Best Download || [Penny Zeller] - McKenzie, McKenzie Desperate times call for desperate measures is the reasoning that prompts McKenzie Worthington a young lady of Boston s high society to respond to an ad for a mail order bride for a man in the Monta

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This Is Not a Small Thing McKenzie Worthington is a desperate woman She lives in a world of such wealth and privilege she has never even had to spoon food onto her own plate She is willing to give it all up Temporarily, at least Someone must rescue her sister from a truly terrifying marriage in the wilds of frontier Montana, but McKenzie has no reason to hope for her family s help McKenzie grew up in the comfort of Boston high society but she has known heartache The perfect man jilted her for he [...]

McKenzie by Penny Zeller is such a fantastic book It s about a mail order bride I love stories like that for many reasons The main reason is I sort of was a mail order bride.McKenzie was from a Boston family who had it all, money, a fancy home, all she would ever want So why did she become a mail order bride Usually women who don t have anything become mail order brides so they can get away from poverty.We find out McKenzie wants to find her sister who is in a very bad abusive marriage and is in [...]

I got this one as a Kindle freebie It s a Western Christian Romance, heavy on the Christian It started off really good and then about a third of the way in, I realized what a selfish brat the main character is I was just going to skim the rest of the book but for some reason I just kept reading I m really glad I did McKenzie matured and I really liked the message about marriage This made up for any deficiencies in the story The only thing that really bothered me about the story was that McKenzie [...]

McKenzie, a wealthy Boston socialite, decides that the best way to find her sister in the Montana wilderness is to become a mail order bride Her intention right from the beginning is to marry and then use any means possible to find her sister, return to Boston, have her father annul the marriage and get on with life What she doesn t expect is to be greeted with kindness and love from the man, his ranch family, and the small town Her idea of a relationship with God is attending church on Sunday a [...]

This is yet another marriage of convenience story that I really enjoyed I enjoyed seeing McKenzie and Zach s relationship blossom along with McKenzie s growing faith in God I was a little confused at first as to why a wealthy young woman couldn t just hire someone to find her baby sister instead of leaving the comforts of her home for the West and life with a stranger but it ended up working in spite of that I m really looking forward to seeing where the next story goes and I have the feeling it [...]

As a pastor, I am always intrigued how God communicates to us He uses a wide variety of ways to teach us how we should live McKenzie is one of those ways Author, Penny Zeller, has woven together the Gospel message into a very interesting and captivating story Stereotypes are addressed and broken down The foundation of marriage is examined and the reader discovers what the real foundation of marriage should be McKenzie discovers for herself what meaningful life is and learns to embrace it from he [...]

Rich, pampered McKenzie Worthington becomes a mail order bride moving from Boston to Montana for one purpose only to rescue her baby sister from a disastrous marriage She plans to have her marriage annulled and go back to Boston as soon as she can find her sister, Kaydie But things don t quite work out the way she plans Zach Taylor is a gentle, kind, strong, hardworking, faith filled rancher who is raising his adopted son, Davey I loved watching McKenzie change as she found Zach and Davey fillin [...]

While I did see room for improvements in this book, I also saw potential I will definitely be reading the second book in this series.Here are some things I thought could be better The dialogue could use some work, but that was only in some areas Occasionally it would seem a bit dramatic or over done, but that is easily fixed It seemed to miss some opportunities to bring the reader closer to the characters and what was happening in their lives Or a scene wasn t played out, when I think it should [...]

This book is as good if not better than I had hoped it would be The story is unique and I must admit that I loved it so much that I immediately plunged into the sequel Kaydie Though there are times I can t relate to McKenzie I still really grew to love her character and I also found there where times when I saw myself in her personality But I still think she s completely insane to want to leave a man like Zach LOL Personally I think that every mother out there needs to buy this book for themselv [...]

McKenzie Montana Skies 1 reminded me strongly of Janette Oke s Love Comes Softly series, with a little bit of Taming of the Shrew mixed in McKenzie Worthington, at the beginning of the story, is a spoiled, entitled young woman who believes in her own goodness because she goes to church, even if, as she admits later, it is for purely social reasons When she marries the godly man Zach Sawyer and comes to live in the town of Pine Haven, she slowly begins to discover what it means to walk with God T [...]

MACKENZIE is the first books I ve read by Penny Zeller I was given the honor of receiving her second book in this series, KAYDIE After reading what Kaydie was about and discovering it was the second book in the series, the first one about her sister s attempt to rescue her, I immediately ordered MACKENZIE Penny has quite a way with words MACKENZIE is a delightful story with wonderful characters I ve always been intrigued by mail order brides, and was pleasantly surprised by the plot The quaint t [...]

Penny Zeller brings readers a sweet love story in this historical fiction She weaves deep moral lessons into our hearts through her interesting cast of characters I particularly enjoyed Zeller s underlying themes of patience and forgiveness McKenzie paints an exceptional picture of God s vast love for us.McKenzie Worthington is a scheming Boston socialite with a goal to rescue her sister and head for home She undergoes enormous changes as she learns to express love for the people of Pine Haven a [...]

McKenzie is the first book in the Montana Series by Penny Zeller A tender romance novel that starts you out on McKenzie s journey of love, faith and hope Penny pens her characters realistic and believable in this well developed novel This is not a quick read, but one that will make you want to stay up and finish the book Recommended for all romance, Christian readers.This review is based on a complimentary copy which was provided for an honest review.

This is a beautiful story about grace and forgiveness and how God uses all things for Good.Mckenzie had her plans but God used them to accomplish his will in her life, Zach and her family.Mckenzie thought she could never love again but Zach showed hed the true meaning of love.

McKenzie Worthington is a spoiled, wealthy, socialite who is on a mission to rescue her sister from the clutches of an abusive husband Only thing is, her brother in law is on the run and the last place she knew her sister to be was in Montana territory When her best friend marries the man she thought she was destined to marry, she decides to go find and bring home her sister When a Wyoming rancher, places an advertisement in the Boston newspaper for a mail order bride, it seems the answer to her [...]

I really liked this book I like reading about peoples struggles during those times in the west McKenzie answers an advertisement for a mail order bride in order to get the funding and help to rescue her sister from her abusive criminal husband She of course doesn t tell the man whose letters she responds to that sshe is just going to be with him long enough to rescue her sister and then she is going to leavee him and get an annulment She is past the time that most of her friends are married and [...]

In the attempt to find her sister, Mckenzie Worthington answers an ad for a mail order bride in Montana because she thinks that is where Kaydie is living with her abusive husband She never intends to stay married once she finds Kaydie, but no way will McKenzie tell her husband until she s found.Since Zachary Sawyer s neighbors passed away and he adopted their son Davey, her realizes that Davy needs a mom in his life And because there are just no women in the little town in Western Montana, Zacha [...]

Most fans of romance will enjoy this first novel in the Montana Skies series about a Bostonian woman that travels out West as a mail order bride, yet has an ulterior motive.The title character of this book, McKenzie, answers an ad for a mail order bride willing to travel to Montana Territory The only thing is, she s really not all that interested in becoming a wife, much less to a complete stranger, but she is, however, in search of her sister who is trapped in an abusive marriage and also lives [...]

McKenzie, by author Penny Zeller, tells the story of the depth of one sister s love for another McKenzie Worthington loves her younger sister, Kaydie, so much that she is willing to risk everything in order to rescue Kaydie from a disastrous marriage to an abusive and evil man McKenzie goes so far as to enter into a marriage via the venue of becoming a mail order bride as a means to travel to the Montana Territory in search of her younger sister.Having come from a wealthy and privileged backgrou [...]

Because I am such a sucker for the mail order bride story, I was excited to read McKenzie The reason for McKenzie s choice to become a mail order bride added a nice twist to the story and her search for her sister added a little mystery I had a hard time connecting with McKenzie because she was so self centered in the beginning but I did learn to like her as she changed Zach was an awesome lead man and every Christian woman s dream Overall I enjoyed the book but I felt like there were definitely [...]

MCKENZIE by Penny Zeller was a good read At times it was a little slow, but overall, an enjoyable story.McKenzie Worthington, a woman of Boston s high society, is on a mission fueled by desperation Finding out her sister is in an abusive marriage in the Montana territory, McKenzie decides to leave her affluent life behind to become a mail order bride so she can get to Montana and search for her sister.Zach Sawyer, a rancher in the Montana territory, has decided that his adopted son Davey needs a [...]

Desperate times call for desperate measures In Boston in 1881, McKenzie lives the protected, cultured life of the well to do daughter of a Boston attorney Success Wealth Culture McKenzie really has a life of ease However, she is only one of three daughters in the family Peyton, the eldest, is already married and living a high society life as is expected of one in their station in life Kaydie has previously run off and married the love of her life who turned out to be a scoundrel and criminal Tha [...]

I enjoy reading historical fiction books centered on a mail order bride Something about that just really intrigues me, so I was excited when I won a copy of McKenzie, the first book in a new series, Montana Skies And Penny Zeller even added a neat and unique twist to it mail order bride McKenzie has no plans of remaining married to the man she came out west for Once she finds her sister, she has every intention of leaving him and returning to high society Boston The characters in McKenzie are so [...]

I wanted to like this book because I usually do love marriage of convenience stories, but quite honestly there was not much I found to like But let s start with the positive, shall we WHAT I LIKED Asa He was the only character that had any spark of personality or life His witty lines were easily the best dialogue in the book The story concept of a mail order bride I ve always been a sucker for these stories, I guess it s the romantic in me While there is certainly a strong focus on God, His plan [...]

I didn t really like this book I didn t even finish I got about 100 pages in before I stopped reading and I thought about stopping earlier a couple of times but was going to give myself time till when they finally met.I found the book was slow moving McKenzie and Zach only met 100 pages into the book and there wasn t a whole lot happening in the pages leading up to it It was mainly just flashbacks and having them worry about sending letters to each other Their correspondence was written in a lot [...]

McKenzie by Penny ZellerI picked up this book because of the name and because it was Christian Fiction I love Historical Christian Fiction and am partial to the name McKenzie loved the cover I also was extremely intrigued by the inside flap When I read that Penny Zeller writes with wit, brilliance, descriptive clarity, and gentle, inspirational prose She provides a plentiful supply of intrigue, romance and drama, truly enough to keep anyone reading I had to find out for myself if any author coul [...]

McKenzie is a sweet story with a wonderful character arc for the female lead McKenzie learns about life, love, and most importantly about the Lord through her adventure to find her sister in 1880s Montana Zack Sawyer, the rancher who advertises for a mail order bride, reminded me of the male lead in Francine River s Redeeming Love He is a man of character, faith, and steadfast in his relationship with the Lord This book is very appropriate for young teens and still a page turner for adults.I m g [...]

Penny Zeller writes Montana Skies series with book 1 McKenzie Desperate times call for Desperate measures thus, McKenzie chooses to become a mail order bride and go from her big city Boston living to the wild west in search of her sister whom she feels is in danger she feels desperate to find and bring her home again.Desperate is the reasoning that prompts Zach Sawyer to let himself be talked into writing a letter for a wifehe needs someone to share his life with but then that his adopted son D [...]

I thought this book was heart warming and inspiring It really showed what a mess we are when we don t have a personal relationship with God I liked how she took Mckenzie s character through the process of just simply knowing God, to having a deeper relationship with Him She was able to see the changes in her thoughts and personality I think all Christians could relate to that process, because God takes us all through it, so we can be transformed into the person He wants us tobe.I thought the sto [...]

Though the story seemed a little sporadic at times, I really enjoyed Penny s completely different twist on the concept of mail order brides McKenzie Worthington and Zachary Sawyer first meet via her letter answering his notice for a mail order bride it s the beginning of a tentative relationship, sight unseen They don t fall in love at the drop of a hat, but go about getting to know one another thru steady correspondence over the next couple of months When McKenzie and Zach do finally meet, neit [...]

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