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Missing Links #(2021)

Missing Links

Missing Links

  • Title: Missing Links
  • Author: Rick Reilly Jackie Aher Juliet Duquet
  • ISBN: 9780385488860
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
Missing Links By Rick Reilly Jackie Aher Juliet Duquet,

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Missing Links Best Read || [Rick Reilly Jackie Aher Juliet Duquet] - Missing Links, Missing Links Missing Links is the story of four middle class buddies who live outside Boston and for years have been utterly obsessed with golf and a regular foursome at Ponkaquoque Municipal Course and Deli

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Another quick read that will have you laughing out loud every couple pages, and falling off the couch every couple chapters if you ve ever played on a team, competed with friends, and enjoy heckling, you will get a kick out of this book.

UPDATE Still, arguably, the funniest book I ve ever read Forrest Gump This was oh my god funny This is one of those books that has people staring at you, wondering what you are reading because you are laughing out loud I don t mean chuckles I was full out belly laughing as I read this Missing links is a book about golf However, the colorful characters transcend the game of golf and make this a comical ride for anyone It is over the top if you like and understand golf If you don t, that is ok as [...]

This book was very good It was funny and interesting It was fun to meet all the characters and see how they handle different situations My favorite part was the bet that the first person to play at the rich golf club wins I also enjoyed when they snuck in at night They got into a huge golf cart chase I would recommend this book to anyone Overall I would rate it a 4 5 because it was boring at times.

Offbeat, and irreverent Good insight into the world of competitive golf It s like the banter you would hear if you sat in the locker room with serious golfers I m only a social golfer, so this other side of golf is new to me Really well written.

A raunchy grab bag of golf jokes also non golf jokes that have been converted to golf jokes It gets the third star because there is some suspense at the end Also because some of the jokes are funny.

Fun story of a down at heel golf course and its neighboring country club A lot of the jokes try a bit too hard, but a fair number of them land the characters are overdone but still amusing.

This was a great read It was full of laughs from start to finish This book had been sitting in my room for the longest time, and for some reason I hadn t picked it up I regret that now This has to be one of the funniest books I have ever read, and the funniest golf book I have read It is like the movie Caddyshack or Happy Gil, but with a different angle since its a book.A quote that sums up the amusement in this book is, Why do you play only Titleist 8s Thud asked Because, Hoover told him The nu [...]

The book missing links by Rick Reilley was a fantastic read for anyone who is interested in golf or is a golfer The fact that it was made of a Boston Character just makes it a good book because of their attitude I would suggest this book to anyone who is interested in golf or sports in general I would also give this book to a person who thinks he is a real man and that no one can top him The book has a very small town feeling with the municipal golf course but then a large, country town setting [...]

I read the book The Missing Link by Rick Reilly, where a group of friends make a bet on who could play at the most prestigious country club there is The Mayflower and the friends get torn apart by the intensity of the bet I think this is a wonderful book because it teaches you a lot about resilience Early in the book everyone was great friends but during the bet they got torn apart but Raymond, the main character fought through the tough times and brought the group back together and back into on [...]

Enjoyed the golf lingo, gambling stories, and general Ponky lifestyle however, I could do without the overbearing poor me tale of the main character All in all, even as an ESPN junky, golf, and gambling enthusiast, Reilly introduced me to a new world of sports vocabulary that kept the novel rolling He also peaked my interest for the sequel, Shanks for Nothing, through his character development Two Down, Dannie, Cementhead, Froghair, and the other Ponky greats The last fifty pages were overly dra [...]

I love books that can make me laugh and this one does when three golfers who regularly play at a run down municipal course make a bet on who can play 18 holes at the neighboring country club first I hate swearing and crude talk so take into account that I am oversensitive to it but I thought the book could have done without a few parts Overall the book is great, the story moves at a fast pace which makes it hard to put down I was always wondering what outrageous thing was going to happen next Yo [...]

In Rick Reilly s classic and laugh out loud golf novel Missing Links, life is played out at the Dogpatch strip called Ponky Ponkaquogue Municipal Golf Links and Deli It s clearly one of the world s worst courses where the hazards aren t sand and water but abandoned cars and shopping carts It s the home course of the protagonist Raymond Stick Hart and his dysfunctional group of friends With nicknames like Two Down, Thud, Crowbar and Hoover, these guys bet on anything, lie about everything and lau [...]

