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True Irish Ghost Stories #(2022)

True Irish Ghost Stories

True Irish Ghost Stories

  • Title: True Irish Ghost Stories
  • Author: St. John D. Seymour Harry L. Neligan
  • ISBN: 9781435117938
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover
True Irish Ghost Stories By St. John D. Seymour Harry L. Neligan,

[PDF] True Irish Ghost Stories | by ☆ St. John D. Seymour Harry L. Neligan - True Irish Ghost Stories, True Irish Ghost Stories This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers You may find it for free on the web Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery

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There are things in heaven and in earth, Horatio, Shakespeare has Hamlet observe to his skeptical friend who dismisses the possibility of a ghostly apparition than are dreamt of in your philosophy That might be a good epigraph for this collection Assembled by amateur researchers of the paranormal, who were nonetheless intelligent assessors of their material, it represents a collection of actual first hand observations of ghost like phenomena by numerous apparently reputable witnesses The author [...]

Interesting book but quite repetitive and vague at times I enjoyed it nonetheless.

It took me so much longer than I wanted to read this one, but I finished it I have mixed feelings about it I started out reading it with my daughter, but it was just a very dry reading overall, so I ended up just recording the rest for her to listen when she wants later I don t know why I was expecting something much lively, but I was So it was a bit disappointing However, that being said, the experiences themselves were interesting and it s obvious that the author put a lot of work into collec [...]

Oh My God Writing is cringeworthy The authors go from house to house to house and that s just the first chapter At times I was confused and left scratching my head as I tried to figure out if we were on a new place or not I should point out that I have the version copyrighted in 1974 I hope the newer copyrighted versions are better separated.

This collection of ghostly visitations was originally published in Dublin in 1926 It consists of tales solicited from the general public that tend, in the re telling, to be curiously dry I guess that the fiction medium works better than reportage when it comes to this type of material.

I didn t enjoy this book at all, and had to force myself to complete it over a span of several months Almost a year It felt very contrived to me, not believably written I felt as if I were reading a fiction writing of a fiction writing NOT what I expected.

Blood curdling No, not really More like an atmospheric history lesson Since the stories are short and between a 100 an 180 years old some are even antiquated and folklore only they leave you with a series of snap shots of a past way of life, spiced up by the supernatural So If it s The Exorcist you re after move on to something else But if you like your ghost stories low keyed and don t get me wrong, I don t mean to be disrespectful, but kind of pointless, as pointless as only real life can be, [...]

For some Halloween y reading, I decided to read a book that I d picked up over the summer in Maine True Irish Ghost Stories, by St John D Seymour and Harry L Neligan It is now, as you can see, nearly December This is because of NaNoWriMo The most embarassing thing here is that True Irish Ghost Stories is barely a hundred pages long.A thing I did not realize at first is that this book is a reprint of a work that was originally published shortly after the turn of last century, when Ireland was sti [...]

I suppose the True in the title and the publishing year should have given me better hints as to what I was getting myself into when I picked this up on my Kindle, but it didn t, so I was unfortunately disappointed with this read While the very historical aspect of this book is educational and, at times, very humorous, I could not bring myself to enjoy most of this book Some of the stories were a little eerie and decently elaborate, but most of the time my response was meh Here s why First off, t [...]

While reading this book the first page started to make me think twice about reading it because it seemed like it was going to be boring However on page 5 it said On her return she asked the mother were the children all right, as she had seen two ghostly forms flit past her on thru door step The mother answered that she believed they were, but on going up to the nursery they found both of the children with their throats cut After reading that I put the book down and took a breather, then opened t [...]

This book was a rather quick read Granted, I did skip over two chapters and a rather lengthy conclusion I thought the book started out well enough, interesting, though nothing to brag about I don t believe for a minute that any of the stories are true, but it still was interesting enough By the end, however, I was getting bored and anxious to finish it and move onto my next book It did teach me about Irish folklore and ghost stories, but other than that it didn t really offer me anything too ex [...]

An interesting and spooky collection of stories that reminds me a lot of Lady Gregory s collection of Irish folktales and ghost stories Although a few of the chapters were slow particularly ones in which all the stories were similar, and thus blurred together, which happened a lot in the first three chapters , most of the stories in this book were riveting And they miiight just give me a few nightmares Haha.The story of the father s spirit that went to the girls boarding school to find his daugh [...]

Last line of the book Truth will emerge and lift the human race to a purer and loftier conception of God and His universe I m not sure the book can really support that grand of a conclusion, but I liked the idea True Irish Ghost Stories was quaint and earnest, and quite probably unitentionally funny Maybe two of the ghost stories gave me genuine shivers, but the rest were standard, familiar, Disney haunted house fare Where it does become creepy is when you consider that potentially most of the s [...]

A good October readhere s a little funny for yaWhile reading a single knock wrapped on my door I answered, and didn t get a reply Got the creeps, then after a time I hear someone leave the bathroom I even used my little battery powered hurricane lamp when I left my room Had to laugh at myself 10 02 page 72 some creepy happenings, but i think would be spooky if they had the tales on Paranormal Witness 10 17 page 247 I keep laughing at myself while reading this It s not really scary, but anytime [...]

A good collection of true ghosts stories and although not as well known or as sensational as the accounts in other books can still send a chill down my spine Most of the accounts have been submitted by newspaper readers throughout Ireland I suppose from the 1920s when the book was first published , and so reading it has a feel of listening to conversations, of small town talks rather than a documented case As if to counter this chit chat, intimate feel, the author adopts a formal, old fashioned [...]

