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The Betrayal #(2021)

The Betrayal

The Betrayal

  • Title: The Betrayal
  • Author: Helen Dunmore
  • ISBN: 9781905490592
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Hardcover
The Betrayal By Helen Dunmore,

[PDF] Unlimited ó The Betrayal : by Helen Dunmore - The Betrayal, The Betrayal A riveting and emotionally absorbing portrait of post war Soviet Russia a world of violence and terror where the severest acts of betrayal can come from the most trusted allies Internationally accla

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Onvan The Betrayal The Siege 2 Nevisande Helen Dun ISBN 1905490593 ISBN13 9781905490592 Dar 330 Safhe Saal e Chap 2010

Why do we think that the present is stronger than the past They are not even separate The past is alive, waiting It claims what is its own Rarely have I read a novel so effective in evoking the feeling of Stalinist Russia the suffocating, overwhelming paranoia of a place where everyone is alert to dissenters, saboteurs, and enemies of the state, where people are willing to inform on those around them to save themselves, or just to improve their own situation Dun builds the uncertainty, watchfuln [...]

A marvelous read Soviet Russia comes to life in all its paranoid complexity, seen through the eyes of one achingly poignant family an idealistic young doctor and his quiet wife, both survivors of the Leningrad siege and its appalling starvation All they want is to enjoy the tiny pleasures of life allowed by the state, and build a life together but the wheels of power have a way of grinding people like this into paste, and they both know the danger they are in when the young doctor is called upo [...]

Despite the Booker long listing, or maybe because of it, I approached this one with some trepidation I ve never read any Helen Dun, and I remember being put off by a review of Mourning Ruby that called it like a Russian doll too literary for me, I thought, and I ve never touched her stuff since So I pick this one up, and then find it s a sequel to The Siege, which I haven t read but don t be put off by that, I wasn t, and it worked perfectly as a stand alone And I now have a new author to add to [...]

Alas, this Sequel StagnatesI ended my review of Dun s The Siege, set in Leningrad during the German blockade of 1941 43, with the words the survivors have rediscovered their humanity In this sequel, however, set ten years further on, the loss of humanity has returned, at least for large sections of the population Now it is not warfare or famine that they fear, but the tentacles of the Soviet apparatus run by an increasingly paranoid Stalin, where you must remain professionally invisible to keep [...]

Very well written, and delicately drawn suspenseful and evocative without being over the top in its depictions of Stalin s depravities Tom Rob Smith, I m looking at you It s an interesting combination of suspense and historical drama with really thoughtful writing that focuses on the small details than on the big reveals.The central love story is compelling and realistic, and the other characters are economically drawn but memorable and real as well I found the suspense almost painful at points [...]

In The Siege, her novel set during the 900 day siege of Leningrad, Helen Dun created a can t look away portrait of a city and people in unimaginable circumstances Her map of motives, loyalties and escalating struggle is spellbinding Now Dun has brought us a sequel to that excellent novel, The Betrayal This new book is the next chapter in the lives of Anna, Andrei and Kolya The Betrayal is set ten years after the end of the siege Anna, the daughter of a dissident writer, and Andrei have married a [...]

In her latest novel, The Betrayal, Helen Dun returns to the Soviet Union, and to the city of Leningrad whose history she so powerfully evoked in her best seller The Siege Now, a decade later, starvation and bitter cold have been replaced with fear and suspicion, as the people of Leningrad do their best to keep their heads down and their lives unremarkable in an era of accusations, arrests and the midnight knock at the door.Anna and Andrei have survived the siege, married and together have brough [...]

Helen Dun s THE BETRAYAL brings to mind the works of Alexander Solzhenitsyn as she tells the story of a physician and nursery school teacher who get caught up in the Stalinist paranoia that existed in the Soviet Union following World War II until Stalin s death in March, 1953 The chronological parameters of the book are the Nazi siege of Leningrad during the war culminating in the Doctor s Plot where Stalin and his henchman dreamed up a conspiracy of Jewish physicians who were bent on killing th [...]

Having read Helen DunThe Siege I had her sequel on my shelf for a very long time and decided it was time to read it I wasn t blown away by the The Siege but still was intrigued by the blurb of The Betrayal and decided to read it, but this novel is also a bit flat and dull.Set in Leningrad in 1952 toward the end of the reign of Stalin, Anna a nursery school teacher, and her husband Andrei a doctor live a quiet existence in their two room apartment They try hard not to come to the attention of the [...]

Follow up to the outstanding The Siege set 10 years or so post war just before Stalin s death which occurs at the end of the book Andrei is a paediatric doctor specialising in infant rheumatism, Anna is a teacher in an efficient soviet run nursery, Kolya a 15 year old piano playing Anna in particular is still haunted by the memories of the cold and hunger siege, she and Andrei live their life as carefully as possible to avoid the new fears haunting them of denunciation and arrest Andrei is manoe [...]

I have to admit that Helen Dun can do no wrong where I m concerned The Betrayal picks up on the story of Andrei and Anna in post war Stalinist Leningrad I was impressed by the way Dun worked the earlier novel, The Siege, and her evocation of the sensations of hunger and cold that formed the background to Leningrad during the siege of 1941 2, and this later tale is equally impressive The reader is sucked into the story of the young couple, and those around them I found myself reading the book as [...]

The Betrayal is set in Stalin s USSR, beginning in 1952 The story focuses on a couple, Andrei, a doctor and Anna, who teaches at a nursery school Andrei and Anna spend their days trying to do what everyone else in that period of time tried to accomplish with varying degrees of success to keep a low profile while going about their daily work and home lives It is becoming increasingly difficult for Andrei and Anna and Anna s younger brother Kolya to do so at home, they attract the wrath of their n [...]

