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A Passionate Marriage #(2021)

A Passionate Marriage

A Passionate Marriage

  • Title: A Passionate Marriage
  • Author: Michelle Reid
  • ISBN: 9781426809118
  • Page: 238
  • Format: ebook
A Passionate Marriage By Michelle Reid,

[PDF] A Passionate Marriage | by ↠ Michelle Reid - A Passionate Marriage, A Passionate Marriage Wanting his wife Greek tycoon Leandros Petronades married Isobel on the heels of a wild affair But within a year the marriage crashed and burned Three years later Leandros wants to finalize their di

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Re read I can t believe I picked this up again almost a year later to the day Must be February brings out my need to read angsty second chance stories It s still good I still get a kick out of the heroine s mother selling out for AC and then finding her own Greek guy to date H h are a well matched set of cluelessness and volatility Original review Second chance story of two people who loved not too wisely, but too well and had terrible family members I still love the scene where they see each ot [...]

I love this onery refreshing to see a reconciliation without blackmail or financial need Just love The dialogue was a bit melodramatic but still there were some great communication scenes, and the fighting was fiery Having Leandros s POV was powerfule his love was as powerful as the heroine s which is actually rare in HPs The family and villain resolution all a little pat but I still loved the story.

PLOT The h, a sassy wench, left the H about three years ago after the following tropes were deployed instal love, failure to communicate, bad relatives his , a miscarriage sad.With her invalided but shockingly nice and sane mother in tow, the h comes back to Greece, epicenter of all things alpha romero and rotten relatives, only to fling his proposed bazillion settlement in his face The lawyers are not happy about that Hers because they never had a prenup as they were all lost in lust and she st [...]

A satisfying second chance romance.I could feel the passion and love both Leandros and Isobel still felt for one another I liked how they stayed faithful to each other during their separation Hell yeah Although painful, their time apart benefitted Isobel by giving her the opportunity to mature, and to see how her unwillingness to compromise played a part in the breakdown of their marriage Leandros stepped up as well by trying to win Isobel over, and preventing the wannabe other woman from wrecki [...]

Seriously Hero s mum is ready to try liking the heroine for the hero s sake since he s too stubborn to give her up Hero s sister says the exact same thing ONLY conveniently AFTER the OW turns out to be evil cold blooded calculating bitch who the sister REALLY wanted for her brother.If the OW wouldn t have turned out to be evil Both mother and sister would ve tried putting up with the heroine for hero s sake and would have hated her guts secretly like they did 3 years ago and would have kept bitc [...]

3.5 starsi feel like this book deserves stars not for the love story but for the way it was written.I really liked this book It has angst, second chance trope that i love and it has love not in the romantic way but love.The h h loves each other very much you can see through all the book but OH MY GOD they are nightmare They fight all the time.Is their way of loving For the first time i dont miss the epilogue I can imagine it Them fighting then making love They will be 80 and still fighting

Honestly it seems these days that ALL the foreign guy, british lady stories I m reading have the same theme love 1st sight trouble from in laws miscarried babies blah blah blahThere was so much inconsistency between the H H that it just became BORING even though they meet after 3 years, its still just physical stuff b w them and no real emotional depth is shown the hero just takes the heroine there after every scene which is, frankly, annoyingI already read Dark Fate Chatlotte Lamb, which incide [...]

I m a sucker for second chance romances and this book is one of those, and it so damn well written It has all the elements that make the this sizzle, crack, and pop I loved it from the first page up to the last It was maddening and yet satisfying I would have enjoyed a little bit if there s an epilogue, but other than that, I was pretty happy with this book.

Loved this book This marriage was definitely passionate and full of misunderstandings and other ppl who tried to ruin the couple s happiness Both H h were likable and fierce and vulnerable and very much in love with each other They both made mistakes, they both realized their mistakes and they managed to save their marriage The ending was kind of abrupt though and the lack of an epilogue was disappointing.

I couldn t put it down It was angsty almost to the last page What I liked about this book was the lead characters started to really communicate Their issues were not solved in between the sheets as it is in many other books The story had a clear finality with no hanging loose thread I might not have been able to identify with the lead characters, but I was given enough information that I could understand where they came from and why they made certain choices.

I originally read this book in May 2007 I ve reviewed this book on November 2007 I am attempting to post all of my reviews since 2006 here to GoodReads.5 Stars Three years before, Isobel left Greece heartbroken and emotionally battered Marrying Leandros Petronades had been like a fairy tale until she met the cold reality of the Greek upper crust and then every move she made was ridiculed and deemed totally inappropriate by her husband s family But Isobel s fiery stubbornness would rise up agains [...]

Better upon re readI actually liked it better when I re read it I loved that they didn t break their marriage vows but I did deduct a point because he thought about marrying that horrid Dianthia after his divorce The heroine was strong but she was also stubborn Maybe a little too much for me I loved the ending but wish there had been an epilogue Very passionate couple though and I loved the scene at the lawyers office Especially the wedding ring part Great love story.