First off, I don t believe in ghosts, so this was just supposed to be a for fun read The stories, at first, are non fantastical, and I was ok with that, since any ghost experience is pretty debatable in everyday life But then the book continues finding wild stories, and the only support for the story is that the teller says he or she had a friend present So everything is anecdotal from little superstitious farming towns To be fair, anything ghost related is going to be anecdotal At the end of t [...]

It wouldn t be Halloween without reading some old ghost stories, and John D Seymour s compilation of allegedly true Irish ones, definitely ticked all the right boxes with its enticing blurb on the back cover Sadly though, whilst it does have its creepy moments here and there, most of these real life accounts are quite dull, and hark back to a time where people were deeply religious and in turn, were stupidly superstitious about virtually everything which made them terrified of virtually everythi [...]

I ve always been fascinated by stories of ghosts and haunted places, so I was eager to delve into a collection of first hand accounts Unfortunately, the stories are told in such a dry, detached way that they don t seem exciting or interesting, and the omission of names in almost every story was annoying and ruined all credibility they might have had In fact, the technique of recounting outlandish tales about anonymous people encountering ghosts and banshees reminded me of the ridiculous urban le [...]

This was a good read It s all based on letters written to the author, and the stories all were complied around the turn of the century They are compiled in a matter of fact way, so instead of a narrative story like the ghost stories we usually hear it s just tale after tale of strange happenings Many of them are corroborated by than one person, and I was surprised how many of them were submitted by religious men, priests and vicars and so one Overall it was a nice bit of light reading and I enj [...]

When I purchased this book, I thought it was going to be a contemporary book and was, therefore, very much surprised that it was a reprint from the early twentieth century, something that wasn t even noted on the copyright page Consequently, I enjoyed this book even than I thought that I would when I began it However, much as I enjoyed the ghost stories, my favourite part of this text was actually the image he conceived in the conclusion of the swinging pendulum between religious fervor and wor [...]

I saw this book at Barnes and Noble for only a few bucks so I bought simply for the price However now, I am glad I bought I absolutely enjoyed reading this book The book is filled with different stories sent to the author by readers Each story was creepy than the last Of course my favorite chapter has to be about the Banshees Some of the stories told in the book really did creep me out and that is a plus for me To any reader who enjoys reading about supposedly true accounts of Irish ghost stori [...]

While some of these stories are a little jarring, I was too distracted by the lack of structure and spelling mistakes It bounced from story to story without much of an announcement that such was taking place So I didn t know where I was at or which story I was on half the time I had to keep reminding myself that these stories took place during or before 1914 as was the original publishing date, which put the stories further out of reach from my everyday consciousness Good thing I bought it on sa [...]

So this book wasn t quite what I expected it to be It thought it was going to be something along the lines of traditional ghost stories from Ireland, but instead I found it to be a storehouse of true hauntings as gathered by a journalist of the time, who solicited such stories from his readers for the book Despite that misunderstanding, it was still an enjoyable read, though a bit of a slog in some places I think I might have enjoyed this book better if I had read a few of the stories at a tim [...]

When I bought this book at a used book sale I didn t realize it was a reprint of a book published in 1914 The language is rather old fashioned I expected each chapter to be a separate ghost story Instead it was a collection of spirit encounters and experiences that were submitted by people in response to a newspaper ad in The Irish Times Despite my dashed expectations, it was interesting to read what people thought about ghosts in 19th and early 20th century Ireland.

No explanation, just factsThis book takes a interesting approach to the topic present the stories as they have been told, and reserve judgement for the reader An excellent example of writing and thought of the period I don t know the original publication date of this work, but it was probably late 1800s or early 1900s The manner of speech is wonderful to read and brings to mind the proper scientific approach.Well recommended.

This is a collection of stories gathered from all over Ireland that delves into unexplained phenomena None of the stories were overly frightening this wasn t a horror story though a few ghosts were involved I didn t sit down and read the book all at once I don t think it was meant to be read that way I read it in several sittings one story a day, usually right before bed , but I thought it was worth the time.

Interesting little ghost stories from Ireland It gives a good taste of Irish culture, but unfortunately the removal of time, place, and identities take away from the punchline Anecdotes are continuous, so it would have been nice for them to be organized and broken Overall the stories are simple, but certainly a good read for those interested in the subject matter.

Good readThis book was full of interesting stories The majority are tales of occurrences in Ireland from 1918 to a few centuries before What cost the book a star was the several pages in the conclusion which I didn t finish that went on about the authenticity of each story, the definitions of ghosts , etc

Interesting and amusing stories of how people react to and explain their encounters with ghosts and or spirits Since some of the stories go back in centuries its interesting to read how people reacted in the different centuries to their ghost experience The stories go from hearing sounds or seeing things moved to seeing full bodied ghosts.

I ve bought and read this book back in the 90 s, and I remember it as cute Yesterday I found out I am not interested any , and decided to leave it unfinished Therefore no rating.I remember feeling an earthquake while reading it in September 1997 in Central Italy Last night three loud cracking sounds coming from my bedroom wardrobe woke me up Funny coincidences D

  • [PDF] True Irish Ghost Stories | by ☆ St. John D. Seymour Harry L. Neligan
    464 St. John D. Seymour Harry L. Neligan
True Irish Ghost Stories