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Surf Ache #(2021)

Surf Ache

Surf Ache

  • Title: Surf Ache
  • Author: Gerry Bobsien
  • ISBN: 9781921150920
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
Surf Ache By Gerry Bobsien,

Unlimited Surf Ache - by Gerry Bobsien - Surf Ache, Surf Ache This is a story about a family who embark on a seachange moving from Melbourne to the coastal city of Newcastle It s about the crazy impact this move has on the kids in the family Ella and Creaky an

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Meet Ella Her world has just been turned upside down when her parents decided to move their whole family interstate Gone is downtown Melbourne, her dance studio, best friend and boyfriend, and hello Newcastle, where the town lives by the daily surf report, everyone knows everyone and her mother is apparently a local legend Everyone seems to be adjusting even her crazier than normal sister Creaky, yet Ella can t help but long for her home town, where everything has its place and where she knows w [...]

This is a story I think alot of teenage girls can relate to Set in Australia, it is the story of Ella who is struggling with the changes happening in her life after her family move to another state Making new friends and fitting into a new school and town is difficult , especially when all she can think about are her old friends, her now ex boyfriend and her old dance school back in Melbourne.When things start looking up in her new surf obsessed town, Ella is forced to make a decision does she w [...]

Surf Ache is an enjoyable, light read which captures the significance of choice well Protagonist Ella is a determined, somewhat serious character who I found very relatable She is talented at both ballet and surfing, and is offered an opportunity which requires her to choose between the two.I really liked this book, however I didn t give it five stars because I thought the recurring surf jargon was a little boring at times and I found the character of Jamie a little obsessive and arrogant Jamie [...]

I have such a sort spot for surfing books and this one is so easy to relate to.Since I live in the town that is book is set it was so east to picture the characters where they were talking about While I unlike ella I cannot surf but I do, do surf life saving and went through nippers.Rate 4.5Propper review to come on myspinonbooks

I really enjoyed this book It really showed that what you like now, may not be what you like later on It also showed that you should try different things, for you might have a natrual talent at it, like Ella had with surfing It also shows that trying something new can lead you to new best friends and enemies Definitely something I would read again

i loved the book i am really annoyed at the end of how they diddent hook up i thought they would snowey sounds hot asf he sounds so cute i wish i could meet him i would give it top marks the book it keeped me ingaged and interested in the book

It was really good i grew up in newcastle and she got the surfing atmosphere spot on, but she did miss a few things, like newcastle has than two beaches i think she could of explored newcastle a bit Other than that i love a good romance

one of my FAVOURITE books right now its just so relatble because like im starting to get into surfing and everyhting but yea i love Snowy he is so cute and cool and sweet and funny just LOVE the story line too

I am currently reading surf ache by Gerry Bobsien in this book i learnt that you can dream and and do two thing that are completely different thing that you love at the same time no matter what anyone says

i really enjoyed reading this book because it related to my life personally and was very interesting Surf ache is a book in the genre reality and adventure i found this book interesting with the plot and the characters work.

I love this book I borrowed it from a friend and didn t want to give it back It is a great story about learning to try new things and having fun while doing them I would definitely recommend this book to everyone

i really liked this book and i would recommend this book to anyone who likes surfing or just a quick good read

i think it is a really good book so far i am into alot of humarous though but this is such a great book

this book is for the best book I ve ever read it s the best if you re going to like a surfer girl you would love this idea and I m not even a surfer girl it is literally the best book ever


this book was great it is great for someone learning to surf and if you arn t then it will make you wanna start it isn t all surf there s a family secret and a bit of romance

It was amazing I love it

If you ever dreamed of being a ballet dancer or a champion surfer you will love this book.

This book was awesome It was really interesting and emotional I d definitely recommend it.

  • Unlimited Surf Ache - by Gerry Bobsien
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Surf Ache