Difficult to find why they were in love with each other, in lust yeah but not in love But I enjoyed their fights a lot I liked them recognizing they were both at fault for their failed marriage and that all the misunderstandings were cleared.

I was hooked for the first half of the book I loved the heat of the first meeting after 3 years and the misunderstanding and passion Then it kind of went stale for me They realized the mistakes made on both sides before their separation, started to communicate honestly, mended fences with family and other things far too quickly for my taste and I lost interest, knowing where it was all headed I think the I love you came about halfway through That sort of blew the tension for me and the heroine s [...]

This was a real roller coaster ride of emotions and smexytimes Leandros and Isobel fell madly into bed and into marriage four years ago Neither was ready for the intensity of their feelings and when they returned to Greece, they faced the hostility of his family and an entirely new lifestyle for Isobel.To make things worse, it is only six months since Leandros has had to take over the family business after the death of his father so he is facing long hours trying to grasp control of a multi bill [...]

I don t know what to sayI LOVED this book Generally, I am partial toward my heros yes, I am hypocrite.lol But here, my heart really went out for isobelShe was made to feel so low unwanted by that bloody familyAt some points I really was angry with AndroesBut then it takes two for a tango so I loved the passion between themThe love always being there I really like the possesiveness jealousy they had for eachother Updated version on my review I read this book in April I d left a short review so no [...]

Very good book I loved the characters, they were both passionate, stubborn, fiery and so in love The author gave both Isobel and Leandros the perfect balance between strenght and vulnerability.One of the scenes I really liked was the one on the balcony when Isobel confessed her love to Leandros beautiful name, by the way.What I enjoyed the most in this story was the fact that the characters already loved each other so much It was not a lack of love that separated them, it was a lack of communica [...]

Yesterday s spur of the moment read DARN IT MY ORIGINAL FULL_LENGTH REVIEW WAS ACCIDENTALLY DELETED BEFORE I GOT TO POST IT HERE Anyway, here s what I remember I like the story I like husbands and wives who get back together, and this one s no exception haha It s a typical Harlequin storyline so it s predictable but I really enjoyed it Leandros married Isobel on the crest of a wild affair But, within a year, the marriage crashed and burned Three years on and Leandros wants to finalize their divo [...]

BUCKLE UP.d Holy Molly, there are so many twists and turns and ups and downs, it s like a rollercoaster ride The H and h are a hard loving couple whose relationship is incendiary, one is gas, the other a match the who s who depends on where you re at in the book Throw in some jealousy, nasty interfering in laws, lack of communication, and youthful, misguided expectations of love and marriage, and you re in for quite a ride Fasten your seat belt it s fast paced and thoroughly engrossing d

A very passionate read full of love an interferring family plus a very devious woman in the shadows with designs on the hero But once they meet again to finalize their divorce passion explodes the husband realizes he still loves his wife wants her back His shows fierce determination in getting her back does not give up.

They married much too young and had no idea on how to communicate outside the bedroom Add evil in laws, a miscarriage and a clueless husband and the marriage was doomed.You could easily see how each contributed to the breakup, and it took those years away from each other for each to gain some maturity and clarity view spoiler It also helped that the evil in laws and OW were finally outed undeniably and openly hide spoiler Intense, sometimes too much so, but you also get both characters thoughts [...]

Re read 01 18

LOVE THIS ONE I don t even know when I originally read it since I ve reread it so many times I love how you can see the passion leap of the page in Michelle Reid books Its explosive, violent and amazing.The two rings lay side byside in the sunlight, one large, one small, both an exact match tothe other, with their gloss smooth outer surface and the inner circlemarked by an inscription that said my heart is hereHow could he have forgotten that when he d stood upon the deckof his yacht in San Este [...]


I absolutely LOVED this book I read other books that Michelle Reid wrote, and I have to say, it s either a hit or miss This one was most definitely a hit I loved the passion between the hero and the heroine I loved that the hero could see through the heroine s feelings and how jealous and possessive he can be The heroine was definitely NOT a doormat The only thing I didn t like about this book was that there were times when so many misunderstandings happened, fights ensued and it just got a bit [...]

One of my most favorite HPs ever Leandros is also possibly one of my top three HP heroes too He is not overbearing well, not as overbearing and not mean Isobel is def one of the top 3 HP heroeines i ve read about.

This was definitely not one of Michelle Reid s better books I really could not warm up the H h seemed very self centered and the heroine was extremely immature It was barely a 2 star read.

Isobel s shout, scream and run attitude starting wearing a bit thin in the end

4 4.5 starsI really liked this one I m sure I ll be re reading it soon.

  • [PDF] A Passionate Marriage | by ↠ Michelle Reid
    238 Michelle Reid
A Passionate Marriage