Rick Riley has started writing for ESPN and that prompted me to put some of his books on my reserve list at the library Two pages into this one, I realized that I had read it already Must have been a couple of years ago, though I liked it but not enough to read it again I m just too darn busy.The story is about a bunch of guys and one girl who play at an incredibly bad golf course, find out the course next door to them is Shangri la like in comparison and make a bet to see who can play a round t [...]

A hillarious fiction book by Rick Reilly who is just as funny with a made up story as he is with his true sports stories Basically, in a nutshell, this book is like Caddyshack when its all said and done Great characters and great dialoque and a little bit of a twist at the end This book will have you laughing out loud a few times Any fan of author Rick Reilly or just golf in general will love this book.

Started out poorly as I think Rick was trying too hard to be cool with his verbiage and golf lingo Got better as the story developed and he focused on the relationships rather than trying to be funny Based VERY loosely on Ponky as it seems like Putterham Meadows as far as location next to a swanky club is concerned Definitely some good golf jokes there such as describing a long hit ball as a two horse distance I can see why he went back to just doing columns

if you know any males who read and have any interest in golf, they will eat this up I m not sure if it still in print I liked it for the Boston based characters but my husband thinks it is one of the best fiction books he s read The author is the former last page columnist for SI, Rick Reilly, and he is quite funny.

To be fair, I never finished the book I was reading it as a possible book for summer reading, and it is just too risque I found the characters too annoying although a little funny to finish since I no longer had a purpose I do know several people who really liked the book, however, so maybe I ll pick it up again sometime.

I know a lot of golf rubes will drool over this one It was entertaining but it was very repetitive and the golf lingo was a bit top heavy The characters were a little cartoonish at times and a bit un believable The story did have some classic messages about over coming demons and following your heart and all It is worth a read or 2 of you really enjoy golf.

I have no problem giving htis a 5 star review I thought it was great I am a little biased as I regularly play Ponky the course that inspired the book I have heard that there is talk of turning this into a movie I think it is a great idea The last great golf comedy for me was Caddyshack I can see this being in that category if done right.

A fun and quick read by SI and ESPN s off beat story writer Fun thing is that Ponky is actually a course, and Mr Reilly talks about it with a loyal nostalgia only reserved for those lovable misfits in our life How s that for a description Mr Reilly

I really thought I wouldn t like an entire book of Rick Reilly, as his columns sometimes drive me crazy because he tries to hard, but this book was really good Maybe you have to be a golfer to appreciate, but I am so I read it in about 8 hours I m going to read some of his stuff soon.

Another quick read that will have you laughing out loud every couple pages, and falling off the couch every couple chapters if you ve ever played on a team, competed with friends, and enjoy heckling, you will get a kick out of this book.

It took me a while to get into this one, but once I did I was hooked I can never pass up a well written novel about golf And this one had a lot of laugh out loud funny moments Really enjoyable read.

I liked it It s pretty adult with the language and sexual allusions definitely not a Glenbard summer read Well written and lol funny at times Reilly is a writer with a knack for wit and sass.

I originally thought that after the first 20 minutes I was going to regret that I purchased this book, boy was a I wrong I ended up loving it I will say that there may be a few too many plots working simulataneously but the characters make it all the worth while A definite fun listen.

great book for me being a golf geek and one who enjoys a wager or three from time to time i have never finished a book quicker it s an engaging and easy read now getting started on the follow up.

The beginning of a golf novel series, and I enjoyed the humor The storyline between the main character and his love interest fits well with the funny relationships the main character has with his buddies I enjoyed it a lot

If you are a golfer you need to read this epic tale of three hackers 40 some odd thousand dollar bet on who can manage to play a full round on Boston s most exclusive and off limits course, The Mayflower Country Club, first Rick Reilly is absolutely hysterical.

Loved this book Quick, easy, laugh out loud read with a surprising addition of a message As others have said, anyone with an interest in golf will enjoy this book I bought 5 copies and gave them to friends all have loved it.

Not a literry classic, but a laugh out loud, heart felt story about golf If you play on the public links this is a must read If you have never played the game you will be entertained for hours A peek inside how men s minds work.

  • Missing Links Best Read || [Rick Reilly Jackie Aher Juliet Duquet]
    446 Rick Reilly Jackie Aher Juliet Duquet
Missing Links