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Heat #(2022)



  • Title: Heat
  • Author: Arthur Herzog III
  • ISBN: 9780595271498
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
Heat By Arthur Herzog III,

Heat Best Read || [Arthur Herzog III] - Heat, Heat With uncanny skill Arthur Herzog best selling author of The Swarm and Earthsound has blended fiction and fact into a terrifying and highly plausible story of the near future a time when tensions mou

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Somewhere in a secret underground laboratory, Lawrence Pick an engineer who predicted and analyzed large scale calamities that might affect the national security of the United States gathers startling evidence that the world s weather may be rapidly changing, as a prelude to a fundamental alteration in global climate They call him an alarmist a gloomy, anxious pessimist Lawrence resented the label, but for himself and a team of equally skilled scientists, the evidence is irrefutable When the evi [...]

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Set in the late 20th century, this story is shows how the world becomes dystopian in a span of a few months And it is one man s job or so he thinks to save the world from a runaway greenhouse.I thoroughly enjoyed the book, although i was baffled at some places by the human response behavior the author imagined But that may be so, because this story is of a dystopian society, and I am none the expert on it There are several opinions expressed by the author, which may be his own or from the scient [...]

A ridiculous book in many ways, with ridiculous characters doing ridiculous things It s a quick and easy read, though, and I enjoyed this for its cheap cheesy camp value The sexism is egregious, and that will be a show stopper for some readers While not a good book, it is notable for a couple reasons.1 There is a smattering of science in this fiction I mean actual, honest to goodness citations from contemporary nonfiction publications Footnotes right in the text I don t recall seeing that in any [...]

Arthur Herzog s Heat 1977 has a high novelty factor, in that it s a 40 year old novel that speculates about one of the most controversial issues of our time global warming climate change Despite that novelty, however, there s not a whole lot to recommend Heat Apart from a couple great sections in the last fourth of the novel that cast a sociological eye on a warming event, most of the narrative is scientists in rooms, talking The prose and expertise on display are impressive, but Heat s lack of [...]

it took a long time to get the main point and when it did it kept dragging on The idea was great but it could have been done better.

  • Heat Best Read || [Arthur Herzog III]
    297 Arthur Herzog III