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Joined-Up Thinking #(2022)

Joined-Up Thinking

Joined-Up Thinking

  • Title: Joined-Up Thinking
  • Author: Stevyn Colgan
  • ISBN: 9780330464154
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
Joined-Up Thinking By Stevyn Colgan,

[PDF] Joined-Up Thinking | by ¶ Stevyn Colgan - Joined-Up Thinking, Joined Up Thinking What is the link between the Sex Pistols and crude oil between Isaac Newton Pink Floyd and a suicidal dwarf on the set of The Wizard of Oz What is Scooby Doo s real name and why should you make a po

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My friend Nell sent me this nice book Of course, I mean nice in the modern sense and not any of its old meanings Nice started life meaning foolish and senseless and then meant wanton and loose along the way it has also meant strange, slothful, lazy, effeminate, delicate, over refined, shy, dainty, trivial and finally agreeable or kind It has been a very busy word.English is considered to have words than any other language, so you might wonder why nice has needed to have quite so many meanings O [...]

I first heard about Stevyn Colgan after a friend suggested that I should invite him to be a speaker at the writers group that I m organising He s a local writer who s attained a certain level of success, winning praise from Stephen Fry and Q.I creators John Lloyd and John Mitchinson in fact, Colgan went on to become an Elf on the show, a term that s used to describe their researchers.Because of this, I already knew quite a lot of the facts that Colgan includes in the book many of them were recyc [...]

I love books like this, full of random facts and unusual stuff I didn t give this book 5 stars because, for some reason I couldn t quite put my finger on, I did struggle to get into the book I think it was because every chapter, although full of joined up trivia, was very similar in flow Having said all that, it was still a very enjoyable book if this is your sort of thing.

The idea of everything being connected is brilliant and the facts shared in the book are fascinating and sometimes striking, but at the one third of the book I started feeling somehow cheated and bored apologies Bored by too much data which transform a very pleasant read into a history or statistics lesson And cheated by the connections the author makes in his book The connections not between facts, events and or things collected in a cause and consequence chain, while only nominal ones Neverthe [...]

I love the way that Stevyn weaves a web of connections in this book that can leave you shocked, amazed, incredulous and in awe, all at the same time Reading it left me, at times dizzy with expectation and excitement and I found it hard to put down Several times I had to phone friends to tell them about this link or that connection and my most repeated phrases at the time were, Did you know and You ll never guess what I ve just found out This is definitely a must read for trivia geeks

Always plenty of fun to be had with a book of quirky facts The concept is equally quirky, and it does make for nice succinct chapters, perfect for a book designed to be dipped into However, although, yes, each fact does connect onto the next one, many of these connections are quite tangential, meaning that although the facts are connected, they re often not related For example, a passage about stealth bombers segues into a passage about vitamins, the common link being the designation B2 And afte [...]

Disappointing Not particularly interesting facts linked in pointless and tenuous ways The links are of the nature of Some guy blah blahHe once lived in Spain Spain was also the home of some other guyblah blah not meaningful or enriching connections I suggest reading instead.

Quite interesting ahem , if necessarily scatter shot Colgan mentions Douglas Adams in a couple of places, but oddly neglects to bring up his phrase from Dirk Gently, the fundamental interconnectedness of all things , which, surely, is this book in a nutshell.

A brilliant quirky book that is so meta that it hurts Jam packed full of trivia that will embed itself into your head, this wonderful book was made for sharing, and for recommending to other people.

A great pick and put down book One for the trivia buffs

Interesting concept, each chapter starts and ends with the same sentence, with the chapter ranges from a bunch of different topics related by a similar thread.

A light, fun book to read in small chunks as you commute on public transit You will be amused, engaged, and you might even learn a few facts along the way.

Excellent read,To think how these things link up is amazing.Very clever book,Once you start reading you cant stop.

  • [PDF] Joined-Up Thinking | by ¶ Stevyn Colgan
    139 Stevyn Colgan
Joined-Up Thinking