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The Pleasure of the Text #(2022)

The Pleasure of the Text

The Pleasure of the Text

  • Title: The Pleasure of the Text
  • Author: Roland Barthes Richard Miller
  • ISBN: 9780374521608
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
The Pleasure of the Text By Roland Barthes Richard Miller,

The Pleasure of the Text Best Download || [Roland Barthes Richard Miller] - The Pleasure of the Text, The Pleasure of the Text What is it that we do when we enjoy a text What is the pleasure of reading The French critic and theorist Roland Barthes s answers to these questions constitute perhaps for the first time in the histo

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Read as poetry it s beautiful that s where the four stars come from As philosophy it s vague and blemished As literary theory it s highly questionable I d need a quick refresher to get detailed It s been over five years since I read it I just hesitantly raised it from a three star rating to a four The operative word there being hesitantly.In a fairly recent interview, John Searle a contemporary and now elder philosopher makes a great couple of points about academic writing in general, which hap [...]


When Sigmund Reads I definitely have to re read this essay in French besides wondering all along how some sentence had been formulated originally I had the strange feeling that some point was missed in translation and not at all because it is a bad translation, far from it, but because the study juggles with many a French language subtlety.That being said, I would like to emphasize that The Pleasure of the Text is exactly about what the title announces pleasure, literally speaking, that is, a cl [...]

The Pleasure of the Text is a short, baffling, deeply passionate book about the pleasures of reading and writing Barthes writing is unusually thick with allusion and ambiguity, often like a Zen koan Usually this is a most tiresome comparison, but it makes sense here Barthes talks about style, voice, meaning and the difference between what he calls pleasure and bliss , where bliss is the ideal of a text, and he compares the finding of bliss to watching a striptease, except that we get to speed up [...]



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2014Birdman Finding forster .

Lo que necesitaba entender sobre literatura.

Well I read some Barthes There were some really interesting bits but I was glad this was short No doubt benefits from a re read and I ve got a couple of other Barthes to be getting on with.

I am a Roland Barthes nut, and nothing he has done ever disappointed me The actual act of reading is something that interests me as well Barthes nails down the enjoyment of looking at a work and discovering it s textures and sensuality.


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Barthes description on joy of the both readerly and writerly texts, depends on you re reading a fiction or a theory text .

Review brought to you courtesy of Book Project 2015.First of all, it s Barthes, so his prose is poetry.Secondly this is only the piece of lit crit I have ever read that addresses the fact that reading is pleasurable.Shock.

So French Even translated into English, so very, very French.

Neste livro, Roland Barthes analisa o prazer da leitura comparando o com o orgasmo O orgasmo e a b n o da leitura , nos diz o autor Ele diferencia o prazer do texto do texto do prazer, dizendo que nossa busca por mais leitura a mesma que se d quando se estabelece o suspense e a curiosidade sobre o rg o sexual do outro N o por acaso o fim do livro est associado com a vis o do rg o sexual e n o por acaso as roupas se abrem e se fecham exatamente no ponto que convergem para nossos aparelhos reprodu [...]

I first read this while studying for my MA many years ago, and when I saw a copy in a bookshop here on holiday in Stockholm , impulsively bought it to read it again at barely 70 pages, it was quick enough to do so on the metro.Now I am older, perhaps not wiser, and Barthes joyous celebration of the pleasure of reading is as enticing as ever especially in an increasingly digital age Of course, as others have pointed out, this is a serious of vignettes than an elucidation of a cogent literary the [...]

Reviewing this is beyond me I can only provide a couple of notes, pose questions, mention what I ve clearly understood.The text of pleasure one of cultural representation, minimalist, maximalist, euphoric Culture is everything upto the present, but not the present Which means that this text can be critiqued The critic of this text, though, is a recording of the pleasure of this text, a recording whose subjectivity restricts itself to two facets recording representation of culture and recording s [...]



This is a heavy read He basically discusses why some books make us giddy, while others don t A lot of it, he says, has to do with the affect of culture and society He spends a lot of time discussing language and types of texts Read it and then read some articles about it It will help.

Pretentious French literary criticism Maybe I m doing it wrong, but I ve read texts long, short, thick, thin, fast, slow, and all night long without having an orthographic orgasm, Monsieur Barthes Overrated the book, not jouissance.

I m to stoopid for this shit I m not even going to review it because I did not understand a thing I read and it s not the text s fault.

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  • The Pleasure of the Text Best Download || [Roland Barthes Richard Miller]
    179 Roland Barthes Richard Miller
The Pleasure of the Text