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Amazing Grace #(2022)

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

  • Title: Amazing Grace
  • Author: Mary Hoffman Caroline Binch
  • ISBN: 9780803710405
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover
Amazing Grace By Mary Hoffman Caroline Binch,

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Amazing Grace : by Mary Hoffman Caroline Binch - Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace Grace loves stories whether they re from books movies or the kind her grandmother tells So when she gets a chance to play a part in Peter Pan she knows exactly who she wants to be

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Grace was a girl who loved stories From this simple sentence Mary Hoffman goes on to write an inspiring and positive picture book for young children It is full of optimism a book with a message And the message is, to follow your dreams If you stay true to yourself, you can be whatever you want to be, regardless of what other people say Because Grace is a little girl who loves to imagine things, she lives her stories She loves to to act them out, constantly adopting the roles she reads about We s [...]

In many ways, Amazing Grace, written by Mary Hoffman and illustrated by Caroline Binch, is a truly wonderful story for all children, with an inspiring text and evocative, descriptive accompanying illustrations visuals that while realistic also glow and sparkle with much power of imagination , presenting the important, essential message that anyone can be anything he she desires to be any role, any job, any position , regardless of race, gender, social status etc And I also find it both refreshin [...]

This was a cute story about being able to follow your dreams Anyone is capable of anything no matter their sex and race My students enjoyed this book and I loved the message behind it.

Amazing Grace is a truly inspiring story from the mind of Mary Hoffman along with illustrations by Caroline Binch and it is about how an optimistic girl named Grace tries out for the role of Peter Pan even though her classmates thought that she cannot be Peter Pan Amazing Grace is a truly inspirational story about believing in yourself no matter what other people say.Mary Hoffman has done a magnificent job at writing this story as I honestly have never read a story that confronts the issues of r [...]

A wonderful story about a young girl who is encouraged to be anything she wants to be I greatly enjoyed the message of this book, and then was confused when I came here to and saw reviews mentioning how Grace was pictured as playing Hiawatha in the story, as my book contained no illustration of mention of this at all I then did a search and found that for the 25th Anniversary edition which is what I have , that illustration was removed from US copies of the book, so apparently the complaints abo [...]

This lives up to the title Grace is one amazing girl with an incredible imagination She loves to act and creates all sorts or roles and scenes for herself Sometimes alone, other times with her cat and supportive family and how I loved her family, encouraging her and lettign her imagination thrive Even when others put her down her family finds a way to lift her back up and help her defy the odds This was such a up lifting book The art is well done, and just goes to show the depth or Grace s creat [...]

The watercolour illustrations in here are just gorgeous it s lovely to see the tones of black people s skin painted with such care and detail even the wrinkles on the grandmother s hands and feet I love the detail of the cat, who is often accompanying Grace on her acting adventures.This is overall an empowering fun book about a girl named Grace who loves stories especially acting them out The first part 0f the book focuses on all the different kinds of parts she loves to play Joan of Arc, a pira [...]

Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman, tells the story of a girl called Grace who has a vivid imagination and loves to recreate famous roles and include her family in the fun When the school auditions for the role of Peter Pan, Grace decides she wants to try out despite the prejudices of her classmates, Grace s talents shine through Amazing Grace explores issues of sexism and racism in a child friendly way in situations that children can relate to This story would be useful when teaching children about [...]

Title Amazing Grace Author Mary HoffmanRecommended Ages or grades Preschool 7Amazing Grace is about a young girl named Grace who loves stories She loves to read and she loves hearing about them Often times, she would act out these stories playing the exciting parts She would be Aladdin rubbing the magical lamp, Joan of Arc with her sword, and even pretending to be Hiawatha One day in school, their teacher was going to put on the play of Peter Pan and Grace wanted to be Peter Pan along with other [...]

Grace is disappointed when her friends tell her she can t be Peter Pan in the school play because she s a girl and she s African American With the help of her grandmother, Grace wins over the class in auditions With hard work and determination, you can do anything

Amazing GraceReview by Anastasia HutsonAmazing Grace is a contemporary realistic fiction story about a little girl named Grace who loved stories and adventure She loved hearing stories, making stories and being in stories She always gave herself the best part In class they were doing the play, Peter Pan, and Grace wanted to be the best part of the play and be the lead character, Peter When the teacher asked who wanted to be Peter, Grace raised her hand high and proud for the part as did all the [...]

An empowering story for any child, or for that matter, any person who s been told they can t do something for whatever reason I read this story to a year 2 class of mostly white children and they understood all the issues surrounding race and equality Grace had a dream and she chased that dream Why shouldn t she be Robin Hood in the play if she wanted to be It also touches on the reactions of her extended family and how they respond in different ways to the things Grace is told in a realistic wa [...]

I needed this book More than my son needed me to read it to him I m so happy that Grace had an excellent support system at home, encouraging her to try out for the Peter Pan role, although her classmates thought otherwise You re a girl, a girl can t be Peter Pan or You re black Peter Pan wasn t black I love the grandmother telling her that she could be whatever she wanted to be Honestly, this is my first time reading a children s book by a black author Hopefully I ll have the opportunity to cont [...]

Text To WorldI really think that this book is Text To World because Grace was told that she couldn t be Peter Pan because she was a girl and because she was black But let s think about when Hillary Clinton was running for president Even though she didn t win, people kept saying that she couldn t even win the nomination votes actually run president But she fooled alot of people I think that this book is saying that you could do whatever you put your mind to.

Lovely story with a positive and important message I think it s an important book to have in a KS1 classroom.

