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Soul Eater, Vol. 06 #(2021)

Soul Eater, Vol. 06

Soul Eater, Vol. 06

  • Title: Soul Eater, Vol. 06
  • Author: Atsushi Ohkubo
  • ISBN: 9780316071093
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
Soul Eater, Vol. 06 By Atsushi Ohkubo,

Free Read Soul Eater, Vol. 06 - by Atsushi Ohkubo - Soul Eater, Vol. 06, Soul Eater Vol Death the Kid and Black Star race after Free and Eruka ready to do whatever it takes to stop the Black Blood before it is used to revive the slumbering First Kishin Meanwhile Maka has allowed hersel

Recent Comments "Soul Eater, Vol. 06"

5 5 starsCalm down Stein, your insanity is showing xDAlso this volume was simply perfection

Volume 6 starts off with Chapter 19 Fight to Death part 4 The Battle to Stop the resurrection of the Kishin continues in this non stop action packed volume I particularly like Corona and Maka s friendship The still of where Maka asks Corona to be her friend is especially moving.

This was an interesting manga, what with the black blood and resurrecting Kishin Also, what was up with Mizune becoming girly I guess you could say, and then have a fight with Blair And then they had an audience It just seemed like they were going to make out, and then got interrupted by Kishin Thank GOD Other than that, the storyline is simply awesome, and Medusa is still a creep I just keep wondering how Soul is doing with that black blood in his body and what he s gonna do to get rid of it I [...]

The Kinshin battle at the end wasn t as epic as I was hoping but I m confidant he ll be back and creating madness The best part of this volume was Maka fighting against the black blood or whatever was making her crazy The little souls of her and Croana were so darn cute I wanna see of that.

A bit boring compared to the others, but still quite good.

The part when Maka befriends Crona is my favourite everrrr 3

L.M disliked nothing and recommends to teens.


The story builds nicely but a lot physically graphic violence in this one especially towards the end.

So to put it simply, I don t normally give a manga series that looks like scrapped Tim Burton characters and action than substance a rating this high To put it specifically Soul Eater is balls out entertaining as balls with balls on top It s a prototypical school fantasy series that tries to be Harry Potter and the Nightmare Before Christmas, tries cocaine, develops a split personality and decides that it s both And I m not trying to fanboy but Soul Eater was the perfect show to start out with [...]

God, that witch just wouldn t die As always, I love Kid s dramatics Shinigami sama is actually a bad ass.I m curious as to what s behind his mask Nothing Or is it hiding something scary Maka Soul my OTP And Black Star actually did something useful this volume until he messed up To be continuedI wonder what madness will occur from the Kishin.

As much as I ve come to like Soul Eater I must admit that I didn t really enjoy this volume It follows the parts where it left off great, and I love the fact that Crona is really kind hearted and on the side of good now Though it s obvious that the whole story is getting much much darker as I go on, which is the part I m not liking There were a bunch of parts in this volume that left me feeling disturbed and disgusted with the issue of madness and black blood getting worse then ESPECIALLY with a [...]

This action packed volume picks up with the kids trying to stop Medusa and her minions before they can free the Kishin and his madness Medusa faces off with Stein and Spirit, almost completely unbalancing Stein s fragile sanity He s just looking for excuses to dissect someone.Maka and Soul have to face Crona and the demon sword Maka has been infected by the black blood madness, sinking in deep as she tries to react Crona s tormented soul Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Patti and Liz are all after Eruk [...]

And so ends the First Kishin revival story arc, as short as it was Surprising for a shonen manga these days to pretty much wrap up a major story arc in less than five volumes, but there ya go then again, Ohkubo has always been good at subverting the tropes of the genre, especially the annoying genre of really superfluously long battles And it is not a bad conclusion but it does feel rushed, even by Ohkubo s standards Still, it is a pretty solid character driven volume that has its moments of gen [...]

Every battle is on the edge of your seat excitement Are they going to defeat the witches before they fulfill their plan to resurrect a very dangerous man I am genuinely terrified by some of the good guys too There is some untapped strength that is beyond their control and I just find myself internally screaming not sure what to expect most of the time AND WHY WON T MEDUSA STAY DEAD Sorry, that outburst was out of my control.

I liked this chapter because everyone is fighting someone who seems to be the one that they can t beat Eruka, a witch working for Medusa, is on her way to revive the first kishin My Eruka s side is an immortal werewolf who has the power that gods can only dream of This is one of shibushen biggest enemies.

Continues the plot arc from Volume five in which Medusa co attempt to free the original Kishin, who has apparently been imprisoned beneath DWMA Nice moments for all involved including seeing Shinigami Sama in the field

I think that action could have been implemented into this volume Not much fighting took place and the fact that it kept switching between characters at times kind of confused me However,it may not be my favorite in the series but it definitely it a great book I still recommend it to anyone

This one is pretty much all action We get some insight on Crona and there are strong moments between the four pairings Black Star and Tsubaki, Maka and Soul, Kid and the Sisters, Stein and Death.Loving this series.

Was a little confused by this volume so it took away from my enjoyment, but overall was still an awesome volume

seriously intense

the fear of dealing with other people, huh even i m scared of that meanwhile stein like i think a very devout clergyman such as justin kun here, for example, is less likely to be affected and me like spoilers man, buddy, pal you be wrong old view spoiler Asura s hot Js don t tell me you weren t thinking it hide spoiler br br br br br br br br

MEDUSA IS DEAD YES Though Crona is a girl because it said Daughter

4.5 stars

Yay Crona

The art designs are kind of cool Kind of reminds me of something, maybe a little Final Fantasy or something like that I don t know Anyway, good volume.

That ending was sooooo GOOD I didn t expect it at all, I m starting to love all these characters and , even the evil ones

Great series Some plots are too easily solved explained instead of left to imagination or a conclusion GREAT ARTWORK

Love this series

really good book i enjoyed it and encourage you to read if you like fantasy manga well atleast i call it fantasy Acton packed as well.

  • Free Read Soul Eater, Vol. 06 - by Atsushi Ohkubo
    204 Atsushi Ohkubo
Soul Eater, Vol. 06