This is a great read It s the first book I ve read by Helen Dun but I ll definitely be reading .piningforthewest 2017 0

This new novel by Helen Dun provides what seems to me to be a realistic portrayal of life in Stalin s Russia It takes place in Leningrad in 1952 where a young married couple is trying to live an ordinary life while navigating the treacherous currents of a society where everyone fears the arbitrary and violent Ministry of State Security Andrei, a doctor, and Anna, a nursery school teacher, have no children of their own but include Anna s teen aged brother Kolya in their family The three of them a [...]

The Betrayal by Helen Dun was long listed for the Man Booker prize, and should at least have made the shortlist It is set in 1952 in Leningrad, where the siege during the war still haunts the city But Moscow is oblivious to what the powers that be see as an embarrassment Stalin s harsh regime holds sway and it s effects are told in the story of Andrei and Anna A young hospital doctor and his wife, a nursery schoolteacher, are caught up accidentally with a high powered security chief and his ill [...]

Continuing her novel The Seige of Leningrad , with all the shocking privations of a trapped population, Dun s characters Andrei, a young specialist in juvenile arthritis and wife Anna, a nursery school teacher are living in the merciless regime under Stalin s Ministry of Social Security Terror has been exchanged for starvation Her writing might be a bit clunky at times, but her characterisation is vivid, and she achieves some excellent narrative tension No one is immune or safe.

This is a bleak look at living in the Soviet Union at the end of Stalin s reign What seems like an extraordinary and unrealistic level of fear and paranoia on the part of the protagonists turns out to be justified in the book and historically As in The Siege , Dun does a great job in conveying how it would feel in a realistic almost mundane way to live in such a repressive regime This is not a fun or even entertaining book, but was certainly educational and interesting.

Just exactly my kind of story.I don t think you have to read before you read this one It stands alone just fine.There s no protection in making yourself small and hoping to become invisible All you do is make yourself small p 75

Not as good as the siege, although it was well written, I just couldn t believe the naivety of the main characters, it pissed me off that a couple who had survived the purges and the siege of Leningrad should suddenly fall prey to the system why oh why didn t they just ask for him to get a second opinion Anyway, my rant over

This is another book I listened to on the BBC IPlayer Some may think that s cheating a little but I think it s a wonderful way of spending time when perhaps you don t feel like actually reading yourself I found this a powerful telling of horrific times under the Stalin regime in Russia in the 1950 s, rather like Child 44 I thoroughly recommend it.

Wonderful book Love how it explores the ordinary people at the heart of Stalin s vicious and ruthless regime I certainly feel that I know about Soviet prisons than I ever wanted to The Betrayal has a great plot, terrific characters Maybe not quite as great as The Siege, but different and remarkable in its own way.

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Totally believable absorbing and gripping I absolutely loved this book and found myself crying at the end

The Betrayal is a historical fiction novel set in Russia during the 1950 s under the Stalin regime It picks up several years later on the story of Anna and Andre which was started in the former book The Siege Although reading of the former book is not essential to understanding or following this novel, I think reading it helps the reader to understand the characters better They had gone through a horrific ordeal surviving the siege of Leningrad and their lives had improved greatly they were no l [...]

I m not a big fan of sequels, but I am a big fan of Helen Dun s work and also of the earlier novel in this series, The Siege, so decided to give this a go I m so glad I did As with all of Dun s work, the quality of the writing is excellent and the history of the time is similarly perfectly evoked with all of the fear and paranoia of life in Stalinist Russia exuded through the prose The story is concerned with Andrei, a doctor in a Russian hospital, who because he is diligent and good with childr [...]

I found this book deeply affecting The siege of Leningrad is over but Stalin is still alive and citizens live in fear Any of the high ups can accuse one of something preposterous, any one of your neighbors can denounce you for something petty, and there is nothing you can do It closes in on you like a vise.Andrei is a doctor and a good one He knows instantly when the child of Volkov, the powerful minister, appears in his hospital, that it will lead to the downfall of someone The boy has cancer a [...]

Thoroughly enjoyed Helen Dun s sequel, The Betrayal Not having read the first book didn t stop me enjoying if that is the right word for a book of tension and paranoia, this well researched novel.Set ten years after WWII in Leningrad it follows the fate of Dr Andrei and his nursery teacher wife, Anna Andrei reluctantly takes on the case of Gorya Volkov, son of a very powerful Russian military man The child has an osteosarcoma, an amputation is performed but the child then has metastasizes in his [...]

Set in Leningrad in 1952 Anna and Andrei want nothing than to live their lives quietly and under the radar When Andrei, a doctor, is tasked with treating the son of a high ranking Party official, their lives fall apart The book offers a frighteningly real picture of life in that place and time A time when neighbors inform on each other and every word must be parsed for any possibility of speaking against the Party When the son s cancer returns, his father holds Andrei personally responsible The [...]

Beautifully written portrayal of Leningrad in 1952 and how dangerous it was to be brought to the attention of the authorities The son of a senior secret police officer is taken ill and the senior doctors pass the buck because they don t want to be held responsible if anything goes wrong Do you keep your head down and avoid involvement or do you do your duty as a dedicated doctor Having made your decision what follows Helen Dun never disappoints.

  • [PDF] Unlimited ó The Betrayal : by Helen Dunmore
    192 Helen Dunmore
The Betrayal