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Last Call #(2021)

Last Call

Last Call

  • Title: Last Call
  • Author: D.J. Manly
  • ISBN: 9781554874613
  • Page: 436
  • Format: ebook
Last Call By D.J. Manly,

[PDF] Last Call | by ↠ D.J. Manly - Last Call, Last Call Patrick s best friend Josh offered to take Patrick home to spend the summer Patrick had been warned that there probably wouldn t be a lot of hot young men around for the picking but Josh never prep

Recent Comments "Last Call"

1 StarImplausible, over the top, melodramatic, and trite Promising premise for sure, but ultimately just disappointing.I m not typically a negative nelly, but suffice it to say, there s way better out there in terms of plot development, sex scenes, and writing in general.

I loved this book about a young man who falls in love with his best friend s father who happens to be a very hot cowboy This isn t really an easy topic, but D.J handles it with sensitivity and makes it an even interesting story by adding a few obstacles for the two characters to overcome.Patrick is a student and falls for his best friend Josh s dad almost as soon as they meet Patrick and Josh stay at Dakota s ranch during their summer holiday while earning some money working at Dakota s sister [...]

4.5 upped to a 5 First of all, I love the name Dakota and the Dakota in this book stole my heart right away Second, I love gay cowboys Third, I love this April December romance, and fourth, OMG Dakota is one hot man.This was a sweet first love story yeah, to me it was first love at least on Patrick s part, and he fell in first love with the most wonderful man Obviously it would have been an awkward relationship at first and I totally get how Dakota tried to avoid Patrick and his overwhelming fee [...]

A little than 3 stars Not one of my favorite Manlys but still readable Very uncomplicated 22 year old Patrick falls for his best friend s Dad when they visit during the summer vacation Dakota is just as smitten but there are reasons holding him back These get resolved really easily End of story.

I loved everything about this book the age difference, falling in love with your friend s father, the cowboy thing, some dark past history and sweet HEA I thoroughly enjoyed the story

A very sweet story cowboys, age gap and finding love when you don t expect too.

I loved the idea of this, but unfortunately the execution left a lot to be desired Immature characters, rushed sex scenes, and very little of the meaningful conflict and tension I look for in a May December romance.

Review coming up the romance didn t work for me.

I really wanted to love this book The premise was exactly what I was looking for when the sudden urge for a good May December relationship hit Patrick is a 21 year old gay college student who goes home to Wyoming with his straight best friend, Josh Unfortunately his perfect summer is complicated when he starts developing feelings for Josh s hot cowboy father, Dakota It sounds like a recipe for delicious tension and attempts at restraint and then drama when Josh finds out.That is not what happene [...]

I ve read from some author that if you have to give a low rating at least give the reason why so here it goes WATCH OUT for SPOILERS idk, this book hit all the wrong buttons for me while I m reading but I I agree in one of the reviews, I also like the idea of the story but unfortunately the execution left a lot to be desired nodding I didn t feel the love at first sight thingy or any sexual tension they might have nor the intense love Patrick have for Dak I didn t like the way Patrick meddled in [...]

I love books that have the older man younger man or older woman younger man, etc Normally While I loved Dak, I had a hard time with Patrick The author made him seem like such an immature child I can t quite picture why anyone Dak would want to be with someone who acted so childish If he didn t get what he wanted or the reaction that he wanted he stomped off like a pouting child or one who was about to have a tantrum I really like the story and I have become a big fan of the author s books but th [...]

I FREAKING LOVE books with characters who are much older and happens to be the father of someone the other character knowsI don t think ill EVER get tired of that Plot This particular story was about Patrick the younger one and Dakota the Older one Dak is a super hot and buff cowboy while Patrick is a slimmer shorter city boywho happens to be everything Dak s lonely little sexually repressed heart wanted Had a fair amount of angst could have done with just a smidge less but really id say the sto [...]

I m not sure what to say It was ok book, no surprises, simple story, simple language I just didn t feel anything while reading, no conections between characters They were separate people and not very well developed at the top of that I couldn t care much about what was happening to them.I kind of liked Dakota Patrick on the other hand was uneven if I can say that about a person He was behaving mature just to turn into a kid throwing a tantrum the next second As for his friend was he supposed to [...]

2.5 stars rounded up, bc I m a generous gal The blurb, and also the beginning of this story, sounded promising, but then everything happened way too fast and it didn t feel real well damn, I know, it s not real, it s fiction, right Lol Anyway, it s never good when I start rolling my eyesThis story was, in a way, sort of entertaining, but definitively forgettable.

Oh I love me some sexy as sin gay cowboys Dakota was so hot and the type of teacher I wish I d have had Patrick was a really great younger character who fell in love with Dakota The sex was incredibly hot I wish the story were longer and maybe not so rushed.

Wow surprising premise for the dark past spoken of, although resolution was a little quicker than expected for that particular issue The tension between heroes is thick, and the love scenes hot Very enjoyable

It was very funny and sweet, I loved Dak and Patrick I am so glad Josh and Kate were supportive and that William fixed the thing he did to Dak I love cowboy romances and this was definitely a good one

Like 3,5 4 stars.

Age difference stories are one of my favorite This was quite lovely indeed

The cover has nothing to do with the story

Despite some odd inconsistencies, I really, really liked this Great story, compelling characters.

I just don t understand why the guy on the cover has a revolver in his hand.

I really liked this book and would give it a 3.5 if I could.

This is the type of story that will literally make you go Awwwwww There were a few errors here and there but I loved it, regardless.

  • [PDF] Last Call | by ↠ D.J. Manly
    436 D.J. Manly
Last Call