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Footsteps in the Dark (Country House Mysteries) #(2021)

Footsteps in the Dark (Country House Mysteries)

Footsteps in the Dark (Country House Mysteries)

  • Title: Footsteps in the Dark (Country House Mysteries)
  • Author: Georgette Heyer
  • ISBN: 9781402217944
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
Footsteps in the Dark (Country House Mysteries) By Georgette Heyer,

Footsteps in the Dark (Country House Mysteries) Best Read || [Georgette Heyer] - Footsteps in the Dark (Country House Mysteries), Footsteps in the Dark Country House Mysteries What begins as an adventure soon becomes a nightmareLocals claim it is haunted and refuse to put a single toe past the front door but to siblings Peter Celia and Margaret the Priory is nothing tha

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for those fans of cozy mysteries, particularly the ones featuring goofy aristocrats stuck in an eerie mansion with murder in the background and light banter constantly in the foreground, please ignore the 2 stars this is a 4 star book for you a group of la di da, fiddle dee dee upper class English types, their aunt, and couple of their servants take over a Bad House with a Bad History for their summer vacation haunting and terrorizing them is the dreaded, maybe a ghost Monk, who apparently has a [...]

It is books like this that cause me to remember why I love mysteries so much I had so much fun reading this It was a little like reading a grown up version of a Nancy Drew, only with some Agatha Christie like elements.Think meetsand you have an idea of what I m talking about.Footsteps in the Dark is, I believe, Heyer s first attempt to pen a murder mystery, and though some would argue that it lacks the polish of her later mysteries, I think it s the best of the eight I ve read so far I appreciat [...]

A solid 4.5 stars My very first Heyer mystery This is cause for celebration Also my first cozy mystery in ages, and it s now got me hooked on the genre More celebration I really, really enjoyed myself with Footsteps in the Dark It was spooky, exciting, suspenseful, and just plain good fun The mystery was rather easy to solve it didn t take me long to figure out the villain s identity, and who was actually on the good side , but it still kept me on edge and turning the pages in excited anticipati [...]

Vintage Scooby Doo episodes, while fun to watch when you re bored and there s nothing else on TV, presented a lot of annoyances to me when I was younger First there was that period where the episodes featured nonsensical guest stars oh man, did anyone else see that episode where the gang solves a mystery with Batman and Robin , and then there s the fact that these kids always seemed to have the exact wrong response when faced with a monster or ghost or whatever an average sized mummy or ghost or [...]

Pleasant if not hugely innovative mystery of the hapless folk move into house with mysterious goings on set up In this case, sisters Celia and Margaret and their brother Peter inherit a large old home where they used to visit their aunt as children They stay there on vacation, along with Celia s husband Charles and a widowed aunt of the sensible rather than skittish variety Villagers tell them ghost stories but they suspect human causes for the strange noises interrupting their holiday Especiall [...]

I ve been on a Georgette Heyer kick recently both rereading a few of her Regency Romances and also trying her murder mysteries for the first time I enjoy how she brings her light, engaging tone, snappy dialogue, mayhem and romps, and quirky characters into her murder mysteries like she did her historical romance I m not sure exactly the time frame, but I think this one was 20 s era.The setting was English country house village and centered around a family inheriting an old estate that was once a [...]

3 1 2 Stars I must say this was better than my last Heyer mystery The last, No Wind of Blame, was dull and yawnifying Yes, I just coined that But this one was a great improvement The characters were interesting and a bit happens Nonetheless, it s still a bit slow and there were moments where I just wanted things to happen FASTER Peter, Margaret, Ceila and her husband Chas have inherited an old run down priory They are enchanted with the idea that it has a history with a resident ghost, as all [...]

And now to the lighter side of a murder mystery Some Bright Young Things inherit the Priory which has been sitting empty since their relative has died After they move in, they hear from the villagers and their butler that the house is haunted by The Monk It does not help that the house has spooky cellars and creaking stairs but no electricity or phone Of course, none of them believe in ghosts but the fun begins as they start to hear strange noises and see weird things in the dark and their aunt [...]

This was the first of Heyer s mysteries and it shows Heyer apparently did not want it to be re published so it can be presumed that she wasn t that keen on it, or at least that she recognised its weaknesses And weaknesses it has There s little character development not that too much character development is to be expected in such a novel , the crime is a bit unconvincing and the resolution a bit pat However, it exhibits some of the classic Heyer strengths strong dialogue albeit not quite as witt [...]

