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Özgürlük Korkusu #(2022)

Özgürlük Korkusu

Özgürlük Korkusu

  • Title: Özgürlük Korkusu
  • Author: Erich Fromm
  • ISBN: 9789755533858
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
Özgürlük Korkusu By Erich Fromm,

Free Download Özgürlük Korkusu - by Erich Fromm - Özgürlük Korkusu, zg rl k Korkusu Bu yap t a da insan n ki ilik yap s na psikolojik ve sosyolojik etkenler aras ndaki i etkile imin sorunlar na ili kin bir al mad r zg rl n a da insan i in ta d anlam zerinde durmaktad r Bu kitab n s

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Existentialism has always fascinated me as the condemnation to freedom of mankind is such hard felt in society I m living in.This book is quite an easy read when compared to Sartre s, Beauvoir s or Nietszche s.The willingness of choice, human act, and thinking has been deem sinful since the dawn of civilisation Adam and Eva being ousted from Eden in the name of infringement of Gods will to make the choice of having knowledge and ability to think.The powerlessness and insecurity of our generation [...]

Die Furcht vor der Freiheit The Fear of Freedom, Erich FrommFirst published in the United States in 1941 In the book, Fromm explores humanity s shifting relationship with freedom, with particular regard to the personal consequences of its absence His special emphasis is the psychosocial conditions that facilitated the rise of Nazism 1972 1348 294 1351 294 1356 1366 1370 1375 1381 230 9643030490 1379 306 9646026842 1381 1385 1388 9789646026858 1394 258 9786001216749 20 1362 109 .

Fromm approached the theme of freedom on a multi perspective basis, drawing insights from historical events, religious dogmas, economic movements, socio biological and anthropological relationships, and psychological phenomena in understanding how in humanity s quest for freedom and individuality, the price paid is the burden of isolation and alienation if he has no genuine end on what to do with his new found freedom Which then results in a back and forth process of seeking back the lost sense [...]

My rating of this book varies from one chapter to another The first chapters explaining the attempts of Lutherism and Calvinism to fill the void freedom created during the early era of capitalism were good Basically, when the feudal system was being replaced by capitalism, man was free, but also isolated and insecure The solution offered by Protestanism was total submission to God and work as a means of searching for a sign of salvation That laid the groundwork for the unhealthy mentality of s [...]

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Certainly of all the nonfiction I ve read this year, I would recommend Escape From Freedom above all others This is my first time reading Fromm and I m thoroughly impressed.This work addresses topics which are very important to me individuality, authoritarianism, freedom and how it all relates to our modern, democratic society Fromm draws a causal link between the freedom gained for the individual in the transition to modernity, and the reactionary rise of the authoritarian personality Fromm bri [...]

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Yes, this is still a very important book even though it was written in 1942 It is mainly focused on the concept of freedom from the medieval times to the period before WWII He points to weaknesses both in the at the time communist East and capitalist West, but not surprisingly his fiercest critique is that of the nazi ideology and the kind of man that Goebbels and Hitler wanted to create a subordinated, disciplined creature, with a lack of critical thinking, etcOne thing in particular is interes [...]

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Parece que a quantidade de destrutividade encontrada nos indiv duos proporcional quantidade em que a expansividade da vida cerceada N o estou me referindo s frustra es individuais deste ou daquele desejo instintivo, mas frustra o do todo da vida, ao bloqueio da espontaneidade do crescimento e da express es das capacidades sens veis, emocionais e intelectuais do homem A vida tem um dinamismo interno por si mesma a vida tende a crescer, a ser expressada, a ser vivida Parece que se essa tend ncia c [...]


The frightened individual seeks for somebody or something to tie his self to he cannot bear to be his own individual self any longer, and he tries frantically to get rid of it and to feel security again by the elimination of this burden the selfFromm is not an ordinary thinker, and his not an average writer He is one of the best sociologists and literary critics I ve ever known.In this book, he masterly discussed the problem of freedom a problem I tried to understand and fathom properly over the [...]

Die wohl interessantesten 200 Seiten, welche ich seit langem gelesen habe Obwohl bereits 1941 ver ffentlicht, beweist Fromm jedoch mit diesem Werk nicht nur, dass er ein Meister der perfekt ausgelegten Analyse der menschlichen Psyche war, sondern auch, dass sein Schaffen noch bis heute h chst relevant ist es l sst sich problemlos auf s mtliche politischen Probleme der modernen Welt anwenden Fromm analysiert grunds tzlich, wieso die Freiheit f r den Menschen zwar h chst erstrebenswert ist, jedoch [...]

Escape from Freedom, known as The Fear of Freedom 1363 author_blog_

A great look at both the economic, political, and social conditions under which freedom flourishes as well as the psychological mechanisms that impede or encourage individuals to either gain and use or to abandon their own autonomy While he doesn t use this language, I think that he describes well what others refer to as colonization of the mind The solutions offered at the very end of the book for what a society would look like that fully embraced freedom Fromm suggests a state based planned ec [...]

Una de las ideas principales del libro es que las personas buscamos librarnos de las cargas de la responsabilidad sin tener muy en cuenta el modo Empieza analizando la estructura de la sociedad feudal hasta terminar con la sociedad capitalista Fromm explica que al dejar de formar parte de un estamento fijo como en la edad medieval, las personas empiezan a sentirse solas y aisladas a pesar de tener m s libertades Por lo tanto, terminan recurriendo a mecanismos de evasi n porque les ofrecen seguri [...]

Orta a dan ba layarak zg rl k meselesini bireyden topluma ele alan bir kitap zg rl kten ka Orta a da toplumsal kimlik ve ya am n dayatt klar sebebiyle varolu problemi ya a ya mayan bireyler R nesans ve Reform d nemlerinden itibaren toplumsal ve ekonomik yap n n farkl la mas yla zg rl k meselesiyle y zy ze geliyor T m bir kitap elbet bat n n ya ad s re ler nda analizleri i eriyor Kitapta zg rl k meselesi ba lam nda Nazizmin birey toplum ve lider zelinde geli iminin ekonomik ko ullar n da alt n iz [...]

Erich Fromm s Escape from Freedom, published in 1941, has a good deal in common with Eric Hoffer s postwar The True Believer Like Hoffer, Fromm was trying to understand the power and appeal of fascism The main point of agreement between the two authors, I think, is that what appears to be unshakeable conviction is often an act of desperation, or what Fromm calls a mechanism of escape To paraphrase David Foster Wallace, who knew something about compulsivity and whom I can t help thinking may have [...]


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This is a fantastic book written decades ago but still relevant What do we do with the freedom we have If we look back a few centuries to the medieval era, we see people living in a structured society There was little possibility for upward mobility and, for the most part, you had to stay in your station in life Throughout the Reformation and into the modern age, we shook off these hierarchies and, as individuals and societies, became free.This freedom certainly has benefits But Fromm argues tha [...]


The fear of freedom Man was dominated by the rules of nature Then man ruled it as a society and with societies rising the individual was oppressed Under the unjust He as an individual empowered the group after the religion ruled it was perished And man as a unit ruled over allSo the man as a person Foolishly gave in for the society because he needed the society For food, for protection and a lot of things he alone cannot master or fathom all at once for the fear that it will consume and weaken h [...]

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