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Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine, Vol. 1 #(2022)

Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine, Vol. 1

Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine, Vol. 1

  • Title: Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine, Vol. 1
  • Author: Chris Claremont John Buscema
  • ISBN: 9780785118268
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine, Vol. 1 By Chris Claremont John Buscema,

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✓ Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine, Vol. 1 ☆ Chris Claremont John Buscema - Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine, Vol. 1, Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine Vol Ever wonder what Wolverine gets up to when he s not out saving the world with the X Men More mayhem than you can shake a SNIKT at Here Logan makes his first foray into Madripoor an island nation wher

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Chris Claremont has written some truly classic comics This is not one of them Overall, this collection isn t terrible but it s not what you would call good, either At some point someone at Marvel okayed this pitch We want Wolverine to spend a lot of time in a fictional Asian city When we say a lot of time we mean most of the 80s But he won t be Wolverine there We ll put him in his costume on the covers of the books so people will buy them but the Logan they ll meet inside will be dressed head to [...]

More old school Wolverine fun Originally serialized as ten 8 page segments in Marvel Comics Presents, Claremont felt the need to recap frequently Ah, comic writing in the 80s.I first read this in 1992 when it was collected as the one shot Wolverine Save the Tiger and recall enjoying it immensely It was just as good this time around, packaged as the first volume of the Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine paperback series, reprinting the Wolvie stories from the popular anthology comic.Wolverine visit [...]

Di questo volume della Serie Oro che raccoglie sia Salva la tigre che Alta Marea si pu dire che il taglio sia eminentemente avventuroso da spy story, soprattutto nella seconda storia, che si svolge per buona parte del tempo dall altro lato della cortina di ferro.Certo, non sono i fasti di Origini o Arma X e c il solito trope della bella gnocca che casca fra le braccia di Logan istantaneamente e il mio pensiero vola a James Bond ma il ritmo sostenuto, i disegni sono ottimi e le battute sono credi [...]

This is a disappointing comic, given Claremont s previous strength in his two earlier Wolverine series Granted, this one had severe constraints in its 8 page story segments but the problem is it s just not very interesting, even ignoring the introduction of characters like Razorfist and Patch that seem like self parody Still, it creates an interesting new environ and some good characters for the first Wolverine continuing series.

Chris Claremont presents this story Wolverine in a very noir ish way, or at least as noir as Marvel could get at the time in an all ages anthology comic Because of the nature of the short chapters necessitated by the original publication format, this story suffers from pacing issues But all things considered, this wasn t bad and it sets up the solo Wolverine series nicely.

Some classic Claremont and Buscema It s a good Madripor story, and introduces Tyger Tiger to the Marvel Universe Might find later on Marvel Comics Presents had a lot of classic Wolverine moments.

Story was not great, but Madripoor Always a sucker for stories set in Madripoor.Also, the serial nature of the original presentation led to a lot of repetition which is fine, just a bit jarring in a collected format.Just OK.

Story is just ok, but it is the first visit to Madripoor One of the villains has swords for arms though, which is stupid even for a throwaway character.

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  • ✓ Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine, Vol. 1 ☆ Chris Claremont John Buscema
    139 Chris Claremont John Buscema
Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine, Vol. 1