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Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades #(2021)

Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades

Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades

  • Title: Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades
  • Author: Cory Levine
  • ISBN: 9780785143246
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades By Cory Levine,

[PDF] Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades | by ✓ Cory Levine - Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades, Women of Marvel Celebrating Seven Decades For seventy years Marvel Comics has been chronicling the adventures of heroes across the world and now it s time for the heroines to shine Featuring your favorite fighting females from across the dec

Recent Comments "Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades"

This was a pretty enjoyable read There were some parts that bothered me by means of sexism, however I got over it upon reminding myself that those certain parts were written a long time ago when it was very common I also wasn t very fond of the few romance comics that this graphic novel contained But other than that, I had fun reading Women of Marvel For the most part, it had a lot of characters that I have either now learned about or learned than I previously knew about Overall, not a bad read [...]

It was fun reading Marvel stories from seven decades Although, since artwork is one of the biggest reasons I read comics, I have to say I m glad to see the artwork evolve so much This is a great collection, and I always love seeing women featured in comics because it just doesn t happen enough.Full review here marvelreader 2011

I had expected a book of essays due to not taking a close look in the Half Price before snapping it up what I got was full reprints of seminal and not so seminal issues of Marvel comics which introduce or illustrate female characters.Once I adjusted to this, I really enjoyed it As a reader who came in to comics in the 90s, it was great to be able to see some of the earlier moments in Marvel without having to buy innumerable TPBs Other than that, however, there s not much I can say about this vol [...]

Great collection I was exposed to many amazing ladies and their stories.

Boy, some of those romance 1950 s female lead comics were justwow yeah i m so glad i wasn t alive back then.

If ever there was a comic compilation to give five stars to, this would be it As a female and a comic book fan, you come to know that most comics are geared towards young males and that there are far fewer female super heroes than male super heroes However, this collection celebrates the Women of Marvel and spotlights many of the comic powerhouse s most beloved female super heroes, as well as giving us some looks at the super heroes and women driven comics of yesteryear You get to relive some of [...]

This was great because I m having to re learn basically EVERYTHING over again and this showed the beginnings of a lot of the major characters as well as re introducing me to some of the characters I had forgotten and LOVED being reminded of I am, of course, talking about X 23 AKA Laura AKA Wolverine s Clone Daughter Sister Whatever they are, I loved their relationship, and I m definitely going read that whole series as soon as I can get my hands on it WHY DOES THE LIBRARY REFUSE TO CATALOGUE COM [...]

Oh how far and yet not so far have we come in the race to equality From the time when an independent broad was deemed to be dangerous, to the now modern super heroes whose busts just seem to be getting bigger and bigger this collection of comics is an interesting example of how the mostly male comic writers and illustrators view women.I found the really early comics very difficult to read, the entrenched stereotyping was difficult to deal with, but I wonder now, how far we have actually come and [...]

Excellent cross section of Marvel women We have come so far and in some ways hardly at all There is a site drawing male superheros in female poses I wish they would also do the converse I wish there was commentary about the portrayal of women in comics consisting of what their powers are, their dress uniform, how they are drawn and their story lines Compare and contrast to men.

Most useful as probably the only way that Shanna the She Devil, The Cat and Night Nurse would ever be collected by Marvel the 3 star rating is based upon that alone be warned that some of the later material is incredibly poor and should never have been reprinted.

A hodgepodge of stories celebrating 70 years if Marvel Super heroines, I really enjoyed the variety presented in this omnibus and liked the choices in what to include in this omnibus I woyld recommend tis to anyone interested in female superheroes and interesting ones that don t get a lot of buzz.

Interesting to see changes over the years in art and story I was struck by the sameness of it all, though, the wisecracking hero and the dull evil of villains.

  • [PDF] Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades | by ✓ Cory Levine
    250 Cory Levine
Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades