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Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder #(2022)

Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder

Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder

  • Title: Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder
  • Author: Jerry Bledsoe
  • ISBN: 9780451401496
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder By Jerry Bledsoe,

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Ö Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder ✓ Jerry Bledsoe - Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder, Bitter Blood A True Story of Southern Family Pride Madness and Multiple Murder In this powerful and riveting tale of three families connected by marriage and murder of obsessive love and bitter custody battles Jerry Bledsoe recounts the shocking events that ultimately took nin

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DNFI love big books, but at 1072 pages on my laptop, this was a chore to read, and with 100 pages to go I abandoned it.Firstly, the number of people in this book, some of them adding nothing to the story, is mind boggling, and it was exhausting trying to keep track of everyone I had to keep a notepad and pen beside me and at one point I honestly contemplated doing a family tree.Marjorie, a church friend of Tom Lynch s mother, Dolores, makes an appearance in the first 322 pages and then is never [...]

Read this because it takes place in my hometown and surrounding areas My family knew the Klenners, which made this an exciting read, but the prose style was lackluster and the structuring of sections of the story was tedious and hard to get through the author gave every character s whole biography before explaining any of their relevance It took about a hundred pages before the story felt like it properly began.

If you have unlimited time and patience, you might enjoy this book You will get excruciating details of every acquaintance who ever interacted with the primary characters, every trip they ve ever taken, and every vitamin they ve ever popped Seriously And just when you think there s nothing left to tellere s another 5 chapters of aftermath I wish I d never started this book

I like true crime stories, and I started reading this book I think because the murders were based in my home state, North Carolina I very good book to read if you like true crime novels It s a bit slow going first, but it gets better and turns out to be a real page turner.

True Crime Commemoration 2Setting 1980s oldham co KY and Winston Salem NC

First of all, like many of the true crime books I read which were marketed and released before the Serial Jinx Making a Murderer era, this book s graphic design is humiliating and stupid There s a dumb drawing of a car on the front, as like, the dominant image For no reason Like yes, there are cars in the book but in my opinion that s not actually the scariest thing they could have chosen Then, the the tag, before the summary of the book, on the back, in huge letters, is THE DYING BEGAN ON A SUN [...]

Blood on their handsI read many books in true crime, and I m usually sad afterwards, but this story made me so angry My heart goes out to Tom Lynch I highly doubt Susie was controlled by Fritz, or anyone else, in fact it sounds like she was controlling everyone and everything her entire life She was nothing but a spoiled, selfish bitch Shame on her family for sitting back and doing nothing and making excuses for her, while 2 small boys suffered emotional abuse and brainwashing at her hands And f [...]

Unbelievable story, I could not stop reading The author introduces you to several family members of this prominent South Carolina family Each has their own unique quirks but all are very socially conscious since one family member is the first female judge in the court with a reputation to uphold The story opens with the first unexplained murder of the family matriarch and her daughter There is no obvious reason for the killing and the investigation goes nowhere, initially I read this 700 pages i [...]

I read this years ago when it was serialized in the News and Record A remarkable piece of writing and all the enthralling by the fact that it took place where I lived I would highly recommend it.

Well written, disturbing and memorable, this is a true crime novel definitely worth reading.

I ve been rereading a few classic true crime books Some hold up well and deserve the classic term, others are too much a product of their times to resonate today Bitter Blood is, thankfully, a true classic Arguably Jerry Bledsoe s best book it is the result of newspaper articles he wrote at the time of the murders His personal desire to explain the tragedy is evident on nearly every page as is his ultimate frustration at his inability to find finite answers to all that took place.The story of Su [...]

This book has immense details surrounding tragic family murders.It is one of the most bizarre true crime stories I have read.I do believe a lot could have been done by law enforcement to prevent the final tragedies.Prayers go out to all survivors my personal opinion lack of awareness and acceptance of mental illness play a huge part in how things exploded into an unfixable situation.It is hard to identify mental illness,especially in prominent families where a problem such as crazy just doesn t [...]