This is an excellent book Read it

Boy oh boy, this is a great piece of realistic fiction Author, Mary Hoffman and illustrator, Caroline Binch team up to create a story that explores themes of modern day racial and gender prejudices in the form of a school play The story features Grace, a young African American girl who loves stories She loves to read them and act them out She loves them so much that she often will create her own world where she is the main character, fighting battles as Joan of Arc or rubbing lamps as Aladdin Wh [...]

Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman, tells the story of a girl called Grace who has a vivid imagination and loves to recreate famous roles and includes her family in the fun Grace really wants is to play the part of Peter Pan in the school play, but begins to doubt herself when she faces discrimination from other children because of her gender and the colour of her skin With the help and support of her mother and grandmother Grace later realises that, despite what other people say, she is able to achi [...]

As we dive in to the worldly renowned Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman, we see that Grace is merely a young adolescent girl Mary Hoffman takes us along Grace s theatrical journey throughout her school year and the few obstacles she must overcome to achieve her dream of playing a character in the school play The message of this book essentially appeals to all age ranges, You can be anything you want if you put your mind to it Amazing Grace initially grasps the readers attention by informing them tha [...]

Amazing Grace is an endearing book about a young girl, called Grace This book battles the underlying issues of discrimination in such a great and subtle way Grace, who wants to act as Peter Pan in a school play, is told by her peers, Raj and Natalie, she cannot because of her gender and colour In the end, with support from her family, Grace overcomes this hurdle and is made Peter Pan by her fantastic audition This book highlights how discrimination of race and gender can occur in everyday situat [...]

This book is one of my all time favourites I have been reading this book since I was in Key Stage 1 and I still love reading it now It is now a book that I enjoy reading with my daughter and nieces Grace was a girl who loved stories It didn t matter where the stories came from, it could be from books or on TV or in films or on the video or out of Nana s long memory Grace just loved stories A bit like my daughter After listening, watching or reading stories, she would often act them out One day a [...]

In the book Amazing Grace Grace s family consists of Grace, her mother and her grandmother I think this is an accurate depiction of many families as not all households are a mother, father and children The book shows discrimination and adversity Grace s school is putting on the play Peter Pan When Grace, who loves acting, says she wanted to be Peter in the play children tell her she can t because she is a girl and because she is black I think this shows the typical ideas children have about gend [...]

Amazing Grace is a book of realistic fiction about a little Black girl who believes she can do whatever she wants to do Grace loves to read and embody different characters Finally we come upon the day that s supposed to be an audition for Peter Pan Grace wants to be Peter Pan but she is told by a classmate that she can t because she s Black and a girl She takes offense to this and works really hard to be the best Peter Pan And she is.I loved this book growing up The pictures are interesting and [...]

Grace lives with her Mum and Nana and she loves stories Graces acts out these stories and enjoys playing the main characters and dressing up She becomes everyone, regardless of race and gender, from Joan of Arc to Hannibal to Mowgli One day in school,the teacher announces that they are going to be acting out Peter Pan Straight away Grace volunteers to play Peter Pan However, Raj says Grace can t be Peter Pan as Peter is a boy s name and Natalie says Grace can t be Peter Pan as he wasn t black Gr [...]

Grace loves to stories she loves reenacting them even and always casts herself as the main character When her class is putting on a production of Peter Pan , she quickly expresses interest in the role of Peter Pan himself However, one of her classmates tells her that she can t have that role because she s a girl and she s Black Discouraged, her mother and grandmother restore her confidence and she auditions for the role of Peter Pan Incredibly impressed, her classmates all unanimously vote for [...]

Grace is a young girl who loved to act out adventure stories and fairytales She loved stories from movies, books, and even oral stories from her Grandmother Grace s vivid and fantastical imagination had her playing different characters and roles Her impeccable imagination left her feeling that she could do anything that she wanted to do and be anyone she wanted to be Grace knew she could achieve anything that she set her mind too, because of an influential mother and a propelled Grandmother Grac [...]

Amazing Grace Plot and Setting The storyline for Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman and Caroline Binch was phenomenally inspiring Amazing Grace focused on a little girl named Grace who just loved to be the best version of herself she could possibly be I still am not sure who she loved to entertain those around her or herself In the story, Grace finds herself second guessing her ability to accomplish whatever she wishes when she gets bullied by her peers in class when she wishes to audition for a cla [...]

1 Grace is a young girl who loves stories She especially loves to act them out She has been a pirate with a peg leg, a doctor preforming life saving procedures on her relatives, and even Mowgli from the Jungle Book One day while at school she learns her class will perform Peter Pan for the school Grace could not be ore excited, she would love nothing then to play Peter Pan Her hopes are ripped from her when other kids in her class tell her she can t play Peter Pan because of she is a girl and A [...]

Grace is a young girl who loves listening to and acting out stories She can be amongst other things Joan of Arc, Anansi the Spiderman and Dick Whittington However, what she really wants is to play the part of Peter Pan in the school play, but begins to doubt herself when other children comment on her gender and the colour of her skin With the help and support of her mother and grandmother Grace later realises that, despite what other people say, she is able to achieve anything as her grandmother [...]

Amazing GraceMary HoffmanThe size and bright colors of this book along with the oil painting like feel of the illustrations cause it to immediately jump out at you Grace, the main character of the short, has a personality you can feel throughout the pages A very relatable character, she is vivacious and imaginative as well as adventurous and strong willed Grace loves to read and use her imagination to go on pretend adventures always being sure to step into the limelight casting herself as the le [...]

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Amazing Grace : by Mary Hoffman Caroline Binch
    281 Mary Hoffman Caroline Binch
Amazing Grace