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Say Goodnight, Gracie #(2021)

Say Goodnight, Gracie

Say Goodnight, Gracie

  • Title: Say Goodnight, Gracie
  • Author: Julie Reece Deaver
  • ISBN: 9780833541307
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
Say Goodnight, Gracie By Julie Reece Deaver,

[PDF] Say Goodnight, Gracie | by ↠ Julie Reece Deaver - Say Goodnight, Gracie, Say Goodnight Gracie Morgan and Jimmy were kids together whirling around the porch on hot summer days They ve been friends forever and by now they know each other inside out They do everything together from cutting high

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I read this book when I was in the 5th grade, and even after 14 years I still remember this as one of my favorite books I only read it the one time, so I don t remember all the details of the book I cannot tell you how well it was written, but I remember being so connected to the story that it had me in tears One of those books that make you sad when its over I have books like this, that I read as a child, to thank for my love of getting lost in the story of a book.

Reviewed by Steph for TeensReadTooJimmy and Morgan have been friends all of their lives After seventeen years of friendship, the two know everything about each other There is no one in the world that knows as much about Morgan as Jimmy does He knows how to calm her, how to make her brave, and how to make her laugh But after Jimmy is killed in a car crash, Morgan has a big void in her life one that used to be occupied by Jimmy s friendship The road to recovery is hard for Morgan She doesn t know [...]

I read this book over and over and over when I was in 9th grade I loved it so much I named my daughter after the main character, Morgan

A quick, easy read, but one of my all time favorites Within the first few pages, the author tells you that Jimmy is going to die an untimely death Yet, I have read this book over and over, hoping that the outcome will change It is a heart wrenching story of best friendships and tragic loss and how both things truly change a person I am no literary critic, so the writing might be terrible, but all I know is that you fall in love with the characters and feel for them every page of the way I end up [...]

My favorite book of all time I have read this book probably seven or eight times and I have loved it again and again It is a story about a friendship that was supposed to last a lifetime until a car crash takes Jimmy away The rest of the story features how Morgan tries to go on with life and cope with the death of her best friend If you have a heart, this book will make you cry I think that the main reason why I loved this book so much was the fact that I felt it had certain parallels to my frie [...]

It s been years since I read this book, and it s still one of my favorites It s the one book that s made me cry every time I read it, and while the details of the story haven t stuck with me, the emotions that it brought up have This is a book that makes you appreciate the people in your life, miss the ones you ve lost, and make you wish you had a friend that has been there for you for your entire life It s a little different even from just having a best friend who loves you despite and knows yo [...]

I read this book when I was in Middle School I m not going to lie I cried towards the end when that very sad event happened This is me trying to not include spoilers I ve read a lot of books in my lifetime, and it really speaks volumes when I am able to remember one of them I don t have the best memory For some reason, I have never forgotten Say Goodnight, Gracie This story has stuck with me like few stories have I deeply recommend that you enjoy this novel as well.

I read this book for the first time in the 8th grade I went to the library and checked it out every year for about 10 years I cried like a baby every time I read it Now I own Say Goodnight Gracie and I still read it from time to time Maybe for nostalgic reasonsbut it s been one of my favorites for years.

This is one of the best books ever.Everyone I know who has read the book after I recommended it liked it Why is there no electronic version of this book

While I really enjoyed this book, I feel I would have enjoyed it if I had read it before reading Looking for Alaska by John Green, which deals with many of the same themes in what I feel is a sophisticated and true to life way That said, in terms of reading level and subject matter, I think Say Goodnight, Gracie would be great for a younger teen audience, say 12 14.

Knowing what you have to lose, but risking the loss anyway That s what it s all about , personally I think that s a amazing sentence that I found in the last page of the book This book is a sad story but warm and peaceful book It talks about a terrible accident brought a girl s life best friend away, and she suddenly has to face her life all alone.

This book had me crying so hard in middle school Another one of my sister s that I stole from her shelf I felt so connected to the character and kept reflecting my best guy friend in hers Good for the age where you start taking life slightly seriously middle school and helps with learning to deal with pain.

Though I haven t read this book in ages, I remember feeling attached to this book for years It was my favorite book for the longest time growing up, and always be at the top of my list This story brings you into the shear pain of losing the one person who truly understood you and loved you for you I recommend this book to all.

This is a sweet book, about love and grief I fell in love with Jimmy, even though I knew his end was near, but not so much with Morgan, although I m not sure why I wish grief was as easy and simple as this book leads you to believe but it s not At least, it isn t for me.

Finishing a book like this on your lunch break when you ve still got 3 hours to go is a terrible idea Just in case anyone was wondering.

One of my long time favorite books

The book Lexile number is 580L.

AMAZING No to say.

i read this book in the 6th grade I ve always been a fan of reading but this is the first book that has ever made me cry I could read this book everyday all day if I had to it is an amazing book.

This book was heartfelt, gutwrenching, wonderful

This was my favorite book as a childearly teens I reread it as an adult and wasn t so impressed but I gave it 5 stars for nostalgia.

Really awesome book, liked how it tells of this girls life and problems

I read this when I was in 7th grade Besides the Harry Potter books this is the only book I remember reading back in middle school It was an amazing book that had me in tears.

I read this book when I was in middle school It is such a great story that I still remember to this day.

One of the best weepies ever IMHO I don t remember a whole lot of the story, but I do remember having to keep from sobbing loudly on the subway in NYC.

Re read this book for the first time since high school or maybe it was middle school Changed my rating to 5 stars Beautiful book Originally posted on hello, chelly The good I was probably 12 or 13 the first time I read this book It was one of the mature young adult books I had ever read back then and I remember it having this profound effect on me Then I forgot about it until recently I don t even know why but I kept thinking about this book all of a sudden so I decided to re read it And wow, w [...]

Say Goodnight Gracie by Julie Reece Deaver is a heartwarming story about the importance of friendship and teaches you to stay strong even if the impossible happens This story which is told from the perspective of Morgan has many twists and turns and you won t want to put the book down Morgan and Jimmy are best friends, and do absolutely everything together They are always there for each other, and even though there are some bumps on the road they help each other get through hard times They are i [...]

This book was really fascinating to read It talks about the way a typical young person would react to a close friend s death Although the main character, Morgan, is seventeen years old, there are many times when she seems like she is eleven This comes from the way the author writes, as well as the way the character acted and responded to her friend Jimmy dying I think the author wrote this book to teach young kids that it is okay and normal to be upset when someone you love, passes away The genr [...]

I read this book for reading Olympics I love it I feel so bad for Morgan I cry during the whole book I know, I know, I m a cry baby But I don t care This book is so beautifully written it touch my heart and made me think that you will lose someone you love and need to get over them but never forget them.Oh and make sure you

Classic.It occurred to me some time ago that the original copy I had from my childhood, was missing I recently ordered the 20th am I really THAT old anniversary copy from.This is one of the very first books that I ever really, truly loved as a child It made me laugh, made me cry, and inspired something visceral in me about the importance of telling a good story I am now an English student, with a focus on creative writing, and I draw from the experiences and reactions I had to this story frequen [...]

  • [PDF] Say Goodnight, Gracie | by ↠ Julie Reece Deaver
    182 Julie Reece Deaver
Say Goodnight, Gracie