Georgette Heyer suppressed some of her early books, presumably because she wasn t happy with them These include Simon the Coldheart deadly dull The Great Roxhythe unintentionally very funny her contemporaries Helen was so terrible I feel no desire to seek out the other three I believe GH also suppressed this one for a time, so I approached this read with some trepidation But I need not have worried This book certainly isn t a masterpiece some of the writing is very jolly hockey sticks dictionary [...]

I am sorry to say I am giving up on this I gave it a good go 185 pages but I m just not feeling it, basically, well, its torture I know Don t hate me It may just be the mood I m in I am a firm believer in last book dictates present mood but it may just not be my style of writing Cest la vie.A side note The print size is rather HUGE in these GH mysteries A strange complaint probably but I find it very awkward reading larger type, it makes my eyes bug I think if the font was smaller I would have m [...]

Footsteps in the Dark was a fun mystery by Georgette Heyer Three siblings inherit an estate in the English countryside and they decide to spend their vacation there The heirs, along with their spinster aunt and the husband of one of the women, arrive at the country house only to find out that it s haunted Of course, this is all taken to be a local legend until things begin to go bump in the night, shadowy figures prowl the grounds in the evenings and there s a murder.It was an enjoyable read and [...]

Nee Nicht mein BuchDas Cover hat mich sehr angesprochen und auch die Inhaltsangabe verspricht Grusel Doch leider hatte ich meine Probleme mit dem Schreibstil, den Charakteren und auch der fehlenden Spannung Ein Gruselfaktor kam nur auf, wenn ich dieses Buch im dunkeln und in v lliger Stille gelesen habe Doch unter Gruselfaktor ist da zu verstehen, dass mich meine Gedanken, und nicht das Buch gruselten Leider konnte mich das Buch nicht berzeugen und so vergebe ich hier 2 Sterne Die Idee hinter de [...]

More than a little silly, but a fun and mildly diverting read Like Hannah, I kept harking back to my childhood favorite Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase I loved all the 1930 period details, the hidden passages and Gothic goings on, but the plot was clunky and the four main characters never really came alive for me Nancy Drew would never have been as foolish as the Celia and Margaret I m definitely planning to read of Georgette Heyer s mysteries this was her first and my expert GR friends say [...]

I allowed an early prejudice against Heyer s mysteries to prevent me from reading most of them at all, yet I found this very pleasant and entertaining While the characters were not as well developed as those in her historical novels and, indeed, seemed a bit cliched , the book compares favorably with some Ngaio Marsh and Patricia Wentworth titles.

You ve read this book before and deftly executed A married couple and the wife s brother and sister go on vacation holiday in Britspeak in a run down pile out in the country with a reputation for being haunted By Chapter 2, the husband, Charles Malcolm, and his intrepid brother in law, Peter Fortescue, have realized that the ghost is a ruse by an all too real adversary When the police prove less than useless, the brothers in law begin sleuthing on their own.Admittedly, I didn t figure out who t [...]

What a great crime novel I am a long standing Georgette Heyer fan I love her books Her stories were always so incredibly well drawn, her characters unforgettable She is one of the very few authors with many, many books in one genre who didn t have types in the sense of recurring schemes or personalities And this classic and clean crime novel is no exception The dialogues and the cheerful sense of humor made it very entertaining.The characters were drawn through their actions, their speeches and [...]

A breezy quartet Celia Malcolm and her husband Charles, plus Celia s siblings Peter and Margaret Fortescue inherit a gloomy old pile some distance out of London, and decide to inhabit it with their elderly maiden aunt despite the lack of mod cons and despite the ghost that the locals tell them haunts the place.Cue creaks and groans, apparitions in the night Things get mysteriouser and mysteriouser, and it s evident that some of those locals aren t exactly what they present themselves to the wor [...]

For a book set in a big old country house with tons of rooms, a big cellar and with attached church ruins it s surprisingly weak on setting I d have appreciated some description of the village and the house and just anything but there s very little at all The characterisation is also really weak, the main family of characters is totally interchangeable and the others are stereotypes, which at least makes them distinct The French artist character is borderline offensive I feel he s intended to b [...]

Siblings Peter, Margaret and Celia, and Celia s husband, Charles have inherited an old priory in the English countryside Celia tells Charles it s like getting a country house for nothing, but Charles, a lawyer, is skeptical the house is huge and rambling and lacks electricity Then there are the rumors of a mysterious and dangerous ghost known as the Monk who haunts the Priory Their aunt, Mrs Bosanquet, is convinced The Monk is an actual ghost,Charles and Peter are skeptical When they hear footst [...]

Bumping my 2.5 star rating up to 3 because it is Georgette Heyer Footsteps in the Dark was slow and boring at the beginning but picked up as the book went on 3 siblings Peter, Margaret, and Celia inherit an old country house from a distant relation and, along with Celia s husband Charles and an old aunt, decide to take an extended vacation However, soon their stay is interrupted by strange occurrences and weird noiseslocal lore says the place is haunted Determined not to be scared away, the sibl [...]

Georgette Heyer weaves a wonderfully fun mystery here Abandoned for some time, and newly inherited by three siblings, Peter, Celia and Margaret, the Priory makes a perfectly spooky setting for this cozy mystery The estate has a ghost, hidden passages, creaking floorboards and eerie sounds wafting up from the cellars I enjoyed meeting the entire cast of memorable characters Along with the siblings, Celia s husband, Charles and Mrs Bosanquet, an aunt, move into the old place with their butler and [...]

It is really important to remember this is a piece of juvenilia in fact Heyer suppressed subsequent editions for some years If you want to read a Heyer mystery, this is most certainly not the one to start with It is also not for the modern reader Think Famous Five for adults However, if you enjoy Buchan and early film noir, where blood isn t split, and wonderful Oxbridge accents everywhere, then this will be a fun book for you.I did guess the evil doer quite early on so played along until Heyer [...]

This story took a bit for me to get into, but I still marvel at Heyer s writing She stretches out her descriptions, in an almost CS Lewis kind of way She is a whiz at dialoging about nothing She captures people s normal way of life and the things people say everyday so well Overall, I think it s a very engrossing murder mystery plot Heyer knows her corners to cut in stories The middle and ending are written very well Her 20 s, 30 s dialog is very good too It is very cinematic and I could almost [...]

Not my favorite, but still witty Three adult siblings inherit a rambling old house called The Priory, which has a reputation for being haunted At first they re excited about fixing it up, but pretty soon strange perhaps ghostly goings on begin to make them nervous When a murder occurs, they can t help but wonder if there really is a malevolent ghost after all I didn t find the mystery as engaging as others, but there s an aunt who occasionally comes out with comments that made me shriek with lau [...]

On this reread my 4th , I have decided that this is really 3 stars not 4 so I am downgrading it I still like this romantic suspense type mystery but the romance angle in this one is pretty slapdash So surprising for a Heyer book too

Schritte im Dunkeln von Georgette Heyer bekommt von mir 3 Sterne.Der Roman beginnt direkt im Piory, also dem Geb ude, in dem sich unsere Geschichte abspielt Somit wird dem Leser auch direkt erkl rt, wer die Figuren sind,warum sie da sind und was es mit dem Priory auf sich hat Es bedarf als keiner langen Einleitung, die dem Leser alles vorkaut, sondern ein gut geschriebener Anfang reicht.Die tats chliche Geschichte beginnt mit Interaktionen zwischen den Figuren und wir lernen sie dadurch alle gle [...]

I was sadly disappointed in this one, and had it not been a Georgette Heyer I wouldn t have persisted.I have read quite a few of Heyer s mysteries, I absolutely adored them when I was younger, and though they ve dated a bit they are still fun This one isn t There s no detective, the main protagonists are brother and brother in law, with a staunch sister and a screaming sister and a bland aunt in the background There s a host of yokels and a clodhopper policeman, a sprinkling of clich d village p [...]

Witty, comical and entertaining, my first Heyer s mystery I enjoyed it.

Footsteps in the Dark is a very welcome return to Georgette Heyer s usual breezy, comic mystery style far removed from the dark and brooding Penhallow which I just recently finished.In this one, Peter, Margaret and Celia inherit a rambling, run down old house from their uncle Despite its lack of modern conveniences, they think it has a certain charm At least they do until the locals start telling them stories of The Monk who is supposed to haunt the ancient priory mansion And then they start hea [...]

  • Footsteps in the Dark (Country House Mysteries) Best Read || [Georgette Heyer]
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Footsteps in the Dark (Country House Mysteries)