I read this book on the recommendation of my dentist who went to dental school with Janie Newsome This was my first true crime book, and maybe my last I m used to fiction and found this very dry and very clinical History on every family member, every detective, judge, lawyer, neighbor, counselor, and reporter I think he even covered the guy at the car wash Okay, maybe it wasn t that bad, but I started skimming pages about 1 2 way thru Maybe all true crime books are like this Now I know.

There is a thing as too much information I didn t need to know about the churches that each member of the police force belonged to Yawn.On the other hand, the story was intriguing if a bit grisly Certainly, it would be hard to develop a fiction as odd as this The family tree helped and the photos were illuminating Living in Greensboro definitely made it interesting.

This was the most tedious book I ve every tried to read Can t believe I even made it through 225 pages I did not need all that itty bitty teeny tiny background information on relatives that went back 2 generations and spanned chapter after chapter that had very little to do with the murders I ll just Youtube the TV movie and move on to with a better use of my reading time.

If I could give this one than 5 stars I would awesome read and scary someone could think and do these things If you think you have a nutty family, be grateful This one was normal too, except for a few explosive personalities that found one another or rubbed each other the wrong way If I didn t have such a long reading list, I d read this one again

Dull as dishwater This ought to be an interesting story, about a greedy woman who kills one family member after another to get to their money, but I didn t even finish it.

Couldn t get into it.

Yasssssss This is true crime at its finest.

Many years ago I got drawn into a movie on television that was really long, and seemed to be based on true events, and then at the end it sounded like it wasn t, but it was, and it was this book, and a story this convoluted probably needed a movie that long.I have seen some complaints about the book length, but I like the rich details Family is an important theme, so time is spent on family, and there are long histories here Some things probably could have been trimmed, but a lot of the detail a [...]

Excellent This is a very involved TC book about murder among family ignored warning signs ,mental illness and and prominent southern family.Hard to put down impossible to believe.Truth sometimes is stranger than fiction.

Very detailed account of a very tragic series of events I purposely did not research this story outside of this book and let the author reveal the story to me I was not disappointed Shocking and almost unbelievable if you didn t know this was a true story I especially appreciated the author s detailed account of the months and years following these events for all of the people involved An oldie but a goodie

This book tells the facts as they are, and not the ones we want to hear This is not a negative for a true account book, just that it is a terribly sad set of facts Bitter Blood covers the story of a family entrenched in the traumatic events of multiple murders within their family by two of their own It is chilling.

What a shocker How could they not see this coming I a was glued to the pages of this book I don t often read true crime, but this one is a real attention grabber and heart breaker After reading all of it I still wonder how this could ve happened.Excellent read, amazing and tragic.

Good readGood readvery well researched, left you wondering sad to think that people like these two murderers exist, it s scary would recommend if into true crime.

read this for part of the curriculum for a criminology class really good case study that reads like a novel.

Interesting true life crime drama Lots of names to try and keep track of Sad story but well written.

Let s get the bad news out of the way first Jerry Bledsoe s Bitter Blood is a bloated doorstop of a book 573 pages of often superfluous information about the family trees of several of the characters complete with detailed biographies of the forebearers and replete with observations by bystanders again with biographical material who are at best secondary and at worst totally irrelevant to the story.Now Having said that, if you can wade through the impedimentia, there s a helluva story there It s [...]

I was very excited to start reading this book Very soon I was disappointed It s insanely long and there s honestly no reason for that In my opinion at least 300 pages could have been left out There s no reason for the insane amount of backstory involved in this book I don t need to know about everyone s church affiliations and who they were friends with especially if the friends don t even have any involvement with the main story I honestly only finished the book because I refuse to stop reading [...]

If I continue reading this ENDLESS BOOK with TOO MUCH INSIGHT and HISTORY of family selfish arrogant people in it, I will be AS NUTTY AS THEY ARE I QUIT, I can t deal with it I really appreciate characters with DEPTH that provides INSIGHT I also enjoy books that almost transport you in time and place but THIS IS TOO MUCH I don t wanna know their bodily functions like getting the runs after a hit on somebody There may indeed be people interesting enough to know in depth but these people ain t it [...]

  • Ö Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder ✓ Jerry Bledsoe
    110 Jerry Bledsoe
Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder